Sex Toy Hygiene and Cleaning

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Takeaway: Properly using and cleaning your toys is very important for both the longevity of the product and for your health and hygiene. It can be confusing to know what products to use and how though. Let us help you clean them and discuss products to use.

With any item we own, we should properly care for it. That includes sex toys! Correct cleaning is vital to ensure it lasts as long as possible and keeps you safe and hygienic. Bacteria builds up if you do not clean your toys, and can cause infections. Yeast infections and even STDs can be transmitted with improperly cleaned toys.

Toy materials and features will determine how it should be cleaned. The information can be found on packaging or in online descriptions. Motorized products of silicone, glass, steel, or wood can be washed with mild soaps and a damp cloth. Unmotorized toys of silicone, Pyrex, stainless steel, or stone can be run through the dishwasher or boiled for up to ten minutes. Cyberskin only requires water and a gentle soap without excessive sudsing. Hard plastics, jelly rubber, and elastomers may still contain germs after a good washing, so it´s best to use them with a condom. After the toy is clean, dry it with a towel and store in a case or silk bag to keep it hygienic until next use. Consider cleaning it again before use, especially it was exposed to anything uncovered. Do not store in plastic or Tupperware, as these can leach chemicals. Take out batteries when the toy isn´t in use so that they don´t corrode inside.

Here are a few cleaning products you can purchase to keep your toys ready for next use!

Antibacterial Cleaning Spray by Lelo kills 99.9% of germs, and includes zinc salts to reduce chance of irritation. This spray is pH-balanced, and has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The body safe formula does not need to be rinsed off the toy afterwards. It´s designed to work with latex, rubber, and silicone toys.

Pipedream Extreme Fanta Flesh Care Kit is a 2 piece cleaning kit made for the Fanta Flesh product line, and it includes a bottle of Pipedream Extreme Moist Lubricant. It can be used on many other toys as well. This kit contains Fanta Flesh Revive powder to return your toys to their original softness. You use it by applying the powder all over the toys, including the inside of masturbators. The Antibacterial Toy Cleaner spray is safe to use on silicone, plastic, and latex. The Pipedream Extreme Moist Lubricant, was voted best lubricant by Women´s Health Magazine! It´s water-based, fragrance-free, and safe for condoms.

Green Tea Tree Toycleaner 100ml is an organic foaming cleanser safe for use on all silicones, plastics, glass, and stainless steel toys. This product does not contain alcohol, parabens, or other harsh chemicals like Triclosan, known to alter hormonal balances. It´s infused with lavender oil, tea tree oil, and Guava Bark. All naturally cleansing, the Guava Bark is antibacterial as well. It´s designed to be as natural and gentle as possible for all toys and human skin as a plus to its main job of getting rid of bacteria.

The Bathmate Cleaning Kit is specifically designed for Bathmate and Hydromax, but could work for similar products too. Included is a Cleaning Brush, with a spare sponge head. The brush is designed to be able to clean inside of the product easily, while the long handle means all of the inside can be in reach to clean. Two high quality towels are included to dry off the toys without leaving lint and bits of fabric. The Hydropump can be stored in the hard shell casing sold with the kit.

JO Travel Toy Cleaner is perfect for when you want to bring your toys with you, and need an appropriately sized bottle. With 1.7oz of product, you can discreetly take it on the trip and have enough product to use. This foaming cleaner comes in a pump dispenser. It is body-safe and safe for all toys, containing no alcohol, glycerin, or petro chemicals.

Sex toy cleaning can be a mystifying subject and tends to be a taboo topic. Make sure you educate yourself on materials in both the product and the cleaner, as well as their compatibility to keep you healthy and hygienic!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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