Sex and its Ability to Boost One’s Mental Health

Sex and its Ability to Boost One’s Mental Health


According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, at least 20% of the world’s population will experience mental health problems in their life. And even if you are not apart of that 20%, it’s highly likely that your partner, friend or family member will be.

Additionally, it’s no secret that one’s mental and physical health are closely linked, and that a change in one can impact the other in a big way.


A State of Mind

Imagine you’re having a hard day. Perhaps your boss has given you a bad work review, your car broke down and your best friend told you that they think you’ve put on a bit of weight. This, of course, will affect your mental state and make you feel down with a poor self-esteem. At this point, do you feel desirable? Are you feeling confident with your body? Do you feel ‘in the mood’? The chances are really low.

Now imagine you struggle with a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is a somewhat regular occurrence for you and this is not an ideal situation for sexual activity.

Then oftentimes, people self-medicate to reduce feelings of anxiety which can result in negative sexual experiences such as unprotected sex that may bring about feelings of regret, leading to a minimised sexual appetite.

On top of that, some prescribed drugs have a direct effect on one’s libido. This rings especially true for anti-depressants which can inhibit sexual arousal and cause weight gain. All of these factors play a role in how one feels about themselves in general.

And while one may feel that engaging in sexual activity is the last thing on their mind when they’re feeling down, depressed or stress, it is actually the best time to have fun in the bedroom. And here’s why…


Sexual Activity Improves Your Mental Health

In a surprising twist, sexual activity itself has the ability to affect one’s body positively! A study found in Biological Psychology stated that when one engages in regular sex/masturbation, they display lower blood pressure and feel less stressed. This is because, when one orgasms, they release endorphins, the happy hormone that is associated with feeling loved, happy, and safe. And in fact, experiencing an orgasm works as a natural pain reliever too.

Dr. Lee, a lead researcher in the matter stated:

 “During an orgasm, higher levels of blood flood the body, which takes pressure away from the brain. In this way, most people report feeling more relaxed after an orgasms.” 

 She continued to admit that an active sex life helps to ward off illness and boosts one’s state of health. And while many shy away from sex when feeling a lack of self-esteem, the University of Texas published an article that stated that the mere act itself actually contributes to a higher self-image and was one of the biggest reasons as to why people “hook up”.

Dr. Lee commented on this fact by saying:

“This makes sense because when you have sex, you feel close to your partner, physically nurtured, desired, and consequently good about yourself. This reaffirms your desirability and boosts your self confidence, as well as your sense of well-being.”

Another way in which sexual activity contributes to a healthier mental state is its ability to improve one’s quality of sleep. This is because, during an orgasm, one experiences an increase in the hormone oxytocin which, in turn, counteracts the effect of cortisol (the stress hormone). Oxytocin induces a feeling of calm and relaxation, resulting in a better rest. And, as we all know, a good night’s sleep is the key to a productive and less stressful day to follow.


Sex Toys for More Intimate Fun & Brighter Days

It’s also important to remember that - in this case - it doesn’t always take two to tango! In fact, each person knows their body better than anyone else…which means that achieving orgasm when flying solo is an attainable and very sexy gift indeed.  

That means that, if you really are not up for a sexual relationship of any kind, you too can reap the benefits of a boosted mental health by either going the old-fashioned route, or making use of your favourite sex toy for your pleasure.

For the ladies, you simply cannot go wrong with Bodywand 2.0 Massager. This smooth silicone-based toy has a head that allows you to hit all sorts of hard-to-reach spots, and has several attachments for increased and varied sensations, as well as eight power and massage patterns. Simply plug it in and go to town.

For the men, the Pipedream Extreme collection is an array of life-like flesh toys with different styles, shapes, and exteriors. Find the one that fits like a glove, and enjoy the endless benefits of your mind-blowing orgasms!

With that, it’s evident that a negative mental health directly affects one’s ability to engage in sexual activity, but at the same time, is the sole reason as to why one should be engaging in consensual and safe regular sex and/or masturbation. And as you’ve read, these benefits are seemingly endless! Another plus? It’s possibly the most fun in which to gain a mental health boost! It really is a win-win!

Article by:
Helena at JOUJOU

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