Can Egg Vibrators Be Used for Anal Play Too?

Can Egg Vibrator Be Used for Anal Play Too?

Egg vibrator are playful and petite sex toys that are great for beginners and more experienced players alike.

And owning an egg vibrator is almost the same as owning that little black dress—like a staple that’ll always come in handy. 

But there are still a few questions that some may have concerning this pleasure product. For one, can an egg vibrator be used for anal play too?

Using Egg Vibrator for Anal Play: Is it Possible?

First off, for those who aren’t familiar, what is an egg vibrator? An egg vibrator, sometimes known as a ‘love egg’ is a type of vibrator that’s shaped either like a small egg or a mini bullet, usually with a retreival sting or tail

Egg vibrator are a trusted sex toy to stimulate your sweet spots.

Now when we say “sweet spots”, what do we mean? Typically, an egg vibrator is used to stimulate external genitals, such as the clitoris and the vulva. It can also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the nipples and the perineum. If they have a retreival string or tail, they can be used as in internal vibrator or panty vibrator for vulva owners.

But can an egg vibrator be used for anal play? For safety reasons, the best answer would be no. 

Why? Well, all anal sex toys should have a flared base. A flared base is important because it allows you to insert the toy into the anus without any worry that it’ll get stuck inside of you. It’s also important to have an anal sex toys with a flared base because it makes for an easy removal

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Why would you consider using an egg vibrator for anal play?

We understand why you may consider wanting to use an egg vibrator for anal play. The size, being so petite and all, makes it seem like the perfect sex toy to experiment with anal stimulation. 

Unfortunately however, and as we mentioned, it’s not exactly the safest toy to use for anal play

There are tons of other anal sex toys made especially for beginners that’ll be perfect for your new adventure. Some include anal training kits, which will allow you to slowly experiment with this new kind of pleasure.

The risks of using an egg vibrator designed for vaginal use

As we mentioned, there are some risks involved if you plan on using an egg vibrator designed for vaginal use

The biggest risk is the fact that, because of an egg vibrator's slim and fragile design, there is a possibility that it can go up the anus to such a point that it’d be difficult to remove.

Yes, most egg vibrator do come with a loop attached to it. But even so—using this type of egg vibrator would mean that you would need to hold onto the small loop for dear life for the entirety of your anal play time. 

Truthfully, there are far better anal sex toys to consider if you’re intrigued by anal play.

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Are their egg vibrator specifically made for anal play?

In short, no. But there are anal sex toys that are very similar to egg vibrator

These anal sex toys are called vibrating butt plugs, and instead of having an egg or bullet shape, they have a teardrop-like shape. 

In addition, they have a flared base for extra bit of security.

If you do decide to use an egg vibrator as anal sex toy, it is entirely at your own risk, and could possibly end up with a visit to the ER. 

Safer products to consider for anal play

Having said that, we say: go for the right anal play toy, such as a vibrating butt plug, and feel the same sexy sensations in a safer manner.

Butt plugs are extraordinary sex toys for newbies to anal play/anal sex and experienced anal players. They come in various sizes, which means that you can start with the smallest size and work your way up to larger ones for even more bliss at your own pace.

There are also some super aesthetically-pleasing butt plugs that come with an adorned base (a diamond, for example), which can be a huge turn on for some. 

The main thing is to choose a toy that is made for anal play. Using other toys for anal could be risky.

Additionally, whichever kind of sex toy you’re after, make sure that it is made of body safe materials. This will add an extra layer of safety as well as healthy, happy play time.

And so, because you’re interested in a bit of anal play, we thought we’d recommend some of our favourite anal sex toys. It couldn’t hurt to try something new, could it?

Our recommendations

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BVibe Snug Plug Medium- Weighted Vibrating Butt Plug

BVibe is a trusted sex toy company that specialises in anal play. So, going for any BVibe product for anal stimulation is always a good choice. We love this particular BVibe Snug Plug because it is a combination of delightful weight and pressure as well as some delicious vibrations. It has a long and flexible neck, a smooth grip handle, has been made in such a way that it’s comfortable to wear for hours, and is made of seamless silicone. 

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Want to go big? The BVibe Snug Plug XL is the way forward! It weighs a stunning 247 grams, which will give some erotic weight and a sense of fullness, and is perfect for those anal enthusiasts who crave something more. 

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B-VIBE Zoe Ligon Collection Bump Texture BUTT PLUG

A super dense and textured butt plug from BVibe, this anal sex toy is nothing short of pure sexual bliss. It’s been designed to massage the sphincter as it enters and exits the body, giving you that added bit of stimulation. It has six different vibration patterns, round edges for easy insertion, and has a comfortable smooth grip handle for your best kind of play.

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B-VIBE Zoe Ligon Collection Twist Ribbed Texture Butt Plug

This lovely anal pleasure product is similar to the BVibe butt plug above, except it’s got a different texture. This gorgeous butt plug is twisted and ribbed, which gives off a unique tugging and twisting sensation, similar to a rope-like texture.

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B-VIBE Zoe Ligon Collection Swirl Texture Butt Plug

Another winner from BVibe that is off the same variety as the two above, this butt plug has a swirling texture. It has delicate ripples of varying sizes, and is nice and hefty for some seriously fun stimulation. 

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Dillio Platinum Body Dock Strap-On Harness

Looking for a different kind of anal play? How about some strap-on pegging play? The Dillio Platinum Body Dock Strap-On Harness Harness is unique and innovative as it doesn’t require any additional belts or straps. All that’s needed is a suction cup dildo or vibrator that is then docked on the Body Dock, and you’re ready to play!

TLDR? Here’s a summary 

An egg vibrator shouldn’t be used for anal play. This is because it doesn’t have the safety feature that is a flared base. And even though it often does have a loop, it’s still not the safest way to go about enjoying anal stimulation.

We recommend going for a toy that’s specifically made for anal stimulation, such as a vibrating butt plug or even a butt plug training kit. 

Either way, we think being safe than sorry is the best route to go. This will inevitably lead to even better anal play experiences, and even bigger climaxes.

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