Kegel exercises: A how-to guide for women

Kegel Exercises: A How-to Guide for Women

A common problem for women is weak pelvic floor muscles, but did you know there’s an easy self-fix? Kegels are an exercise to strengthen this targeted area, and a few minutes a day can battle bladder leakage, strengthen orgasms, and make childbirth faster and easier! But Kegels aren't just for convenience; a strong pelvic floor also prevents pelvic prolapse, a serious health concern that can cause pain and infection, and may require surgical intervention if it isn't caught soon enough.

So how do you do Kegels? The brilliant thing is you don't have to go to the gym; you can do them sitting at your desk. You can do them in the middle of an important presentation with your supervisors, dinner with your grandparents, at your children’s softball practice - anywhere, anytime, and no one will know the difference! Find the muscle you use to stop the stream of urine (but don't do it while urinating). Squeeze the muscle for three seconds, then relax for three seconds. Repeat 10-15 times at least three times per day. Add a second per week until you can hold for ten seconds.

But now, you can practice your Kegels and enjoy orgasms at the same time! WeVibe is known for their personal and couple massagers with independent vibrations, apps for internet connectivity and pulsing to favourite music for unique patterns and intensities. Now they’ve added a Kegel exerciser with vibration for pleasure while you “work out”, the Bloom. It's highly customisable to each user and allows you to make the perfect workout plan by using vibrating Kegel balls. This is a stacked two ball Kegel toy with three interchangeable weights. There are over ten preset patterns for when you are just starting or don't want music. The different patterns can work similar to your workout at a gym. You can use the slower and more mellow speeds/patterns to warm up your muscles, then gradually build up your intensity. Gradually building up means you can pinpoint what you can handle and how long you are able to do it. You will be able to build a sort of training schedule based on this. It is recommended that to start you use the toy two to three times a week for twenty minutes, and slowly add intensity. After some experimentation you can create your own custom patterns to round out your pleasure and strength building! Bloom is entirely waterproof making it perfect to use during bath time, it even alerts you when the battery is low! Before using it coat the toy in a water based lube for best experience.

While it is possible to do Kegels without toys, it is so much easier with and more progressive. You can only strengthen so much with nothing but muscle. If you want to build up arm muscle, are you just going to flex or use some equipment? This has the same concept. Bloom allows you to start relatively small and work out past what you could do toyless. With different weights and combinations it's much more advanced and versatile. You can also use the vibration setting for more difficulty and pleasure.

Bloom has 10 different vibrations that will make Kegels seem less like work and more like fun. However the vibrations actually help make the work more difficult and beneficial! By creating movement the toy will need to be gripped a little tighter and will depend on the setting. Using the two lightest weights on a low setting will be a different workout from using the heaviest weight on a high pulsing setting. Each vibration pattern is unique. For example you have Pulse, about a medium setting that is pleasurable but simple. There is also Tease in which you have a few strong jolts and then a few soft, back and forth. On the highest end there is Ramp, where each vibration point starts small, quickly builds high, and then drops on repeat. These and the others will provide unique workouts and can help you stay on beat with your exercise. Using the vibrations can help you adjust how long you hold, work on slowly releasing, and how often you do a Kegel.

While Bloom is not meant to solely be a vibrator, it is one! There aren't any other Kegel products out there that do both. This toy will easily build you to orgasm - a great health benefit since Kegels strengthen orgasms and orgasms strengthen pelvic muscles! Kegels are a part of sexual and body health. A lot of us hate working out, but Bloom makes it easy to use and fun!

Article By Sara at JOUJOU

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