Sex Toys to Improve Your Health

Sex Toys to Improve Your Health

Takeaway: Use sex toys and stay healthy! Studies show people who are comfortable with their bodies use more sex toys and have better health.

Studies show that more than half of women and almost half of men have used vibrators. This is associated with better sexual health as well as more proactive attitudes toward sexual healthcare. While drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction are widely associated with side effects, the study revealed that toys rarely are.

First and foremost, vibrators increase muscle strength. This makes pelvic walls stronger, and with an added benefit of stronger orgasms, reduces urinary tract and other infections while increasing blood flow to heal wounds ranging from small uncomfortable tears to episiotomy and vasectomy recovery. Vibrators may help people with decreased nerve sensation due to diabetes or multiple sclerosis, counteract decreased libido and other effects associated with blood pressure and depression medications, and improve the lack of sensitivity associated with menopause. We like the E6 rechargeable rabbit by OVO, very quiet and powerful with six speeds. Men will like the Tantus health vibrator specifically for prostate function and maintenance.

Fun fact: massagers, especially in the wand style, were actually created to use on sore body muscles, not for sexual play. While we encourage sex play around here, the benefit of a relaxed body must not be ignored and the double usage of a good wand means you get your money's worth! When feeling particularly stressed, sex can usually calm you down but you may not be in the mood until you release some of those worries from your tense body. Sex initiated too soon while feeling stressed can also cause body cramps that will end the mood quickly. For dual use we recommend a massager with a bulb head, such as the Lelo Smart Wand. A favorite feature of this one in particular is that it has a setting to sense the pressure you use and increase intensity automatically. This is great when you need a deeper massage!

Kegel balls are often recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to improve elasticity and prevent incontinence. Kegel exercises can be done on their own but balls provide extra resistance. Try the weighted Kegel training kit from Inspire, with three different sizes for customised usage based on your own anatomy and capability.

Don't forget to also purchase lubricant and sex toy cleanser. Lubricant prevents tears that inhibit sexual health and performance, while cleanser is necessary for hygiene. Improperly cleaned toys may cause infection and other health concerns even when only using them for yourself. Lelo’s antibacterial spray is simple to use and versatile for use with silicone, rubber, and latex toys. The personal moisturizer, also be Lelo, comes in an attractive bottle that can be stored openly with other toiletries and perfumes, and can be used as a lubricant during sexual activity or a day-to-day moisturizer to prevent discomfort.

Studies show that people who use sex toys are more in tune with their sexual health and seek annual check-ups, prevention, and treatment for problems much more consistently than those who choose not to use toys. This finding is inconsistent with mainstream societal beliefs that sex, sexual health, and sexual pleasure should be taboo topics. Take care of yourself! Help others follow suit and talk about your experiences with toys and sexual healthcare. How do you find your health is better or easier to maintain because of your sexual activity?

Article by Sara at JOUJOU 

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