LELO Continues to Perfect The Art of Pleasure - LELO Soraya Review

LELO Continues to Perfect The Art of Pleasure - LELO Soraya Wave Review

If you don’t know about LELO… you should! This luxury intimate lifestyle company has been going strong for nearly 20 years. And in this time, they’ve managed to gain worldwide recognition for their pleasure products. 

In fact, they have one of the world’s most expensive vibrators on offer, a 24-karat gold plated toy that costs nearly 15,000 AUD! How’s that for getting off in style?

But fear not. Not all of LELO’s toys sell for thousands! But when it comes to their quality and the pleasure that their products produce, is money really such an issue? Wink. 


LELO Soraya Wave

So, enough small talk! Today we’re happy to introduce you to LELO’s newest pleasure product! The SORAYA WAVE! Now you may have heard of their previously produced toy, SORAYA and SORAYA 2, which is similar in design. 

And of course we stand by the fact that these two products are absolutely fantastic! But if you’re someone who enjoys pushing the limits, and discovering even more tantalising ways in which to have fun, you have to meet the SORAYA WAVE!

The SORAYA WAVE has been inspired by their luxurious rabbit vibrator, and offers powerful vibrations for the clitoris and a pulsating tip that stimulates the g-spot. This product also uses WaveMotion, which essentially allows the device to rise and fall, just like that of a lover’s fingers.

Why would you care for a device that rises and falls? Well, the best way to stimulate the g-spot is to use the ‘come hither’ motion. And when done, this could not only cause some seriously sexy orgasms, but also, some to squirt. 

Now take that pleasure and add in the element of delicious clitoral stimulation… what do you get? Possibly the best climax ever. See, LELO definitely knows what’s up!

The SORAYA WAVE comes with a broader and thicker tip too, which has been formulated to reach the most intimate of parts. And its external stimulator has been perfected in such a way that it fits all body types. 

Some other things to look forward to with the SORAYA WAVE?

  • There are two pleasure points, giving you internal and external stimulation
  • It’s 100 percent waterproof
  • It’s rechargeable
  • It’s made of super soft silicone

This beautiful number too comes with eight vibration settings, three control buttons to find your perfect match, and is whisper quiet. Basically, the LELO SORAYA WAVE is the queen of pleasure in your hands!

Other LELO Pleasure Products

If the SORAYA WAVE doesn’t tickle your fancy, but we’ve at least piqued your interest… why not consider either a clitoral stimulation toy or a g-spot toy from this luxury brand?

We absolutely love these three LELO products, as they’re not only sleek and sexy, but also offer different kinds of stimulation that will spice up your sex life.

Oral Sex Simulator: LELO ORA 3

Chicas, are you crazy about receiving oral sex? LELO ORA 3 is a cheeky device that mimics that of being licked until pure bliss. It’s an award-winning product that uses IntelliSense Technology to increase the intensity of the vibrations as you apply more pressure. It has a smooth rotating nub that gets to work while you choose your very best vibration pattern.

G-Spot Stimulation: LELO Mona WAVE

Mona WAVE is all about g-spot stimulation. It has a magical way of massaging you internally in a ‘come hither’ motion using your chosen vibration pattern, and has been created with absolute precision for maximum pleasure. You can even enjoy it in the shower or bathtub because it’s 100 percent waterproof and is all about making waves!

Couples Play: LELO IDA

If you and your partner fancy shaking things up a bit, the LELO IDA is a remote-controlled vibrator worn by her during p-in-v intercourse. In this way, her g-spot is stimulated, as well as his length, creating quite a rumble for both partners. IDA vibrates and rotates, and uses SenseMotion Technology to explore various sensations without causing a fuss. This toy has eight pleasure settings, and is a fan of water, if that’s something you’re into…

Have you found your favourite LELO toy? Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’re positively going to love your new pleasure product from this luxury brand!



Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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