Sex Toys for Swingers

Sex Toys for Swingers

Sex toys for swingers

Almost everyone feels pretty strongly about swinging - mutually agreed upon multiple sexual partners in a relationship, usually for enjoyment and not other significant relationships (which falls under polyamory). You either love the idea, you're very curious, or you hate it. If you're in the first two categories, then swing over and let's talk!

Generally, swinging involves a couple and another person (a threesome) or orgies with multiple extra partners. It may also be a twosome but with a partner switch and may or may not involve voyeurism or exhibitionism. In the threesome scenario, it's not quite the average arrangement though, and it’s not just another word for an open relationship, though there is quite a lot of overlap.

Couples who want to start swinging can often find a nearby swinging group (which holds parties) or they can find other swingers online. For some people, online may be preferred as you may be less likely to see them every day, and won't need to be as involved in talking face to face. On the other hand, many will prefer the safety of a swinger’s group which has members who have gained trust by being respectful, clean partners.

As with anyone taking on any amount of partners you should be wary of the other person's health, but swingers in general are not a cesspool of disease either! They want to stay safe as well, and due to being sexually open there is a good chance they are careful about their own bodies and partners.

The first thing you should worry about is your safety and your partner’s safety. Condoms not only help prevent pregnancy or the spread of STDs, but can keep the penis from becoming injured. Even if your partners say they are using birth control, you should use condoms the first few times until a better relationship of trust can be established. HEX Respect Condoms are designed to be thinner for more pleasure, but their unique hexagon design creates a stronger structure. Whether you will wear them or not, you should carry some around.

To make the experience a bit more fun, the Double Trouble would be great if your partners are open to it. The Double Trouble doubles as a ring to make the wearer last longer in bed, while adding the experience of double penetration. The silicone dildo is larger than a butt plug so it won't slip out during sex, but it is thinner than the average dildo to avoid discomfort. This is a toy you should get agreement on from all parties before bringing, though a person you have been with before may be more open to accepting it immediately. The toy will need a proper lubricant to pair with as well, such as the Pjur Analyse Me. This lube is water-based but feels just like a silicone based lube. It is specifically designed for anal sex to keep you and your partners safe.

For some great foreplay try the Love Egg. The Love Egg is a remote controlled toy meant to be inserted into the vagina. It has eight patterns and twelve different speeds sure to please even the most difficult of partners! All parties can take enjoyment from this toy and it's sure to make you a favorite among the swingers. There is also a travel lock so when you travel to your location you don't need to worry about it being discovered by accidentally turning on.

Swinging is fun for everyone involved but you should be fully communicative, set ground rules, and respect boundaries, as well as taking general safety and health precautions. Not only do you want to keep yourself and romantic partners safe, but you need to be safe for other sexual partners as well. What toys do you use, or fantasise about using, during swinging fun? Tell us about it in the comments!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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