Mimic by Clandestine Devices Review

Mimic by Clandestine Devices Review


This week we’re reviewing one of our favourite new JOUJOU products, the Clandestine Mimic Lay-On massager. It’s pretty simple but very different from other toys - you lay on top of it and position it beneath you while you lay facedown. Your body pressure does a lot of the work! It’s hands-free is design, but if you want to use your hands in a particular position or if it works better for your anatomy, it’s easy to hold while using. It quickly became one of my favourites when I tried it out for product testing.

It looks like a manta ray - really, it’s appearance will stand out! The motor is in its center, creating high intensity in that area while sending vibes through the wings. With 8 vibration settings and 7 pulses, it also has an LED lit base, to guide when the lights are dimmed. Because of the wing and shaft shape, you can target one specific area or use it all over.

I tested it using JO For Women H20 Lubricant, which mimics my natural lubrication and is designed to be safe for my body and the toys I use! It’s silky smooth and doesn’t become tacky. Of all the settings, I found that after massaging on low for a few minutes, the Pulse was amazing for about five minutes, then I changed to the medium faster vibration. My orgasm was almost instantaneous and was so intense I couldn't even vocalise - when usually the whole neighbourhood hears me. Changing the setting is easy and didn't interrupt my rhythm in the slightest.

The silicone on Mimic is super soft and smooth, and feels amazing with a lube. It laid perfectly against my labia, stimulating my clitoris and as the vibes rolled through the toy. Some women, myself included, need more all-over stimulation but pinpoint stimulation as well. The Mimic did this, massaging all over while allowing me to focus on my clit too. It works fine as a handheld if you don’t like being on your stomach, but I strongly preferred laying on top of it.

The only negative comments I have about the Mimic come down to preference, not performance - I love the flexibility of the toy, but if it’s going to be usable as a handheld, I want more out of it. Handheld was a little awkward to me with the flaps. I also prefer an insertable. I can’t imagine how this could be improved on to become an insertable, but if I am getting all-over stimulation, I want it inside too.


  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • Quiet motor
  • Pinpoint stimulation
  • Unique external massage
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful vibrations

The Mimic is a powerful toy to help with stimulation issues. Not only does it provide clitoral stimulation but also massages the external labia for an intense orgasm. The toy can be paired with other toys, and works the soft, silky silicone works well with a water-based lube. While the Mimic would not work with penetrative sex, it could be great during foreplay or getting off only the female partner, and it is perfect for a solo session. Mimic is sure to become your next favourite too.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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