Handjobs and blowjobs aren’t complicated - frankly they’re a little routine most of the time. We love them, there’s a formula, there’s an end goal, let’s do this. But why not make them more fun and interesting? Why not buy a fun toy for your male partner to enjoy when he is alone? The Cobra Libre II is a easy to use male massager. It focuses on the head of the penis, with no need to move the tool up and down. The Cobra Libre II can be used with or without hands, and is great to use during long drive thanks to that ability. This toy is perfect to use as a booster during foreplay or during a blowjob. The inside is made of a soft silicone that will massage in the most pleasurable way.

The Cobra Libre II focuses on the head of the penis, but allows about three and a half inches to be entered. It massages the most sensitive spots while adding stimulation to other areas as well. It will create some of the most powerful orgasms, and is easy to clean up. The design is unique to other male massagers, and is not an experience that can be found anywhere else. The Cobra Libre II contains two motors that are quiet, no one else will be able to hear the toy being used.

The toy itself is simple. There is a place to hold and use the different controls, and a hole to enter. No thrusting or holding needed, all that needs to be done is relax and really enjoy the pleasure. As far as aesthetic looks, it does not look like other sex toys. The Cobra Libre II does not resemble a body part, but rather a sleek car form. Interesting and discreet, to say the least. There are eleven modes that are cycled through with plus and minus symbols. The toy is powered on by holding the “Fun” button, and powered off the same way.

Vibrations are sent all the way through the shaft as it is a powerful toy, and climax generally takes about ten minutes, depending on the speeds you use. Cobra Libre II feels best with a water based lube that is on the thicker side. We found it to be the most fun paired with oral, as this means there is amazing stimulation on the head and part of the shaft, while a partner can focus on the base of the penis. That being said, it is amazing to use solo as well and the vibrations can be customised to the user. Vibrations can be slow or fast, and some are sent deeper than others. I was able to use the toy on a higher speed with deeper vibrations, and then slow it down near climax to extend the high amount of pleasure it was giving. This toy is also fine to use during driving, or as a passenger, and can will make long road trips a million times more fun. Despite being electric, it is waterproof and safe to finish into. All that needs to be done to clean is use some toy cleaner and just a bit of water, then it is ready to use again.

The only problems were that it is not a deep toy, you are not able to really push into it; however it is not too missed and only wanted if you prefer friction. The charge time is also a bit long, about twelve hours; however if you charge overnight and then through part of the morning, you probably will not notice the time. Just be sure to charge it immediately after cleaning.

Ultimately, the Cobra Libre II is an amazing toy for men. It can be used with partners, solo, and has even made it into time in the shower. It does have a few faults but they are easy to look over, and are also part of why the toy functions as well as it does. You get more than a bang for your buck, and will have some of the easiest but best orgasms of your life. The toy is easy to customise to your style of stimulation and is sure to deliver.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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