How to make Long-Distance Relationships Sexy with Bluetooth Vibrators

How to make Long-Distance Relationships Sexy with Bluetooth Vibrators

We’ve sure come a long way over the last couple of years. And by that, we mean: COVID basically taught us how to start our lives over from scratch, how to survive in a new climate, and how to maintain healthy relationships. 

And with that, we’ve seen how sex toy companies have stepped-up their game, creating sex toy apps, remote control sex toys, ways to experience long distance play, and how to engage with a partner long distance. Is that perhaps a perk that’s come out of all of this tomfoolery? We think so.

make long-distance relationships sexy with Bluetooth vibrators

So today, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of being far apart from our lovers, we’re going to show you how to make long distance relationships sexy with Bluetooth vibrators. 

They’re by no means a new invention, but they have absolutely thrived and been improved up so much that we think all couples, whether long distance or not, should give them a go. What do you think?

What are Bluetooth vibrators?

Bluetooth vibrators are sex toys that can used when signals are sent from your phone to your sex toy device. 

These kinds of sex toys for couples work within a range of about 33 feet from each other, which means that you can control your partner’s lust from a different room/area or certain distance apart from each other (think ‘sexy date night at a public restaurant’ kind of scenario). 

The fun thing about Bluetooth vibrators is that they factor in the element of playfulness and surprise. There’s no telling what will happen next for the one wearing the device, and the one with the controls can fiddle and experiment until they see or hear their partner squirming in ecstasy. 

The thing about Bluetooth vibrators however is that, while they can be considered great for long distance couples, yes, they’re more so about shorter amounts of distance. 

Just think in general about how you’d connect, for example, your phone to a speaker via Bluetooth. Bluetooth vibrators work in a similar fashion, and thus need to be in range in order to work. They’re like the icing on a delicious cake for those who want to play with couples vibrators.

If you’re miles apart however, you may just be keen to learn about the world of teledildonics. Teledildonics are usually (almost always) app-enabled sex toys so that being far apart really need not ruin any kind of sexy date night with a long distance lover. 

What are teledildonic vibrators?

A teledildonic vibrator is a sex toy made especially for remote, long distance sexy play. It makes use of an app in order to connect with a partner anywhere in the world with ease. Basically, as long as both partners have a strong enough Internet connection, the possibilities are seemingly endless. 

To use a teledildonic vibrator, both partners need to consent and pair themselves on the accompanying app. In this way, there’s an opportunity for one lover to give up control and the other, to take control. 

Most of these kinds of vibrators for long distance relationships offer additional sexy functions such as video calling, messaging, and being able to create custom-made vibes and sensations.
Lush 3

Going back to the ins and outs of Bluetooth vibrators…

Are you someone who wants to add a bit of sass to your intimate moments? Maybe you and your lover have been going long-distance for too long, or maybe you just want to spice things up on your next date night or evening at home? 

Bluetooth vibrators are so much fun to use and allow you to be pleasantly teased and pleased in a different kind of way. 

The best part? It’s so easy to use! And when you finally give into the lustful world of Bluetooth vibrators, you’ll surely add a spark to your sex life in whichever kind of stimulation you’re after. 

Whether it’s internal or external stimulation for vulva owners (or both) you’re after, or even Bluetooth-enabled sex toys for penis owners, the world is your oyster. 

What equipment is required to operate your Bluetooth vibrator?

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use a Bluetooth vibrator. The equipment required is so simple, in fact, you probably have over 50 percent of them on-hand already.

The equipment required to operate your Bluetooth vibrator includes:

  • A smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities
  • A strong Bluetooth connection
  • A Bluetooth vibrator

How do they help long distance relationships?

The thing about Bluetooth vibrators is that it not only helps those in long distance relationships but also those who want to amp up their cheeky sexual play. 

We do however highly recommend Bluetooth vibrators for long distance couples though, because distance has a strong capacity to make intimate time quite mundane.

There’s only so far one can go alone while their partner is across the world. For example, sexting and using video platforms in order to perhaps engage in mutual masturbation. 

So, when couples finally come into a space that allows them to experiment together, why go back to the mundane? 

Take the opportunity to try something new, something that takes you on a hands-free adventure. 

Bluetooth vibrators allow couples to go on an elegant dinner date or even to a fabulous bar or club, wander, yet still feel the intimate touch that their partner can provide. 

Simply choose your favourite Bloothtooth vibrator, have your partner connect it to their Bluetooth, and give them the reins to make you feel heavenly in different ways that are never expected.

Other tips for making long distance relationships sexy

Bluetooth vibrators are fantastic when you crave a bit of a seductive shake up in your play time. There are other ways you can make your long distance relationships sexy however, such as app-enabled sex toys. 

As we mentioned, these kinds of vibrators and sex toys can be controlled from all over the world. So, when you’re on a boring business trip, working abroad for a certain amount of time, or even on a trip to somewhere fancy with your friends, there’s always the opportunity to make things interesting. 

With an app-enabled vibrator, such as a teledildonic, you can incorporate nearly every single aspect of being together in-person without actually being together physically. We’ll take you through a few of our favourite recommendations shortly, but before we do…

Here are a few other ways you can make long distance relationships sexy:

  • Use the power of sexting to really rile each other up
  • Write an old-school love note/sexy letter and send it in the mail
  • Share nudes (safely and consensually with someone you trust)
  • Enjoy mutual masturbation using video calling platforms
  • Talk about different positions and things you’d like to try when you’re both finally back together
  • Have good ol’ phone sex without a video call using only dirty talk and moans
  • Play sexy games together such as truth or dare or strip poker
  • Get dressed up for your partner and do a boudoir photo shoot (or a selfie session) to share with them
  • Find an erotic film you both like and watch it together via phone or video call

Our recommendations

As promised, we’re here to give you our favourite Bluetooth vibrators and app-enabled sex toy recommendations so you and your partner can really go the distance. 

Our personal favourites when it comes to Bluetooth enabled and app-controlled teledildonics are We-Vibe and Lovense

These two sex toy brands have made a big name for themselves as huge players in the long distance relationship game, and will most certainly put a smile on your face as well as give you that beautiful orgasm glow you so deserve. 

We-Vibe Bluetooth & App-Enabled Sex Toys

We-Vibe sex toys are high class, luxurious, and pleasure-inducing. The company itself has a team of world-class engineers and industrial designers who work closely with their sexual wellness experts. That, including all the other work that goes behind this incredible brand, means that you’re in for a treat whether you’re using their sex toys solo, with a partner in-person, or long distance. 

We love the We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator that works hands-free, has an adjustive fit, and touch-responsive controls. It also comes with a squeeze remote that responds to the human touch (the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations). This is a heck of a lot of fun when you’re playing together, either in public or at home. It uses something called AnkorLink technology which creates a stable connection between your Chorus and the We-Connect app
We-Vibe Chorus

Using the We-Connect app, you can play and share your bliss from anywhere in the world. You can also create custom vibes and play syncing your favourite music using its Beat mode.

For vulva owners, the We-Vibe Melt is an incredible masterpiece that suckles and teases the clitoris effortlessly using Pleasure Air technology. Using the We-Vibe Connect App, you can allow your partner to take full control of your orgasms. It’s a clitoral sex toy perfect for long distance couples and all kinds of play, near and far. 
We-Vibe Melt

And, for penis owners, the We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Penis Ring not only works during penetrative sex and solo fun, it’s also a magnificent treat to use during long distance fun. 
We-vibe Bond

Simply download the We-Connect app and let your lover decide what kind of vibes are to come next. Indeed, this app too comes with video chat and text access, as well as customisable vibrations. Or, if you so wish, use the accompanying remote control to make it a hands-free affair. 

Lovense Bluetooth & App-Enabled Sex Toys

Lovense sex toys come with a tagline of “Sex Tech for Everyone,” and is one of the world’s leading interactive sex toy brands. 

They began their extensive research into the world of utmost pleasure for long distance couples in 2009, and continue to ‘wow’ worldwide, be it for camming websites, couples play or solo bliss.

One of our favourite Lovense sex toys for long distance couples is the Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled Love Egg Vibrator. This Bluetooth vibrator comes with a remote control, and also works with their exclusive app, so there are no limits when it comes to your sexy party. 
Lovense lush 3

It’s worn by vulva owners, giving them delicious G-spot stimulation, while hugging their body in such a way that it stays in-place. It can also be controlled via the Apple Watch, which is quite impressive. 

We also love the Lovense Diamo Cock Ring for penis owners. Cock rings, in general, are great for couples play and to increase sexual stamina, but the Diamo is so much more than that. 
Lovense Diamo

It will get both partners riled up, hands-free, during penetration, and it can be controlled via Bluetooth for some saucy play. It’s also app-enabled, making it a fun treat for long distance couples and penis owners in the camming world. 

Essentially, in a world where Bluetooth sex toys and app-enabled pleasure products exists, passion truly can be ignited for couples, lovers, or professionals working near or far.

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