Lube 101 - A must read

Lube 101 - A must read

Takeaway: Learn the uses and functions for personal lubricants and make sure you're stocked on your favourites for all your preferred play!

Many people don't use lubricants because they feel their own personal moisture is enough. But benefits go beyond addressing dryness, and all of us face that problem sometimes due to monthly cycle, energy, nutrition, or health issues. Seventy percent of lubricant users indicate they purchase it for fun and greater enjoyment, not need due to moisture problems. Let's talk about different lubricants and how they can best be used for maximum pleasure!

First, what should you use? The choices can be overwhelming, and many first-time users admit this is why they put it off. Water-based or silicone? For anal or vaginal play, or for toys? Flavoured? Warming or cooling? Hypoallergenic or specifically for dryness? So many questions and options! Check out our recommendations for each type and when you should choose it:

  1. Water-based lubricants: This is the most popular type of lubricant but it also gets used the fastest - because it's water-based like the body, it feels most natural and is less sticky but it gets absorbed quickly. Water-based lubricants are best for vaginal sex, though there are good products for anal sex as well; you can choose a product based on its thickness (as a water-based product many are thin but thicker ones will say so on the label). We love the Erosense Aqua water-based personal lubricant, which is also hypoallergenic and pH-balanced so won't interfere with your personal chemistry.

  2. Silicone lubricants: These lubricants tend to have fewer ingredients making them easier to use if you have allergies or sensitive skin. They should NOT be used with silicone-based sex toys as they may damage the materials and make them harder to clean. Silicone is water-resistant so they are harder to wash away - one reason not to use on sex toys too - but this property makes it ideal for shower or tub sex. While these lubes can be used on sex toys without silicone and do not cause damage, we prefer other cleaners and lubricants as it is a chore to wash the lube off. In comparison to water-based lubes, these last longer and are thicker, and the user will also experience more moisturised skin. These are preferred for anal sex. Complaints that they are more expensive are unfounded - one bottle indeed costs about 25% more but will last 50% longer, actually saving money. Our favourite silicone lubricant is the Erosense Thick Personal Moisturizer. It lasts a very long time and is great for vaginal or anal play, is unscented and latex-friendly, and great for use in the bedroom or bathroom.

  3. Anal sex: We’ve established that the best lubricant to use is silicone-based for anal play, but there are other factors to consider too. Intimate Earth makes an Adventure Gel for Women that relaxes the anal sphincter making penetration more comfortable. Lube and condoms can be used in addition to the spray. There is a Daring Gel for Men as well. These sprays have no anaesthetic effects so full pleasure will still be enjoyed, but the muscles relax to ease penetration and eliminate tearing.

  4. Toys: For cleaning, we like the Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner. Strong enough to use easily on silicone-based toys but gentle to use on skin as well. This is an economical product that will last 50% longer than other products of the same size. It comes in a spray bottle or travel-sized pen. Like any toy cleaner, you'll use it by spraying the toy completely then wiping it down with a clean towel or cloth. After it air drys, you can put it away for next use. We recommend cleaning toys after use but also before, just to make double-sure the toy is clean and there is no cross-contamination.

  5. Warming and cooling: These products do what they say. The Erosense Insane Moisturizer is one of the best warming lubricants on the market; internal insertion will heat up the body and create a highly arousing circular sensation while clitoral use increases external arousal. This is a silicone-based product so should not be used with silicone toys. Cooling products are a unique sensation when we associate heat with sex, but it is just as arousing and is especially appreciated with anal play, lessening the discomfort some experience. Pjur Cool is a water-based lubricant specifically designed to heighten senses during use.
  6. Flavoured: The use here is obvious and our favourites are by Jo. Water-based but feels like silicone, with no sugar, sweetener, or aftertaste. It's safe to use with latex and all toys. While it's available in 15 flavuors and we’re waiting on a sample pack so you can choose your own favourite, we like pineapple the best.

  7. Massage: Then there are massage oils. Not exclusively for sex, they often end up as foreplay. We love the Awake Black Pepper & Grapefruit oil. Then there's the more direct Handipop Handjob Oil, designed for extra-slippery long-lasting handjobs that you can finish off orally because it has a great peppermint flavour.

  8. Arousal gels: These serve many purposes. For men we like the Pjur Superhero Spray, for long lasting and vigorous sex. For women there are G-spot and clitoral enhancers. We especially recommend the Discover G-spot enhancer, which increases the size of the G-spot.

Clearly, personal lubrication is a complicated subject and your needs depend on your preferences and use. Stock up on a few of your favourites today!
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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