Have The Best Sex Life: Sex Toys for Those Living with a Disability

Have The Best Sex Life: Sex Toys for Those Living with a Disability


Sex, sexuality and sensuality is something that should be enjoyed by everyone, and those living with a disability are no different. In fact, technology is continuously coming up with new and innovative sex toys that are accessible and pleasurable for all.

And while sexual pleasure may seem like the last thing on someone’s mind when living with a disability, finding the right toys to enhance your satisfaction is the key to enjoying and maintaining an active sex life.

By choosing a toy that works according to your disability, whether it is a lack of mobility, arthritis, extreme fatigue, erectile dysfunction or other, you will be able to experience the joys of sexual freedom and sensuality – which we are big advocates of!


Sex Toys for various disabilities

Spina Bifida

  • Prostate Stimulator

Dr Joel’s prostate stimulator is a nifty little toy for men who perhaps cannot experience penile stimulation due to spina bifida. It has 10 powerful functions of vibrations and pulsations, and gives one the ability to achieve orgasms via the prostate.



  • Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

By using a sex swing, one can receive body support while enjoying the act of intercourse. It’s also proven to be helpful for those who have a difficult time getting into certain positions. Not only that, but it’s a super fun way to kink up your sex life.


Erectile Dysfunction

  • Strap-on dildo

The Climax strap-on dildo is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction and can increase the pleasure during play time tenfold. How? The man can wear it around the thigh, and have his partner straddle it while playing with his genitals. This makes it possible for both him and her to receive pleasure.


Multiple Sclerosis

  • Pulse III Solo

Pulse III Solo Guybrator by Hot Octopuss is a way for men living with multiple sclerosis to experience sexual gratification and to achieve orgasms, due to its intense vibrations that work at different speeds. This sex toy has also proven to be helpful for those experiencing erectile dysfunction.


Limited Motor Ability

  • Doxy III

The Doxy III is a magic wand great for those who have limited mobility, such as women who cannot reach between the legs. This is because it has a long handle, making it more comfortable to hold and control. It’s also a favourite among women for its ability to cause intense pleasure.


  • Vibrating Panties

The Fantasy Gold vibrating panties is a tantalising idea for those who want a hands-free experience, especially when the remote control is in the hands of their partner. It’s a G-string design that has an elegant vibrating plug with 20 functions, and is a sure way to get your motor running.


  • Queen Bee

The Queen Bee by Octopuss is perfect for those with limited dexterity, as it’s easy to hold and has quite a simple design. It was made with the tagline of, “Because sexuality doesn’t depend on ability,” and is marketed for both genders. The Queen Bee is one of the most innovative devices for those living with a disability, and makes the future of sex toys for the disabled look a lot brighter.


  • Eva II

This sex toy wasn’t actually made with the disabled in mind, but is a great one nonetheless. The Eva II is a hands-free sex toy for women that sits between the labia comfortably, giving clitoral stimulation. It’s a fun and flirty way to get your groove on without added stress.


Sex Toys Aid for Comfort


While the Liberator was not actually made for those with a disability, it has proven to be more successful than pillows especially designed for the disabled. It’s a high-quality wedge-shaped pillow that gives support to the body during sex, and helps anyone prop up to receive more pleasure.

And there you have it, several different sex toys that can aid in your pleasure, regardless of your physical abilities.

We are big advocates of experiencing sexual gratification, be it with a partner or solo, and support the right for everyone to be able to feel pleasure and experience sensuality regardless of their stature.

Here’s to some exceedingly pleasant and erotic times ahead!


Article by:

Helena at JOUJOU 

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