Double the Fun! Learn About Double Ended Dildos and Their Many Uses

Double the Fun! Learn About Double Ended Dildos and Their Many Uses

Quite honestly, double-ended dildos are not talked about enough. And we believe that they’re not given the praise that they deserve. 

Sure, there are other pleasure products and sex toys that are amazing and magical, but they often steal the spotlight. This may be because dildos in general are sometimes less desirable to look at (being phallic in appearance), or are the centre of jokes. 

But, if you’re someone who is ready to embark on a new kind of sexual journey, one that is double the amount of fun, and includes both partners with equal sexual satisfaction, then we strongly recommend having a peek at, and perhaps trying, double-ended dildos.

Beginners Guide to Double Ended Dildos

Double trouble, shared pleasure, and absolute bliss, double-ended dildos are incredible sex toys to use for transcended couples play. Not just that however! You can totally use a double-ended dildo for solo play too! It’s versatile, unique, yet so simple in design and use.

So today, we’re going to do a quick run through of what a double-ended dildo is, what they’re made of, how to use double-ended dildos , if they’re suitable for pegging, and a few product recommendations to get you going! 

We say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it… 


What is a double ended dildo?

A double-ended dildo is a sex toy that has two insertable ends rather than just one. It’s a sex toy made predominantly for penetration, and is a long shaft that’s flexible enough to use however you prefer.

And while we’ve already mentioned that they’re amazing for couples play or to use intimately alone, did you know that there are various ways you can use them both with a lover or during your self-love solo adventures? More on that later!

What are double ended dildos made of?

There are various types of double-ended dildos made of different materials. The safest materials to use is silicone, metal, and glass (as goes for all sex toys, in actuality). This is because they’re porous (making them easier to clean) and body-safe.

Other double-ended dildos could be made of rubber, and plastic. If you choose to buy a rubber double-ended dildo, it’s advised to use a condom over them because rubber is porous. That means that it has the potential to trap bacteria, is harder to clean, and could cause allergies. An ABS plastic dildo is non-porous, which is a pro, but if you choose a PVC or vinyl double-ended dildo, it will contain harmful phthalates. 

How to use a double ended dildo

There are so many exciting ways to use a double-ended dildo. Whichever way you choose to play however, a generous amount of lube is always recommended. Here are a few ways to use a double-ended dildo… 

Playing Solo with a Double-Ended Dildo

When you choose to use a double-ended dildo during solo play, you have the luxury of not having to actually hold the dildo in-place. For vulva owners, you can then experience both both vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time by inserting one end into the vagina, and the other into the anus. To do this, flexibility of the toy is essential as well as having an easy grip. At first, it may seem a bit wobbly, but after time, it’ll become firmer as you bend and twist it in your preferred way to suit your body.

Of course if you’re a newbie to this kind of sexual penetration, you can start off with just one kind of internal stimulation and make your way to two when it feels right. We suggest a slimmer end for easier penetration.

Partner Play with a Double-Ended Dildo

During partner intimacy, you have a seemingly endless stream of ways to play when it comes to double-ended dildos. One partner could insert one end into their vagina or anus, while the other too could insert the other end into their vagina or anus. 

There’s also the option to use a strap-on double-ended dildo for penetrative sex, aka pegging


Can you use a double ended dildo for pegging?

Yes, you can! There are strapless double-ended dildos and strap-on double-ended dildos that have been made for delicious pegging adventures. 

If you’re going for a strapless double-ended dildo, a vulva-owning partner will insert one end inside of their vagina and hold it in-place using their pelvic muscles. Then, they will thrust into their partner, resulting in anal sex aka pegging. 

If you’re going for a strap-on double-ended dildo, a harness will be worn by one partner, one end of the dildo will be inside of them while the other end can be inserted into their partner.

Our product recommendations

From top double-ended dildos, to strapless strap-on and strap-on double-ended dildos, here are our favourites.

Our Favourite Double-Ended Dildos

Shop JOUJOU: Colours Double Pleasures 12 in. Realistic Silicone Double Dildo

Colours Double Pleasures 12 in. Realistic Silicone Double Dildo

It’s made with velvety smooth and made with ridges to really get that enhanced penetrative feel. This double-ended dildo is made of superior quality silicone that’s body-safe, is very simple in design, and easy to use. With this double-ended dildo, there are no thrills or frills to confuse you. It’s just a matter of playing either solo or with a lover to find the best kind of sexual bliss (for both). For that reason, it’s great for beginners, but remember to take your time and enjoy the ride.


King Cock Double Trouble S Double Dildo

If it’s a U-shaped double-ended dildo you’re looking for, King Cock is one of the top brands for this kind of sexy play. It looks and feels just like the real-deal, rock-hard and sturdy, has a realistic design with veins, and even has a shaft and head that’s super life-like. It’s latex-free, phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic, and comes in an array of different colours. How’s that for really customising your best pleasure?

Shop JOUJOU: DILLIO 12 Inch Double Dildo

PipeDream Products Dillio 12 in. Double Dildo

What an absolute winner, the Dillio 12 in. Double Dildo sits at an impressive 12 inches, and was made for those who really want a showstopper. It comes in a gorgeous purple colour that really creates a fun aesthetic, and is made from high quality material that’s phthalate and latex-free as well as hypoallergenic. Enjoy an array of different positions and stimulation with this bad boy who’s waiting to unleash absolute ecstasy.


Our Favourite Strapless Strap-On Double-Ended Dildos

Shop JOUJOU: Fun Factory Share Silicone Strapless Strap-On

Fun Factory Share Silicone Strapless Strap-On

We love Fun Factory for their high quality and extremely tantalising sex toys. And their Share Silicone Strapless Strap-On is no different. It’s made of 100 percent silicone, is flexible without ever losing the necessary firmness, hypoallergenic, and offers both vaginal and anal stimulation. Enjoy shared bliss and double the fun with a treat from Fun Factory that’ll keep you coming again and again. Check out the vibrating version - FUN FACTORY Sharevibe VIBRATING SILICONE STRAPLESS STRAP-ON

Shop JOUJOU: Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-On Rabbit Vibe

Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-On Rabbit Vibe

With 12 different vibration modes and three different speeds, this vibrating strapless strap-on rabbit vibe is all you’ll ever need for a lifetime of incredible orgasms. It has a slim penetrative shaft, is smooth due to its soft silicone material, and has a tapered end for easier insertion. Not just that, but it too has bunny ears that tease and please the wearer’s clitoris! In other words, this waterproof, USB-rechargeable double-ended dildo is a one-way ticket to pleasure town.

Our Favourite Strap-On Double-Ended Dildos

Shop JOUJOU: Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap On

Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On

Fetish Fantasy is one of the best selling strap-on double-ended dildo brands, and is the perfect way to enjoy strap-on double-ended dildo fun with your lover. On one end, you have the ability to strap it to your body and either insert it or not, while the other end is ready for all kinds of penetration on your partner. Enjoy double stimulation or simply a pegging or other kind of sexual experience with this masterpiece of a sex toy.

Having said that, we hope you’ve come to love double-ended dildos just as much as we do. They’re a whole lot of fun, extremely versatile, and make for an excellent sex toy to use either solo or with a partner in a multitude of different ways! Yay for double-ended dildos!

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