How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

Takeaway: The first sex toy purchase can be overwhelming, with so many options and categories to choose from. Check out our recommendation!

Many women experience their first orgasm with a vibrator. Because they're masturbating alone, they're relaxed and exploring their bodies, and discover more about what they like than when they have to concentrate on pleasuring a partner as well. So let's talk about first vibrators! It's arguably more important than the first partner sexual experience, if our goal is a sexually-empowered and actualised woman. (And that should definitely always be our goal, if you ask me!)

A good vibe has a curve to hit the G-spot. Many unfortunate souls believe the G-spot to be a mythical unicorn, but we promise it exists. If you’ve struggled to find your own, it will be easy with the right vibrator. The Beaded Rabbit is just what the self-love doctor ordered! It's designed especially for G-spot stimulation, and what's better, the name “Rabbit” is a nod to the figure on its front designed for clitoral stimulation. While G-spot orgasms are divine, concurrent G-spot and vaginal orgasms are a sublime piece of nirvana. The rotating metal beads at the base give even more intensity and pleasure at the vaginal entry. Many women report multiple orgasms with this - yet another first - and it's a favourite toy! Since it's quiet, rechargeable, and waterproof, you can use it just about anywhere.

You need a good lube for sex play, especially for your first toys as you start to explore and get comfortable. The water-based JO H20 Lubricant is a favourite. Water-based lubes are safe for latex condom use and for use with silicone-based toys like this Rabbit. This particular lube lasts longer than others and a little goes a long way, meaning you really do get more bang for your buck!

Another lube to try, which we recommend for beginners with sex toys, is the warming lubricant. Also water-based and latex-safe, it can be used with any toy. It starts warming up automatically, no rubbing required, but will be especially luscious with the Rabbit, stimulating the vaginal entrance, clitoris, and G-spot simultaneously.

Since we’ve discussed the Rabbit’s unique stimulation of multiple erogenous zones, we say take it a step further. Try this Beginners Bead Kit and add anal arousal too. The smallest set of beads allows you to start with an easy size and gradually move up. The bead sets can adjust to your own shape, making them more comfortable to use. Understandably, people are curious about it but nervous to try anal sex, so try it solo first in the privacy of your own bedroom. It's a fear you want to overcome early. You'll come to love it, and you'll be more at ease exploring on your own. This kit is perfect for the beginner with a desensitising cream included.

Sex toys are the perfect way to explore sexuality and our bodies on our own! Great for partner use too, the first toy should be one that will really pleasure you and prepare you for comfort, opening you up to even more sensuality! Once you've tried a couple of toys, you'll be adding more to the collection!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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