Sex toys for trans people

Sex toys for trans people


The sex toy industry has a real problem with a lack of toys designed for transgender people. Luckily, this is rapidly changing, but they’re hard to find. You might think that trans people have the same parts we all do, just interact and identify differently, so they should be able to use the same toys, but that isn’t necessarily true. From a health, hormone, and anatomy perspective it simply isn’t true, but further, there is a sense of validation that comes from seeing a toy designed for you and your specific needs that transgender people have never previously received. There are innovations coming up specifically designed for male-to-female and female-to-male people, but until they’re readily available, let’s talk about a few and how they work and help transgender people specifically.

Le Wand Personal Massager. For females, the massager is a classic toy. When using a strap-on, this can be used to enhance with accent vibrations. If due to hormone therapy or other reasons, you find yourself chafing from a massager, you can use a soft cloth between the massager and your skin.

We Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring. These are worn around the penis or the testicles during sex or masturbation and are perfect whether the user is FTM or MTF, depending on pre- or post-op status. It’s not too constrictive and stimulates the perineum. It connects to the We Connect app, and one of the things that’s great about this for transgender people is that you can connect with a partner who isn’t actually physically with you in the present. If you’re still dealing with the psychological transition and are nervous about being with a partner, this is a great step to add for a gradual transition.

Odin 2 Vibrating Ring with Remote Control. Small vibrators with remote controls are great for women who tuck - whether that's your preferences or the period you're in. It fits discreetly in the panty and can be used with or without a partner. The control has a sensor so all you have to do is shift to change modes.

WeVibe Unite. Another great toy for tucking, this one is more flexible because you can use it FTM or MTF, and with or without a partner. It's slim and flexible with a remote control for use anywhere with anyone.

Pfun Plug. For MTF who hasn't transitioned or is nervous about play, or is still healing, or for MTF fun to stimulate the prostate, this vibrating butt plug is a perfect addition to the sex toy chest for any trans person. It's designed to target the prostate but perfectly pleasurable if you don't even have one, and it can be used hands-free if you choose.

Make sure you're using a lubricant and toy cleanser, and consider an extra layer of protection with condoms even if your only use is self-love right now. Depending on your hormone levels and intake, your healing or preparation, and your emotional state, your genital area might be easily injured and need extra TLC. Lubricant heightens pleasure if you're experiencing dryness but it also prevents tearing, which is uncomfortable but in a sensitive state might cause more severe problems - stay away from warming, cooling, or flavored products for now. A toy cleanser ensures you aren't accidentally introducing bacteria to your own healing and vulnerable body through contamination, and condoms provide a little bit more contamination protection and lubricant.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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