Are There Sex Toys for the Balls?

Are There Sex Toys for the Balls?

So often, the balls go unnoticed when it comes to the manufacturing of sex toys. But most penis-owners will tell you that to have their balls stimulated, is actually an intense treat that can take them over the edge when it comes to climaxing. 

And whether it’s a little tickle or a more intense kind of feeling during a masturbation routine or couples play, this kind of stimulation is definitely something to think about (if you haven’t already).

Let's Talk Balls

So, are there sex toys for the balls? Well, we’ve dedicated this article to all things ball-related! Yes, that’s right. We’ll give you a few suggestions on how to get in on some of this action, different sex toys to use for extra pleasure, and techniques to blow your mind and your load. 

Because at the end of the day, the balls are rife with nerve endings, making it a sensitive spot capable of lots of delicious erotic bliss..

JOUJOU Blog: Are There Sex Toys For the Balls?

Are There Sex Toys Exclusively for the Balls? 

Are there sex toys exclusively for the balls? Well, we have some good news and some bad news. While there aren’t many (if any) that only focus on the balls, there are tons that are made for the penis which include stimulation of the balls

Not just that, but there are other sex toys that can be used to tease and please this erogenous zones.

Does it Feel Good?

As we mentioned, the balls are loaded with nerve endings. These nerve endings are densely packed in a small area, which means that there is a high concentration of them. And in this case, the more the merrier.

There are also other perks involved when it comes to stimulating the balls! By doing so, you can boost the production of the male reproductive cell (in other words, it can promote ejaculatory production). It can also improve blood circulation, and help you to identify any abnormalities.

Now the thing about stimulating the balls, is that everyone is different. For some, this kind of sensation may feel tremendous and for others, it may be off-putting or even uncomfortable. And then there’s also the level of stimulation to the balls to consider. 

For example, if one were to be kicked in the balls, that probably wouldn’t feel too great, would it (unless you were into cock and ball torture)? So there is a fine line when it comes to stimulating the balls during your masturbation routine or to have them played with during couples play. 

This is why it’s important to prepare yourself, and to get to know your anatomy a little bit more intimately before you prepare for this kind of fun..

JOUJOU Blog: Are There Sex Toys For the Balls?

How to Prepare Yourself Before Using Sex Toys For Your Balls

If you’re wanting to stimulate your balls with a sex toy during your masturbation session, and have never really stimulated them before, we suggest using your hands first. We have the power to try all kinds of new and exciting things, so there are no limits when it comes to your solo pleasure.

First things first, if you’re wearing any rings, take them off, and if you have any hangnails, perhaps get rid of those too. Rather safe than sorry. After this, grab some lube and prepare to feel a different kind of sensation.

Begin experimenting with different techniques that’ll intensify your masturbation session. You could try gently pulling them, lightly squeezing, stroking in a downward angle, rolling them in your hand like dice, or tapping them with your fingers. Then, once you’re more familiar with what kind of sensation you like, or if you even like it at all, you could start using a sex toy for your balls.

By now, you’ve learned that, while there are no sex toys solely for the balls, there are sex toys that can be used for the penis and the balls, and there are sex toys and vibrators that lend a perfect helping hand to really ‘up’ your masturbation game.

Vibrating Cock rings, for example, are excellent sex toys for balls (depending on which you buy), as many of them offer both penile and testicle stimulation. 

And then there are genderless sex toys like wand vibrators that are more than capable of adding an oomph to your climax. More on cock rings and other sex toys for your balls later! 

JOUJOU Blog: Are There Sex Toys For the Balls?

Can You Get Your Partner Involved with Your Male Sex Toys?

Of course your partner can get involved with your male sex toys! In fact, as we just mentioned cock rings, these sex toys were made for couples play

A cock ring is something worn by him during penetrative sex and, depending on which cock ring you have, it’ll stimulate the penis, the balls, as well as your partner’s vulva and/or clitoris. And as we said before, the more the merrier! 

The main thing about getting your partner involved with your male sex toy is to communicate. Talk to each other about what you’re craving, and if they’re comfortable and intrigued, you could slowly teach them how to use your male sex toy. In this way, pleasure shared is pleasure doubled.

6 Sex Toys That Stimulate the Balls

Now for the good stuff! Here are 6 sex toys that stimulate the balls. Some of these were made especially for penis and ball stimulation, while others are just excellent sex toys to try when it comes to your most intense pleasure.

Shop JOUJOU: b-Vibe Snug and Tug Vibrating Cock Ring Prostate Plug

1. B-Vibe Snug and Tug Vibrating Cock Ring Prostate Plug

Boy are you in for a treat with the B-Vibe Snug and Tug Vibrating Cock Ring Prostate Plug. Granted, this kind of sex toy for him offers both penile and anal stimulation, so if you’re not a fan of anal, there are other toys below you may fancy. 

This beauty is one part penis ring, one part weighted butt plug—offering dual pleasure for the wearer. It can be used during solo masturbation or during couples fun, as the latter will result in longer bouts of penetration and an extra bit of stimulation for your partner. 

And let’s not mention all the heightened sexual stimulation that prostate play can bring!

Shop JOUJOU: Happy Rabbit Stimulating Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring

2. Happy Rabbit Stimulating Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring

Another winner when it comes to stimulating the balls, the Happy Rabbit Stimulating Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring is made up of two stretchy rings as well as bunny ears to give your partner some delicious clitoral stimulation

Simply slide the loops around your shaft and balls, and enjoy all the fun and sexy vibes it has to offer, together or alone. 

Tip: for the best results, add a dollop of water-based lube over the ears and around the inner part of the rings for a smooth and slippery slide of euphoria.

Shop JOUJOU: Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring by LELO

3. TOR 2 Vibrating Cock Ring by LELO

Quite possibly the most luxurious cock ring on the market today, the TOR 2 Vibrating Cock Ring by LELO is absolute royalty. 

It’s been made with soft silicone that fits most sizes, is fully-waterproof, and has an easy-to-use interface for some seriously good solo or partnered loving. It comes with six vibration patterns and speeds, is super comfortable, and discreet for uninterrupted play time. 

The TOR 2 is arguably the perfect sexual wellness tool for when you feel like changing up your routine and experiencing a different kind of pleasure.

Shop JOUJOU: TRYST V2 Bendable Multi Erogenous Zone Massager

4. Tryst V2 Doc Johnson

The Tryst V2 Doc Johnson is an award-winning, rechargeable, and multi-use massager with a three-motor design. 

Interestingly, it’s been created as a genderless sex toy, but for men who want to give their shaft and their balls some sexual stimulation, this toy will deliver. It’s flexible, comes with a wireless remote, and is ergonomically-shaped for maximum comfort. 

Simply wear the Tryst V2 around your penis to use it as a solo masturbator and feel all the sexy feels.

Shop JOUJOU: Satisfyer Men Wand Massager

5. Satisfyer Men Wand Massager

Made with two supple and flexible wings, the Satisfyer Men Wand Massager wraps around your shaft for a delicious bout of solo masturbation. Simply use your go-to up and down movement to feel the grooved details, adding further levels of stimulation. 

It fits perfectly in your hand and around your erogenous zone, and has five vibration settings and seven intensity levels. Go big or go home!

Shop JOUJOU: Nu Sensuelle XLR8 Alluvion Dual Wand Massager

6. Nu Sensuelle XLR8 Alluvion Dual Wand Massager

We love the Nu Sensuelle XLR8 Alluvion Dual Wand Massager because, while it’s been created with vulva owners in mind, it’s just as erotic for those with a penis.

You see, the one side of this wand has a smooth, round head that you can gently or more intensely hold against your balls, and the other can be used as an anal sex toy. It’s got two motors, and is 100 percent submersible in water—so go on and make a splash.

Ready to give some of your other erogenous zones some extra attention? You and your orgasm will thank you later!

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