Explaining the Difference Between Thrusters and Vibrators

Explaining the Difference Between Thrusters and Vibrators

We’re living in a world full of choice. And how wonderfully blissful is that, especially when it comes to sex toys.

It’s true that we all like different kinds of stimulation. No two people are made the same. And for that reason, having the luxury of choice makes our sexual pleasure… well, a pleasure! 

So while we aren’t going to jump into all of the different kinds of sex toys today, we are going to zoom in on two very seductive types of sex toys, namely: thrusters and vibrators.

There are some similarities between these two types of sex toys, for example: they’re both great for solo play and couples fun, but they also come with some differences. 

Understanding the Distinction Between Thrusters and Vibrator Sex Toys

Often when one thinks of a vibrator, it’s merely a phallic-like sex toy that vibrates. 

But for those who have taken the dive into the wonderful world of sex toys, it’s fair to say that there are so many different types of toys that, if you have an itch, there will be a toy that’ll scratch it for you.

You see, sex toys come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and functions. One vibrator will do this, another will do that. A dildo has a function, a clitoral vibrator brings about clitoral stimulation, a G-spot sex toy targets one erogenous zone while a prostate massager targets another.

Today, we’ll be looking at:

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What is a thruster?

Thrusting sex toys are pleasure products that move in a thrusting motion. How does it thrust in and out? By making use of a motor. 

Usually, a thruster also has vibrating capabilities, and one of the most popular kinds of thruster sex toys is the rabbit vibrator.

A thruster rabbit vibrator has a shaft that has the capability to automatically thrust during use. In this way, it’s almost like the real thing, as you feel the ‘in and out’ motion, as if it were real penetration.

What’s also amazing about thrusting rabbit sex toy is that it not only gives you internal stimulation, but also clitoral. In this way, a thrusting rabbit sex toy is a dual pleasure product that can lead to a blended orgasm (when the G-spot and the clitoris are stimulated at the same time).

We love thrusting sex toys because they do a lot of extra loving for us. Many of them require very little hand action, and a lot of them have two different buttons so you can change up the thrusting motion and the vibration speed or pattern independently.

There are various kinds of sex toy thrusters that come with different motions, stimulating various spots in various ways. For example, some may produce that elusive ‘come hither’ motion, and others may have a rotating head. 

And then, we couldn’t talk about thruster sex toys without mentioning a sex machine! A sex machine is a contraption with a dildo attached to it, and works by a powerful mechanical program. This allows the dildo to thrust in and out at extraordinary speeds, making it more intense than thruster sex toys like the rabbit.

What is a vibrator?

A vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates to create sexual stimulation. There are a variety of different vibrators available for all kinds of fun.

For example:

In this way, it’s evident that, whichever kind of stimulation you’re after, there’s a vibrator that will satisfy your sexual appetite. If you like pulsating vibrators, for example, there will be dozens of options to choose from.

Vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, as well as functions, but what do they have in common? Well, they vibrate.

This means that there is either one or more motors inside of the sex toy, and when the vibration mode is turned on, the toy will vibrate according to the speed or pattern that’s available on the toy.

Vibrators are great because they allow people to experience different types of stimulation on various erogenous zones, yes, but the different intensities and patterns also can enhance sexual bliss.

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What are the defining differences between the two?

In general, the biggest difference between a thrusting sex toy and a vibrator is that a thruster can also vibrate, but a vibrator only vibrates.

In other words, a thruster can give one even more intensity when it comes to play time. Not just that, but they can be pleasurable for those who enjoy more hands-free penetration, and/or those who want the feeling of real penetration.

Another difference between a thruster and a vibrator is that a thruster is solely used for internal stimulation (vaginal and/or anal). Vibrators on the other hand can be used for internal and external stimulation on various parts of the body, depending on which one you have. 

How do you know which type is best suited for you?

If you’re on the fence about buying a thruster sex toy or a vibrator, you may want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of stimulation do you like? Do you like pulsating vibrations, for example? Or do you like the idea of being thrusted?
  • Do you want to experience something similar to penetrative sex?
  • Do you prefer internal or external stimulation, or both?

If you’re the type of person who’s really looking for a sex toy that’ll mimic the real deal and/or you prefer a more hands-free experience, then perhaps a thruster sex toy is for you. 

But remember: there are different kinds of thrusters. A rabbit thruster for example is a less intense way to experience thrusting internal stimulation, whereas a sex machine is much bigger in size, more expensive, and more intense in stimulation.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sex toy that can stimulate the clitoris or other external erogenous zones, like the nipples and vulva, a vibrator is a great idea. 

Some vibrators offer the best of both worlds, for example a dual vibrator, which can stimulate two sweet spots at the same time without the thrusting motions.

Some dual stimulation sex toys include:

  • Ones that stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time
  • Ones that stimulate both the prostate and the perineum at the same time
  • Ones that are worn as a cock ring and have the capability of stimulating a vulva owner’s clitoris at the same time during penetrative sex 

The ultimate question is: do you want a sex toy that feels like penetrative sex with the thrusting motion, or are you looking to use your hands and explore your body with the use of vibrations alone?

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Are thrusters or vibrators more beginner-friendly?

There are some super beginner-friendly vibrators  available, such as a bullet vibrator or a wand vibrator. We suggest that beginners try one of these sex toys out first before going for a thruster. 

This is merely a loose suggestion however as there are so many other beginner-friendly vibrators  available to play with.

In terms of thrusters, you’re more than welcome to go ahead and use a thruster as a beginner if you want to experience the sheer bliss of thrusting motions that are almost uncanny to real penetration. Just take it slow, and ease yourself into the experience to see how it feels.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours, but we do recommend a simple vibrator for beginners to sex toys

Recommended Thrusters

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Thrust into lustful sessions of bliss with this remote controlled Thrusting & Vibrating Dildo that comes with a suction cup. What’s so great about a suction cup? You can place it on nearly any solid surface and enjoy all the hands-free fun you desire! This thruster offers dual sensations, feels soft and luscious, and is USB rechargeable. Imagine the rush of ecstasy that comes with this thrusting suction cup pleasure product?

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Inspired by the golden mask of the ancient Egyptian King, the ZALO KING PowerThrust Vibrating Thruster is all about power, conquest, and magic. In fact, the toy itself is shaped like the King and decorated with touches of gold for that extra luxurious feel. This thruster boasts up to 40 thrusts per second, has four vibration modes and eight thrusting modes, and has a fancy Swarovski crystal embellishment. 

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If it’s the rabbit experience you’re after, the Femme Funn ESSENZA is a gorgeous thrusting rabbit vibrator that’s simple yet elegant. It’ll get you to a powerful orgasm with its seven thrusting speeds and three external vibration modes, and feels like a million bucks made of real-feel liquid silicone.



Add in an additional layer of fun to your solo play time routine with a thrusting vibrator that also has a ribbed texture. This beauty from FUN FACTORY Stronic Surf has the ability to hit all the right spots with its perfectly-crafted ridges, and offers a deep massage on all levels, not just on the surface. It’s slim, light and sleek, but also powerful and ready to say “how high?” when you say jump.


Recommended Vibrators



The NEXUS Lennox is a goodie because it’s actually hollow. This means that it can be slipped into your favorite harness and used during partnered play if that’s what you fancy. It also comes with a suction base, so you can thrust and enjoy it solo and hands-free whenever you feel your libido rising. Not just that, but it’s been created in such a way that it stimulates the G-spot or the P-spot, making it a genderless bit of fun for everyone.

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What makes the Le Wand Chrome Gee G-Spot stand out? Its unique flattened tip, its flexible neck, and bulbous head. With this vibrator, you truly can target your sweet spot with ease because of its ergonomic design. And if you choose to spoil yourself, you can achieve G-spot and A-spot stimulation whilst feeling its two motors in action.

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Rabbit: WeVibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

The gorgeous Nova 2 from WeVibe Rabbit Vibrator flexes with you, so you can be sure to target your most sacred spots, however you choose to move. It’s a vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris, allowing you to experience the bliss that is a blended orgasm. Another perk? It works from anywhere in the world with the WeVibe app, We-Connect. In a long distance relationship or like to play online? Nova 2 is here to tease and please.

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Allow the tiger or tigress in you to emerge with the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator. This sweet treat works hard to massage either the clitoris or the perineum, and can target either the G-spot or the P-spot, making it a genderless sex toy for all. It has 12 vibrational settings, is big, strong, and powerful, and has a quiet motor for secret fun affairs anytime.

TLDR? Here’s a summary 

A thruster can also be called a vibrators , because a thruster can vibrate and thrust in and out at the same time. A vibrator is merely a vibrator, because if it thrusted, it would be called a thruster.

A thruster is a fun way to experience penetrative sex if that’s what you fancy, and there are tons of thruster sex toys available, such as rabbit thruster vibrators  or even sex machines.

On the other hand, there are far more vibrators  available, and they can be extremely satisfying and diverse in the ways in which they stimulate.

Our personal advice? A vibrator is the best choice for beginners, as it isn’t as intense as a thruster. But, you may just love a thruster from the get-go, so it’s your choice entirely! 

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