Spicy Sex Positions for Valentine's Day

Spicy Sex Positions for Valentine's Day

Spicy Sex Positions for Valentine's Day | JOUJOU Australia
Last week we shared seven ways to make this Valentine’s Day your sexiest yet. This week we put it into overdrive with the hottest sex positions to try with your partner! Surprise him or her with new ideas to heat up your bedroom for years to come.
  • This Side of Heaven: This one works on the edge of the bed or in the chair we introduced last week. The male partner sits with his feet planted on the floor, and the female lowers onto him. She leans back as far as she feels comfortable, and he holds her hands to support her and keep her falling backward. The woman is in control and can move as fast or as slow as she likes, getting deep penetration for both’s pleasure. This position is great for her orgasm as it hits the g-spot, and it's an especially exciting position for both of she's heavily pregnant. This position is fun but there are no free hands. Try some more arousal with the Nipple Erector Set. Once nipples have swollen with excitement you can slip on a ring that keeps them swollen and tingling.

  • Manhandler: This is a standing position and he'll enter from behind - you'll probably want to be near a wall for balance. To begin, the woman should bend forward, but once he enters she can straighten if she wishes. It's great either way. He can let his hands explore, playing with her breasts and clitoris. This is great anywhere when you need sex and can't wait - in a bathroom stall, in a shower, right up against a wall in a hallway. This position is spontaneous so there aren't many opportunities for toys, but if you happen to carry one around with you, let it be the Fun Factory 8ight. This cock ring slips on and stimulated the perineum and clitoris too, which is great since the clit can get ignored in this position.

  • Spider: Not going to lie, this one’s an acquired taste and can get boring for some people. It's good for long, slow, deeply sensual sex but long and slow isn't everyone’s preference. To begin the woman will lower herself onto him; he can be sitting up or lying down, but they'll both lay down away from each other once he's entered her. Each person’s head is between the other’s legs and then they raise their knees up and hold onto one another’s legs to keep a tight rhythm. If this gets too monotonous you can segway into other positions but don't fool yourself into thinking this is too boring to try. This is a “lazy” position for the end of a long day or lazy Sunday morning but it produces deep orgasms that build in intensity and are unforgettable. Have you ever experienced an orgasm so intense you wanted to scream but you were so deep into the ecstasy that you couldn't find your voice? This position will produce it - every time. For an even deeper experience, try using Vibrating Progressive Beads. I recommend a set for each partner for an orgasm that will overwhelm you both from front to both simultaneously.

  • The Kitty Cat: This one has a technical term, the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), and it's great for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. It starts out as missionary, and the man then rises higher up his partner’s body, then begins moving in circles. The clitoris is stimulated by the base of the penis. This one is a favourite for many but it's surprising how many have ever moved out the routine thrust method of achieving orgasm - it isn't all about position, movement is just as important. This one doesn't need any toys or have much room for them, but try Hex condoms for even greater increased sensation and a tighter grip.

  • Reverse cowgirl: One of my favourite positions, it surprises me how many people think this one’s fictional. It's essentially doggy-style meets woman-on-top. The man lays on the surface face-up and she climbs aboard, except that she faces his feet. You'll want to lean forward with your hands resting on his thighs or knees, and to enter you'll need to angle the penis slightly down instead of up. This hits the g-spot perfectly and every ass-man loves the view. Men and women equally rave about this one. Because of the unusual angle, this one may require lubrication even if you don't normally need it. We recommend long-lasting Jo For Women warming lubricant.

  • Valentine's Day is but once a year; however with a few new sex positions in your repertoire, you'll have adventures for much time to come!

    Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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