The History of the Butt Plug

The History of the Butt Plug

For this segment of our “History of…” series, we’re discussing the feared, the beloved, the mysterious butt plug! Feared by the sexually inexperienced and adored by the more adventurous, because the anus has a large system of nerve endings which when stimulated can lead to stronger orgasms with minimal work. The workload minimises close to zero when a butt plug is added, as they are a no hands needed adult toy. They’re usually pretty economical too, regardless of materials, and if you’re completely ashamed of being discovered by the maid, we guess you can claim it’s a dog toy. (Fun fact, bless our housekeeper’s heart, when ours go missing, we know to look for it with the dog toy bin). Who couldn
't love them? They have a fascinating history though - turns out they weren’t always for pleasure.

The first recorded butt plugs were meant to help a variety of conditions, from constipation to acne. That’s right, acne. Butt acne? I assume and let’s hope. But moving on, they even treated haemorrhoids, and a later version from the 1930s had a vent to allow lubricant to be pushed through the tip. The medical evidence behind its functionality seems to be lacking, however. We’re betting they were adult toys long before they became popularly known and commercially marketed as such.

An interesting piece of sex toy history you may not have known is that the first sex toy store was opened in Germany. This store opened in the 1960s and the products were sold as sexual and marital health items. By this point it's safe to say that people had made a connection between the butt plug and its stimulative qualities, and that they were items to be kept in the house and not disposed of. The store eventually started selling butt plugs for sexual purposes, and little by little society gravitated from its medical uses to something a little more exciting.

Butt plugs really took off though when rubber became cheaper to manufacture. Soon they took on a variety of forms and sizes which allowed to the public to experiment even more and choose the correct one for their own bodies; and well, the rest is history.

So why don't we take a look at the modern versions?

Do you know how much material affects your butt plug’s pleasurability? For anyone who likes temperature play, a glass butt plug may be in order for you. The Icicles No.26 is handcrafted solid glass, and non-porous so clean up is done easily, quickly, and adequately. To heat the toy up you can place it in hot water, and cold or icy water will bring the temperature down to numbing levels. Even if you aren't one for temp play and just want a durable toy, this one can last a lifetime.

Jelly butt plugs are great for beginners or those who want stimulation without a lot of pressure. They stay soft and pliable, and this brand is able to be used with any lubricant. The Jolly Rancher series has a few styles to select from, all the same quality but choices to better suit your specific desire! The Smooth style features your standard butt plug shape, a tapered figured with a wider base. The Wave has a tapered tip with a small ball (the wave) at midpoint with a regular shaft following it. The Ripple is a 3 ball with tapered tip butt plug, generally designed for more stimulation during movement. Easy to clean with diverse choices, you can't go wrong with these!

For couples who like roleplay or just having some fun, the Unicorn Tails plug is a fun toy to try. The butt plug is nice quality with the classic shape, and even matches the colour of the tail attached. This tail has fun curls, and are even a snap to clean up with just some warm water and soap. The toy is inexpensive but great for any kinky or role playing couples looking for something new!

Bootie by fun factory is a fine choice for anyone; the silicone plug is the perfect size for any experience. It’s shape is unique, as the end slightly curves up. This creates more pinpointed stimulation, which can be amazing for men or women. The silicone is very durable, and solid enough to not lose its pressure but soft enough for a comfortable fit. It is the best of both worlds, and will fit in with any adult toy chest!

These five toys are just the tip of the...icicle butt plug? The fascinating history of one of the world’s top sex toys, from medical device to treat haemorrhoids to cutesy animal tails and glass molds, the butt plug has transformed over the years, and there’s sure to be one out there for you. Tell us your favourites in the comments!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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