Easter Baskets for Adult Fun

Easter Baskets for Adult Fun

Takeaway: Rabbits are symbols for two things - Easter and sex! Combine the two for some adult fun and build a sexy Easter basket for your partner - and yourself - to enjoy!

Everyone remembers looking forward to Easter baskets as a child, but as an adult, the plastic eggs filled with candy and the plastic grass lose their charm - but maybe they wouldn't if someone still thought to gift you one on Easter morning! Make your Easter morning memorable, and nostalgic but naughty, by putting together an adult Easter basket to surprise your partner with and enjoy together.

First things first, let’s get out of the way the little things that JOUJOU can't provide - purchase a basket and a few nostalgic items to fill it with. Most of us remember cheap plastic baskets purchased from a drugstore or superstore, and those are fine at last minute, but we’re adults now. We suggest a decorative basket from a craft or home store that can be reused in the home for display and organisation. Next, hit the Easter aisles in the stores and pick up a few basics that will bring a smile to your partner’s face - some of the candy, plastic eggs, and grass we loved perhaps, or some of the small, cheap trinkets and games available. Choose your partner’s favourite candies or perhaps skip the candy in the Easter aisle and get some fine chocolates.

After the basics are out of the way, consider what else you might add - great sex play offerings (with a rabbit theme of course!) are suggested below but in addition perhaps consider other items. Flowers are always wonderful but consider a spring flower, not just roses. A nice lingerie or panty is a fun touch, and you might consider a gift certificate for a date night to a favourite restaurant or for an activity you enjoy together. I enjoy putting a stuffed rabbit in every basket but you might forego that for the “rabbits” we suggest below - or do both if your partner is a child at heart! Consider some homemade “certificates” for massages, foreplay, or favourite positions. Check out the adult toys we recommend for the most toe-curling Easter play of your life:

The Beaded Rabbit is designed to stimulate the G-spot. This bunny has synchronised rotating pleasure beads near the base, whimsical rabbit ears shaped to stimulate the clitoris, and is curved for the G-spot. It’s rechargeable with a USB, is waterproof, and comes in purple, blue, or hot pink! It’s one of The Rabbit Company’s most popular products for a reason!

The Beaded Backdoor Rabbit is a prostate massager but can be used for men and women. It produces a rimming sensation thanks to the rotating beads it contains and has 6 massage patterns in the head and shaft, with a clitoral stimulator with another 6 different functions. It is USB rechargeable, and is available in black or blue.

Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Bunny is perfect for traveling or an on-the-go lifestyle. This purple Mini Bunny has a safety travel lock, you have to press it for 3 seconds to turn it on or off. A full charge provides 30 minutes of stimulation on high speed, or 3 hours on low speed! There are 10 different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation and it comes with a charging cord.

The Fantasy C-Ringz Remote Control Rabbit Ring allows couples to both be stimulated, and with a remote, both have control! The wireless remote works up to 25 feet away from your partner and allows you to use 20 pulsation patterns, adjusting as you wish! This waterproof purple ring allows him to last longer due to the snug fit of the top ring, which wraps around the shaft with the bottom ring wrapping around all of it. The rabbit ears even flutter, providing clitoral stimulation.

The Micro Wireless Venus Butterfly is worn for hands-free clitoral stimulation. It has 3 speeds and a wireless push button. The butterfly is designed for full coverage with pinpoint stimulation. It's perfect for intimate play or lovemaking. The butterfly and its’ adjustable harness come in pink or purple.

The Bunny Tail Butt Plug is a fun and light-hearted detail for Easter! Great for sexual and visual pleasure, the plug can be heated or cooled with water for temperature play. The tails are white, while the plugs can be black, silver, or gold!

These Hard Boiled Eggs are a male pleasure aid that look like an egg. The package contains 6 eggs of different textures, allowing multiple types of pleasure and feelings of stimulation. The eggs are designed to stretch so they can fit to size, and can be flipped inside out to use on women!

JO Chocolate Delight is a chocolate-flavoured lube - a classic sweet for Easter, the single serving is perfect for one day but there are large sizes available too. JO Vanilla Cream is great if you don't like the flavour of chocolate or want to try a variety of favours. This flavour also comes in a larger canister if you decide you want more! The flavours are safe for latex and compatible with toys. Both of these lubes are water-based with no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or aftertaste. Last but not least, stay safe and use Lelo Hex condoms, the thinnest and strongest on the market!

Throw out your notions that Easter baskets are for children and spice up an otherwise mundane day with some adult partner fun. This will be an unforgettable Easter!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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