LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set Review

LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set Review


What is the best sex toy you have received as a gift from your partner? Toys are a great way to bring together couples and intimacy, so it is no surprise that a good sex toy can bring some great moments. The Adore Me pleasure set is especially nice for anniversaries or other celebratory moments. The Adore Me set comes with a durable yet comfortable pair of cuffs, a silk blindfold, and the powerful MIA 2 vibe. These products can also be purchased individually, but bought as the set will save you a noticeable amount of money! LELO has a wide variety of sets designed to bring out different senses. Adore Me takes away the sense of sight and some of your mobility in order to heighten others. Who doesn’t want to heighten the sense of physical touch, especially with a vibe like MIA?

The overall design is power in a simple structure. Cuffs and a blindfold certainly isn't unheard of, but LELO uses quality materials in the best shade of red; everything matches. The materials are comfortable to use and do not have issues with fitting correctly, so none of the extra toys get in the way of MIA. The set complements each other and makes the most of the senses. MIA 2 has six different vibrations that will please each woman differently, but all in divine ways. The vibe is easy to hold and operate, with the speed settings buttons located on the side of the toy. There is nothing as bad as being in the heat of the moment and going to change a setting, only to have to stop and mess with the toy for a few minutes because there is too much to cycle through. The buttons on MIA 2 are easy to access and only take a second to flip through, meaning no moments ruined, no moments missed!

The set plays into dominance. One partner gets tied up and blindfolded, only being played with at the other partners will. Of course, the vibrator does not (and should not) come into the scenario immediately. This is the perfect time for foreplay and real human contact, with only the blindfold and cuffs. It should also be noted that vibrators can be used in more areas than the vagina, and in the beginning are great for use against nipples or brushing along the thigh area. When tied up, the other partner should be exploring wherever they can and paying attention to what makes one jump and twitch. A set of just three toys works so well when they invite partners to interact with each other in this way; it is simplistic and gives just the spark to make it an entirely different experience. MIA 2 is powerful, the lowest setting being great to mess with one partner during foreplay while the highest could bring an orgasm within minutes after said foreplay.

The Adore Me set is perfect to add in not just a spark but a firework back into sex. It calls for partners to start being intimate again, not just physically and going through the motions, but really exploring and pleasuring each other. It wants you to slow down and take time together, and that’s why it is perfect to add that fire back. Adore Me allows your partner to use your senses in new ways and heights, leaving you feeling truly adored. All three toys compliment each other in subtle ways to create a not so subtle experience.
Other JOUJOU toys can also be added into the mix, such as whips, butt plugs, and of course, a good lube!

Article by Sara At Joujou

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