How to increase libido and performance

How to increase libido and performance


They say there are only three consistent things in all of history - sex, war, and death. While we won't give our input on the last two, we will on the first. Sex has been and will remain an important and frequent topic for the rest of humanity, so why the difficulties surrounding intimacy? Performance and libido are hot topics all couples struggle with at some point, and we can help.

Ever tried tea to relax? You can also use it to increase libido with the Natural Performance Enhancer, a blend used for centuries to increase drive. It is all natural and works by increasing blood flow and boosts sensitivity. And finally, it's not just natural, this is also organic! Use this tea after a long day at work to end the day m right.

Another herbal product is the Maximum Gel For Men. The ingredients in this gel are aphrodisiacs to increase desire and pleasure. Erections last longer and increase the time spent with your partner. This gel is safe for condoms so you can enjoy the intensity while staying protected. Store this product away until it's time for use again, maybe after drinking the tea!

For women, the On Libido blend corrects hormonal imbalances that mess with desire and mojo in the bedroom. It increases drive as well as sensitivity, boosting energy and mood. This is a great reminder that sometimes nature has all the answers to bring you back to a healthy balance.

Fantasy C Ringz Vibrating Performance Ring is the perfect toy to add to the bedroom to increase excitement. The grip of the ring prevents an early finish, for a longer play session and thus more pleasure for both parties. The vibrations of this ring also create clitoral stimulation. This design will increase pleasure in the bedroom but a new toy stimulates drive from the start just for the excitement alone.

If you want a little extra though, the Fantasy C Ring Party Pack is the item for you. Included is the ring along with lube, body lotion, and erection cream. With this the sex lasts longer. The erection cream restricts blood flow, which allows more time but also increases the thickness of the penis, elevating both parties’ pleasure. The C Ring does the same, so by combining the two you will have a long lasting session. If you want to buy more than one toy for this use, this fun pack also comes with a lasso and a quick release ring.

While many like the ring concept, sometimes we want a little something more for the female partner as well. The company also makes the Wonderful Wabbit, still a ring but just as pleasurable for the woman as the man. The rabbit ears vibrate against the clitoris while a second bullet buzzes the testicles for an arousing tickling sensation that feels like a tongue’s caress.

Everyone struggles with intimacy issues at some point, whether it is time- or stress-related, due to health, or other causes. It's just as natural as the sexual urge and need for intimacy and coupling in the first place. With the right tools these problems can be overcome and you can be healthy and active in the bedroom and with your partner again in no time at all.

Article By Sara at JOUJOU

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