Discreet Sex Toys and how to hide them

Discreet Sex Toys and how to hide them


If we’re being honest about our sex toys, we need something we can hide easily, right? Maybe you can buy whatever you want because your parents never visit and don't snoop when they do, or you've got a bedside drawer with plenty of space.

But probably you have at least one of the following problems: kids or nosy roommates rummaging through your stuff all of the time, not to mention an excited dog who thinks they have stumbled upon a toy for themselves. The good thing is that a lot of sex toys have been designed to be discreet, and not just a been there, done that faux lipstick gag gift!

Here are some of our favorite discreet toys - but be sure to not get too comfortable - displaying them on a bedside table where Nana can find them might make you realize your grandmother knows a thing or two about toys and now you'll both be scared for life!

Masturbators for men are usually thought to be Fleshlights and toys of that sort. However this handy Dominator is quite the opposite and even someone who knows their sex toys won’t immediately realize what it is! This toy will blend in with any bedside table or “junk drawer”, and is a snap to clean up so you don't spend time with excessive cleaning and drying. The toy is all around a sound device, with adjustable tightness, grip, and a velvety inside. It also naturally retains heat to give a more lifelike and comfortable feel.

Discreet vibes for women have been in production for awhile, but for some the toys still feel pretty obvious or do not pack as much power as one that isn't so discreet. But the OVO D5 Mini Vibe has a simple design that mirrors a stylus. This mini vibe has two different power levels and three functions. It’s covered in a soft silicone with tapering to pinpoint your favorite places. This handy little tool is easy to use and can be stored anywhere due to its size.

That said, are you interested in sex toys that do look like art objects? Check out Icicles No. 2 - beautiful pieces and a lot of fun too. It can be a decoration piece, a butt plug, or a massager - no one knows! It’s great for anyone who loves temperature play - hot or cold.

We’ve done the lipstick vibratorio but have you seen other vibrators disguised to look like cosmetics? The Inspire Vibrating Intimate Teaser looks just like a mirror compact, and it even comes with the little mirror. The pad of the compact acts as a remote for the actual toy, which is a silicone tapered massager that looks similar to a silicone blender. It definitely isn't your mama’s compact!

Tips on hiding toys:

Don't hide discreet toys in open sight like it's an objet d’art - you’ll find that one person who does know and if it's your dad you'll never look one another in the eye again. The most common places to store toys if you don't want to use a bedside drawer are shoeboxes, under mattresses, and in clothing drawers.

If you are going to use something such as a shoebox, be sure to use one that comes from a boring pair, in case someone else snoops through and decides they want to borrow the shoes.

Consider a case with a lock, such as a money lockbox for smaller toys. You can also use a smaller suitcase with locks and store it under your bed or in your closet. Both of these cases, and anything similar, will provide a good hiding spot that no one will think much of - and if they do try to get into it, it’s padlocked.

Don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with sex toys, But do you want your teen son, your mom, or the babysitter to know? With a little creativity, no one has to know - unless you want them to.


Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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