Five Invaluable Tips for Stronger Orgasms

Five Invaluable Tips for Stronger Orgasms


Sex is a basic need that almost all of us want or crave to a certain degree. Why’s that? Because it feels good! When we have sex, our brain releases the hormone, dopamine. This is the “happy hormone” that gives us a feeling of pleasure and joy, like when we’re eating our favourite food, spending time with the ones we love, or even when we hear our favourite song. So, if we’ve found something that makes us feel good, why not try our best to make it even better? 

The female orgasm is, of course, experienced differently from one woman to the next, whether it’s achieved via clitoral stimulation, penetration, toys, or other. And admittedly, some orgasms just feel better than others. So, here are five tips to help you experience those exciting stronger and better orgasms all of the time.


  1. Edging

“Edging” is the term used when one delays sexual gratification (in layman’s terms, it means waiting until you’re ready to orgasm, and then reduce the stimulation so that you don’t achieve climax).

While this sounds like a horribly sadistic way to achieve more powerful orgasms, it really does work. The build up of tension makes one super sensitive, more turned on, and essentially, once you do achieve the craved bliss, it is simply that…bliss!


  1. Turn Up the Heat

Literally and figuratively. It’s no secret that we want good, hot, steamy sex. But did you know that if you’re warm, or if you actually apply heat to your genitals, you’re increasing your blood flow? This, in turn, increases lubrication and sensitivity, making you more receptive to greater, more powerful orgasms.

You can do this by taking a hot bath before “the deed”, or placing a hot washcloth over your extremities (the latter does sound a bit awkward, admittedly).

  1. Timing is Everything

Sure, you have to be in the mood for sex to actually reap the full benefits, but biologically, timing is everything!

Author and women’s health journalist, Gabrielle Lichterman, says that on the first two days of your cycle, your body is the most responsive to stimulus. She says that women experience a surcharge of testosterone, a higher libido, and an ultra-sensitive clitoris and breasts during these two days.

She also reveals that enjoying an afternoon delight during ovulation is the most effective time to experience powerful orgasms.


  1. Recharge

Again, literally and figuratively. A little r&r time is always good for the soul, and when one is relaxed and feels comfortable with themselves and their partner, they’re able to simply let go, giving room for better and more intense sexual pleasure. Additionally, when one’s head is clear and in-sync with their body, it gives room for powerful experiences.

Literally however…every woman needs a Bob (not a handsome man, a battery-operated-boyfriend). Explore your body when you’re alone and it’ll bring you endless rewards for a number of reasons! One, most people feel more comfortable when they’re alone, which gets rid of any anxieties or worries. And two, a study conducted at the Berman Women's Wellness Centre found that women who used a vibrator with a partner were more likely to achieve orgasm.


  1. Exercise

In this case, there are two types of exercises you should consider for more powerful orgasms – the regular kind, such as running, swimming or Zumba, and then…kegel exercises!

The former will prove beneficial due to the fact that by doing so, you’re increasing your level of testosterone which, as mentioned above, makes you hyper sensitive with a higher libido. The latter will boost the strength of your orgasms by tightening your pubococcygeal muscle (the muscle that contracts during an orgasm).  And how does one do a kegel? Tighten your pelvic floor and count to eight, then release for ten seconds. Repeat this ten times, three times a day. It’s as simple as that! Or, opt for a Rechargeable Dual Kegel Ball that does all the work for you!

With these five tips, you’ll surely enjoy stronger, more powerful, crazy intense and fun orgasms! Enjoy them!

 Article By Helena at JOUJOU

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