The difference between Tenga and Fleshlight

The difference between Tenga and Fleshlight

When it comes to male masturbators, the Tenga and Fleshlight brands are arguably the best. 

This is because they’ve both managed to successfully market sex toys for men who want to amp up their masturbation game, and satisfy their most carnal and sexual needs. They’ve come out on top in various levels across the board, making them not only trustworthy but also sinfully delicious.

We’d even go as far as to say: ditch the other brands and go ahead with either a Tenga or a Fleshlight sex toy if you’re really looking for a thrill. 

But of course, both Fleshlight and Tenga have their own unique characteristics, uses, and aesthetics.

So, today, we’re focusing on these two sex toy brands, and all the goodness that comes with them. Their similarities, their differences, their main features, and a little guide on how to choose the right male masturbator for you.

What is the difference between Tenga and Fleshlight?

Before we take an adventure through the world of these popular male sex toys, let us indulge you in a bit of info about each brand so that you can make an even bettter and informed choice.

Tenga was established in 2005 in Tokyo by Koichi Matsumoto. After three years of trial and error, he successfully launched the brand, Tenga: the designer, manufacturer and seller of functional, hygienic sexual wellness items predominantly for men. 

Their main concept is to remove the taboo surrounding male sex toys and to produce pleasure products that are elegant and revolutionary. Tenga actively wants to remove the sale of lewd and obscene-looking products and instead, make sex toys that are classy and discreet in appearance.

They pride themselves on creating a variety of different male masturbators so you’ll be able to find an array of different designs and functions, giving you the freedom to experiment with and try different sensations.

Tenga Flip 0

Then, there’s Fleshlight

Fleshlight was founded in 1998 in Austin, Texas by Steve Shubin. And when you do a bit of research on this male masturbator company, you won’t really find boring history. Instead, you’ll be told why buying a Fleshlight is a good idea. Their main selling points include the fact that they:

  • Simulate the feel of oral sex
  • Are body-safe
  • Allow for a variety in sensation
  • Are easy to clean 
  • Are durable
  • Are discreet

Fleshlight male masturbators are all similar in design, looking like a flashlight, yet completely unique in stimulation. 

Many times, you’ll find companies that mimic the Fleshlight (a torch-looking male sex toy), yet there is only one that is truly able to call themselves the OG. That is the actual company, Fleshlight.

So, now that you’re in-the-know about these two different but equally as erotic and sexually pleasurable sex toy brands for men, let’s look at their main features.

Main features of the Fleshlight

One of the distinguishing features of the Fleshlight sex toy is that of its appearance—an outward design that’s inconspicuous. This is great for those who want to hide their sex toy, or place it somewhere without creating an eyesore for guests. 

It uses material called SuperSkin which is uncanny when it comes to that lifelike experience. It has three different orifice types: a vagina, ass, and mouth, and quite honestly, each reflect the real deal. 

The vagina feels like a real vagina, the ass feels like engaging in anal sex, and the mouth feels like what may be your best blowjob adventure yet.

And even with these three mimicked orifices, each unit has its own unique sleeve texture, so there are even more options for you to choose from, depending on your masturbation needs.

A Fleshlight sex toy is ergonomically-shaped so it’s easy to hold, is not too heavy, and there are some units that are actually automatic so no heavy lifting or jerking is involved. 

Another main feature of the Fleshlight is that some are open-ended and/or see through, so you can see yourself in action. 

You’ll love Fleshlight even more if you’re into shower masturbation, as they too sell shower mounts. A bit of hands-free shower fun? Yep, it’s totally possible with a Fleshlight and its shower mount.

And finally, Fleshlight gives you the opportunity to thrust into your favourite pornstar. Indeed, they have a “Fleshlight Girls” collection made up of various famous pornstars in which the sleeve is an actual replica of their different anatomy. 

Lana Fleshlight

Main features of the Tenga

To talk about the main features of Tenga toys is a bit more challenging as, unlike the Fleshlight range, there are different kinds of Tenga sex toys. Generally speaking however, we can say that Tenga is extremely versatile and makes your male masturbation session even hotter than what you’re used to.

When you consider buying a Tenga toy, you have the option of getting a disposable male sex toy or a reusable male sex toy. The disposable Tenga toy is a pretty great feature, especially for newbies, as it allows you to take it for a spin without breaking the bank or too much commitment.

Another main feature is that Tenga actively strives to make toys that don’t look realistic. You’ll notice that not a single Tenga toy actually mimics any part of the female anatomy but instead, comes in a neat, modern and almost futuristic design that’s completely inconspicuous.

In other words, they don’t look like sex toys at all. 

Speaking of, they too consciously market their products without any sexual imagery, which they’ve done to lessen the embarrassment of purchasing a sex toy.

Having said that, the Tenga toy range consists of the:

  • Tenga Spinner: a masturbation sleeve with unique twists and sensations
  • Tenga Egg series: egg-shaped disposable sex toys of various internal structures
  • Tenga Crystal Stroker: a male masturbator with 10 rings and multiple sensations
  • Tenga Flip series: a variety of flip-open structures
  • Tenga 3D series: a line of sculptured sex toys of various inner and outer designs
  • Tenga Cup series: a variety of vacuum-like sex toys
  • Tenga Air Tech Twist: an adjustable male sex toy allowing you to tighten or loosen the device using Air-Tech compression 
  • Tenga Pleasure Pocket series: a disposable mobile male masturbator available in various sensations
  • Tenga Crysta Stroker series: a reusable sex toy with floating parts and customisable sensations


Key similarities between the Fleshlight and Tenga product ranges

While both Fleshlight and Tenga do have some noticeable differences, their similarities only make them more enticing. 

Here are the key similarities between Fleshlight and Tenga:

  • They’re both easy to clean
  • They both provide great stimulation
  • They’re both portable
  • They both help increase sexual stamina
  • They’re both helpful for erectile dysfunction
  • They’re both helpful for premature ejaculation
  • They both offer different sensations
  • They’re both helpful to improved one’s sex life

Key differences between the Fleshlight and Tenga product ranges

Depsite their differences, both the Fleshlight and the Tenga sex toy brand is unique and pleasurable.

Here are the key differences between Fleshlight and Tenga:

  • They have different appearances
  • The Fleshlight is softer and more stretchy whereas the Tenga is usually harder and tighter
  • The sensations are different 
  • The Fleshlight is a replica of the female anatomy whereas the Tenga isn’t
  • The Tenga offers more designs than the Fleshlight
  • The Tenga is more budget-friendly
  • The Fleshlight is bigger than most of the Tenga toys
  • The Fleshlight requires less lube because of its flatter texture whereas the Tenga requires more due to its deeper ridges
  • The Tenga has disposable and reusable sex toys

How to decide which male sex toy is for you?

Choosing between a Fleshlight and a Tenga sex toy may seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to make it a little easier for you.

If you’re looking for a male sex toy that’s more inexpensive, has a variety of different aesthetics and sensations, has the possibility of being disposed after one use (like the Tenga Egg range), and is completely inconspicuous, then a Tenga sex toy is perhaps for you.

If you’re looking for a male sex toy that offers you impecable use over and over again without any reduction in sensation and sexual pleasure, a toy that’s make an excellent name for itself worldwide, and has the same external aesthetic but with different internal sleeves inside, then the Fleshlight is perhaps the right male sex toy for you.

Alternatively, if you’re really looking for extremely pleasurable and transcendent masturbation experiences, why not opt for both? We can assure you that investing in either one or both of these brands will be a choice you won’t regret.

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