Learn About Butt Plugs: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

Learn About Butt Plugs: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

So often, anal pleasure is overlooked. But we’re now living in a time where it’s actually encouraged to embrace your sexual desires and fantasies. 

Safely, sanely, and with consent, of course, there are so many different ways to experience sexual pleasure! And butt plugs are definitely worthy of praise due to their erotic and euphoric capabilities. 

Yes, we said it: butt plugs are in, self-care is in, and if you’re intrigued…we highly recommend you give them a whirl! 

Let’s dive into those important questions for beginners, shall we? What are butt plugs? How do you use them? What’s the appeal when it comes to sexual pleasure? How to clean and store butt plugs! And then we’ll tackle the debate that is anal beads vs. butt plugs! 

Why? All in the name of absolute bliss!

What are Butt Plugs?

A butt plug is a kind of sex toy that induces all kinds of sexual pleasure. It’s often used as a means to dilate the anus in preparation for anal sex, but the journey of using a butt plug is, in itself, a whirlwind of lustful satisfaction.

What does a butt plug look like? Well, there are many different shapes and sizes, but the majority of them have a narrow top which helps the user to insert it comfortably. 

The mid-section is then wider, which allows players to experience feelings of fullness and arousal, and the bottom is narrow and attached to a flared base. The flared base is important, as it prevents any accidents, and allows you to keep it in place beautifully. 

Why Do People Use Butt Plugs?

Why don’t people use butt plugs is a more apt question! You see, the anus is rife with delicious nerve endings… and what are nerve endings good for? Orgasmic indulgence! 

People often use these kinds of sex toys, regardless of gender, because it tends to hit all the right spots! 

In men, the prostate can be targeted using certain butt plugs (the prostate is a gland capable of firework-inducing climaxes). Prostate play is an amazing way to feel new kinds of sexy sensations that are different to penile orgasms. In fact, when you engage in prostate play, you’ll find that your orgasms are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than usual.

And for women, a butt plug can indirectly stimulate the G-spot, which is a glorious part of the clitoral network, brimming with orgasmic potential.

How Do You Use a Butt Plug?

When it comes to how to use a butt plug, the trick is to forget all about the “in and out” motion that you may be used to. Unlike penetrative vaginal or anal sex, a butt plug is made to be inserted and left inside. This is why a flared base is super important, as without it… well, you see where this is going.

If you’re a beginner or have never experienced anal penetration before, we strongly suggest going for a very slim and small butt plug. The anal cavity is no where near as elastic as the vagina, so you’re going to want to take it super relaxed. 

You may only insert the tip at first, and this is normal. Practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll be able to go deeper and deeper, allowing yourself to try bigger butt plug sex toys when the time is right.

Butt plugs are often used as a way to prepare oneself for anal sex. It’s a less intimidating way to get used to the sensations that anal penetration can bring, and thus can be a great way to get ready for the ‘main event’. 

Butt plug sex toys can also be used during penetrative vaginal sex so that double penetration is experienced, and/or a butt plug can be used due to its aesthetically-pleasing appearance (some are rainbow jewelled, or have a cute tail of some sorts).

Whichever way you’re planning to use a butt plug, the most important things to remember are:

  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Don’t get disgruntled if you cannot insert the entire butt plug, it will take time
  • If you feel any pain, stop immediately
  • Always use a great lube to smooth things out and induce an elegant glide
  • Opt for a body-safe butt plug

What Types of Butt Plugs Are There?

There are so many different types of butt plugs in various styles and made with different materials. A classic butt plug is usually petite, smooth, and has a tapered end for easier use. Then, for more experienced anal enthusiasts, there are butt plugs that have different kinds of textures that’ll give you that extra oomph you may be craving.

There are also various kinds of styles to suit your needs and kinks. There are vibrating butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs, princess butt plugs (adorned with fake gems for the aesthetic), tail butt plugs, and hollow butt plugs.

When it comes to the different types of butt plug materials, glass butt plugs and stainless steel butt plugs are excellent not only because they’re aesthetically beautiful, but they’re also great for temperature play and they’re easy to clean. 

Silicone butt plugs are soft and luscious, and give you a sense of smoothness as you insert and remove it. We recommend going for either a glass, stainless steel, or a silicone butt plug sex toy, as they’re the most enticing and body-safe.

How Long Can You Leave a Butt Plug In?

While there is endless joy that comes with using a butt plug, the majority of them shouldn’t be worn for more than two to three hours at a time. This is because the edge of the plug can press against the tender lining of the anus, which could cause a reduction in blood flow resulting in pain. 

Of course however, everyone is different. Some may feel comfortable wearing a butt plug for a mere 30 minutes, some may find that the sexual pleasure becomes greater with time. 

For newbies, we don’t recommend more than three hours at a stretch, but for more expert anal players, it is possible to wear a butt plug all day. That essentially means that you could go out in public, with your sensual butt plug deliciously in-place, and no one would even bat an eyelid! If this is your goal, opt for a discreet butt plug, not one that has a tail of some sorts. 

What’s also quite erotic is the sensations you’ll experience as you walk, sit, cough, fold your legs, and get on with your day. Again, this advice is geared towards those who are regular users of butt plugs. For everyone else, we recommend limiting your usage to three hours, for safety purposes.

Are Anal Beads or Butt Plugs Better?

Apples and oranges! Anal beads and butt plugs are two different kinds of anal sex toys, and thus they’ll bring you different kinds of sensations and sexual pleasure. 

Butt plugs, as we mentioned, are made to be inserted and worn as a means to experience sexual bliss and to prepare oneself for anal sex or larger toys. Anal beads, on the other hand, are used by putting one or more balls inside of you so that you can enjoy a jolt of pleasure with each ball. 

Some anal beads come with balls of different sizes so you can work your way up to bigger balls, creating even more bliss. Of course, we recommend going slow and only enjoying this gorgeous pleasure product to a point where you feel comfortable.

Another reason why anal beads are different to butt plugs is that anal beads can be pulled out in such a way that even more euphoria is experienced. For example, at the height of climax, you can pull out the anal beads for an even bigger orgasm. 

Anal beads are not made to stay inside of you for prolonged periods of time. But, experiencing both will give you a great indication of what kind of anal stimulation you prefer.

Why Does a Butt Plug Feel so Good?

As we mentioned, a butt plug feels incredibly satisfying because it targets all of those beautiful nerve endings that are in abundance. The anus is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for both men and women, which makes it a sexual pleasure zone unlike no other.

Using a butt plug sex toy not only targets the thousands of nerve endings, creating a plethora of pleasure, however. They too target other erogenous zones and pleasure centres in the process, which accumulates to an overwhelming sense of arousal and ultimate release in the form of a strong and powerful climax.

For butt plug beginners, it may be hard to understand the hype surrounding them. This is because, like most things, it takes patience, kindness, and care. After practice, you’ll soon reap all of the benefits and feel-good sensations that come with using a butt plug… and it’s definitely worth the wait.

How Do You Clean & Store Butt Plugs?

Cleaning a butt plug depends on the type of material that it’s made of. Glass and stainless steel butt plugs are the easiest to clean because they’re non-porous (they don’t trap bacteria), and they can be cleaned either with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, washed in the dishwasher, or they can be boiled. 

Silicone butt plugs often require lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap, and nine times out of 10, they cannot be washed in the dishwasher or boiled. It’s important to check the type of material your butt plug is made of in order to clean it effectively. Regardless of material however, you should always clean your butt plug before and after use for optimal health and safety.

The best way to store your butt plugs, regardless of its material, is to keep it in a clean case or bag by itself (without any other toys), and out of direct sunlight. Storing your butt plugs in this manner will prolong its life and keep it in tip top shape for all kinds of future sexual pleasure.

Butt Plugs for Beginners

So you’re ready to dive into the world of butt play! We hope you’re as excited as we are, as we can assure you… you’re absolutely going to love it! And because we’re so passionate about these gorgeous butt toys, we’re going to guide you on the different kinds of butt plugs for beginners to indulge in!



Frederick’s of Hollywood Silicone Butt Plug

If you’re looking for a basic silicone butt plug, the Frederick’s of Hollywood Silicone Butt Plug never fails to disappoint. It’s enticingly elegant looking with a smooth and lustrous feel to it. It’s body-safe and comes in a beginner-friendly size with a tapered tip, ensuring your safety and pleasure. If it’s luxury you’re looking for to start your butt plug adventures, we highly recommend this piece of erotica.



Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug

Experience the joys of anal penetration without breaking the bank! The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug is budget-friendly, slim and petite with a tapered end for easy use. It also boasts a sensual motor that works with a single button, making it an excellent vibrating butt plug for newbies. Buzz your way into delight with three speeds and four pulsations, and experience what every anal enthusiast has been raving about.



Icicles No. 26 Clear Tapered Glass Butt Plug

A stunning glass butt plug that’s not only comfortable but also of high quality, the Icicles No. 26 Tapered Glass Butt Plug was made with beginners in mind. It’s hypoallergenic, non-porous, and has a design that simply screams luxury. Another pro? Pop it into the freezer or run it under warm water to experience the chill and thrill of delicious temperature play.



We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

What is arguably the best butt plug for beginners, we highly recommend the We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug for newbies! That’s because it’s the most petite anal sex toy that comes with all the wondeful features you deserve, such as its vibrating capabilities. Yes indeed, the We-Vibe Ditto is a vibrating butt plug that’s perfect for anal exploration, fuelled with rumbling bliss… and it comes with a remote control! Partnered play, anyone?



Njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plug

What is perhaps the most popular butt plug on the market today, you’ll adore the Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug! It’s made of super high quality, and if you’re so inclined, is suitable for all-day wear! But that’s not the only reason why we love this gorgeous anal toy that’s made of medical grade stainless steel! Indulging in the Njoy Pure will give you a sense of fullness that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s been built for long-term comfort, and will undoubtedly be a favourite toy in your pleasure chest for years to come. Another perk? It comes in a satin-lined hinged presentation box and a satin tray insert for that extra bit of luxury.



B-Vibe Snug Weighted Butt Plug

B-Vibe is a brand that’s all about anal play! Which is why you’re always in good hands when it comes to their delectable anal toys! The B-Vibe Snug Weighted Butt Plug is made of seamless body-safe silicone with perfectly-rounded edges, and a flexible neck making it easy to insert. It also has weighted balls, which give you that feeling of fullness as you writhe in erotic ecstasy. This butt plug comes highly recommended due to its high quality and all-day wear capabilities. Give it a whirl, you’ll absolutely fall in lust.

And now that you’ve learned all about butt plugs, what they are and how to use them, it’s time to go ahead and find your favourite! Mix and match, try different materials, shapes and sizes, and find the perfect fit for you! Because with these anal toys, you’ll be taken to new heights of sexual pleasure that only anal stimulation can bring.

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