The Beginner's Guide To Anal Play

The Beginner's Guide To Anal Play


Everyone is curious about anal play but many of us won't talk about it or get overwhelmed thinking about how to start or what to buy. We are all familiar with the concept of anal beads. They are common, easy to use, and designed to increase stimulation to make an orgasm stronger. However with so many options and styles available it can be a little hard to know what to choose. Each style works a little differently that you should know! Anal beads are a great toy and we don't want you to be turned off by them because you chose a style that wouldn't work for you. Here are some of our favourite styles and what they do.

The Fun Flex Anal Wand is on the shorter side with a protruding handle. This allows you or your partner to effortlessly push the toy in and out. With the proper amount of lube and a steady hand this toy will blow your mind. It's great for beginners or those more experienced; the fun with it never stops! By being able to easily move the toy around you will have a greater stimulation leading to a stronger orgasm.

Anal chains have a few different styles in themselves too. Some are flexible as string and have balls that are all the same size. They are all super exciting to play with but have different levels of difficulty and stimulation! The Graduated Anal Beads have 2 different sized balls, and it’s flexible. It's made out of easy to clean and soft but strong silicone. These beads will create a feeling of fullness without being overwhelmed. Slowly pulling these beads out during an orgasm adds intense stimulation. Even without removing just the fact that they are there creates more pleasure.

Some other anal chains have more balls, but start small and get wider at the base the deeper they are. Whether you prefer a looser chain or a stiffer one is up to you! The stiffer one makes it easier to push in and out, creating a stretching and relaxing of the muscles. This makes them especially incredible during an orgasm as the feeling releases and builds in intensity instead of jumping to one and another. The Bendy Beads start from small and gradually go up to large. The material is soft but sturdy, meaning smooth movement without losing pleasure.  

Some are rather unique. The Anal Teazer combines the balls with larger curves. Either side can be started with and eased up to a larger section. It's perfect for a beginner or someone more experienced. You can experiment with the different styles and sizes, and even combine them! This toy is like having a two for one in a complimentary design. This toy does not have a handle, so it can be partially inserted or all the way. This toy really lets you find and expand your comfort levels, and change how it's used as wanted!

There are many other designs, but these are the most common or in the Teazers case - the most interesting! Anal beads are an excellent toy to obtain and by knowing how the different styles work, you have a better shot at finding the perfect one for you.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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