The Sale of This Sex Toy Increased by More Than 100% Thanks To Fifty Shades of Grey

The Sale of This Sex Toy Increased by More Than 100% Thanks To Fifty Shades of Grey


It’s been a few years since the first Fifty Shades of Grey film was released, and still we’re seeing it mentioned in articles, films, TV shows, and in-person conversation. 

It’s a movie (and novel) that almost literally shook the nation with its raunchy scenes and its ability to take something quite controversial and turn it into something more mainstream. Or, at the very least, it’s caused a stir in locations all over the world.

And if you thought people were open-minded and kind of kinky before, you’ll be oddly surprised at the sex toy that’s increased in sales by over 100% since the release of the first Fifty Shades film.

Ready? Drum roll, please… 

The spread bar, a piece of equipment used during the practice of bondage, showed a 110% increase in sales over Valentine’s Day in 2017. Some stores showed such a huge demand that extra stock needed to be shipped in order to cater for the lustful individuals whose curiosity peaked due to the film.

If you’re not all that familiar with the spreader bar, allow us to enlighten you… 

A spreader bar is usually made of metal or wood and is a bar with attachment points at each end that can support bondage cuffs. When used, one’s wrists, ankles, or knees are fastened using the handcuffs, causing the body part to be spread apart. 

Why do people love this saucy little number? Well, when the wrists are tied, it’s literally impossible for the one tied up to reach their torso, and when the ankles or knees are tied, there is uninterrupted access to one’s most intimate area. 

And while this sex toy has seen a massive rise in sales due to the sexy film saga, there are millions of BDSM-enthusiasts worldwide who have been using these pieces of equipment, such as bondage rope, nipple clamps, ball gags, blindfolds, human collars, or leashes for years. 

 All of these toys offer the chance for one to feel restrained in one form or another.

So, why would anyone be interested in these kinds of materials sans the influence of 50 Shades of Grey? Well, there are a number of reasons… 

For one, this kind of sex toy feeds into the impulse for control, submissiveness, dominance, and bondage. The one who is bound finds exceptional pleasure in submitting to the one in charge of the bondage materials, and the one using the equipment is able to practice their desire for dominance and control. 

Both of these people work in harmony and are able to create a dynamic, playful, respectful, and creative relationship that fulfills both of their lusts and cravings.

Alternatively, bondage enthusiasts may have a fetish or fascination with the aesthetic of someone being bound. They love the way that it looks, seeing it as an art form, and deem it to be highly erotic.

Then, there’s also those who simply enjoy the process of applying the bondage materials. They could have their own rituals that they love to perform, or they find it lethargic to have their body placed in certain types of toys and materials.=

And according to a sexpert, “Using a spreader bar has a multitude of benefits for sex and sex play, from physically parting the legs and making the genitals easier to see, access, and stimulate, to being a position enhancer which helps keep legs apart during leg-shaking (and potentially leg-closing) pleasure”.=

Now that you’ve been better informed about the spreader bar, have we peaked your interest? Whether you have experience with BDSM toys or not, it’s never too late to try. The key to effective and respectful playtime is to communicate with your partner in a non-threatening and understanding way. 

Remember that when someone appears uneasy, it is simply because they’re unfamiliar with the topic. By discussing, inviting, and educating rather than requesting, you may be well on your way to trying a few new fun things in the bedroom!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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