The Best Vibrating Butt Plugs of 2023

The Best Vibrating Butt Plugs of 2023

Butt plugs… a genderless sex toy that gifts every body with satisfying fun. With the right toy, a generous amount of lube, and perhaps a partner, you’ll be able to transcend your sexual play time. 

Indeed, anal orgasms are super powerful… something that many describe as a full body experience.

Besides this, there are so many other reasons why butt plugs are incredible sex toys—and we’ll chat more about that below—but for now, allow us to give you the rundown of everything we’ll be discussing today:

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Explore the Best Vibrating Butt Plugs for 2023

While our main focus today is on the best vibrating butt plugs of 2023, we thought it important to give you a little information on what butt plugs are, and why they’re so pleasurable. 

A butt plug is a genderless sex toy, which means that any one can use it. And to describe the term in the most literal way, it’s essentially a plug that gets inserted into the butt.

Now this may not sound appealing if you’ve never experienced any kind of anal play, such as anal sex, but trust us—it is definitely worth it.

You see, the anus is rife with sensitive nerve endings. These sensitive nerve endings, when stimulated, have the power to bring about massive orgasms. The more nerve endings, the better!

What’s also great about anal penetration is that it stimulates different erogenous zones…

For vulva owners, anal penetration indirectly stimulates the G-spot and the A-spot, which are two of the most pleasurable zones inside the vagina. 

To add to this, and according to Dr Sheila Loanzon, MD, “There are shared nerves from the anterior wall of the rectum to the vagina, so for vagina owners, it may be possible for sexual arousal to occur from rectal stimulation."

And for penis owners, anal play stimulates the prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits about in between the bladder and the penis. 

During anal penetration, the prostate is stimulated, which can result in whole-body orgasms. In fact, many admit that prostate orgasms are incomparable to penile orgasms. In other words, prostate play can result in extremely big and powerful climaxes. 

Now that you’re in-the-know about why anal play can be such an orgasmic experience, let’s move on to the more sexy stuff… the best vibrating butt plugs of 2023.

What are the best vibrating butt plugs in 2023?

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Lovense HUSH 2 Vibrating Butt Plug

The Lovense Hush 2 Vibrating Butt Plug has made it to the top vibrating butt plugs of 2023 for a number of reasons. For one, Lovense is a hugely popular and successful brand in pleasure, working with advanced technology to curate the specific sexual bliss you crave. And this butt plug in particular, is one of the strongest on the market today. It uses Bluetooth connectivity which means hands-free fun, spirals on the neck for even more stimulation, easy to wear inside or outside, and is IPX7 waterproof. It also comes in four sizes, so you’ll definitely find your perfect fit.

WeVibe Ditto Vibrating Butt Plug

Rumble your way into anal bliss with a butt plug from one of the industry’s leading sex toy brands, WeVibe. The Ditto Butt Plug has an elegant appearance with a flexible neck that’s small, making it perfect for anal newbies, comes with a remote control for couples or solo hands-free fun, is 100 percent waterproof for splashes of lust, and even goes as far as to tell you when your battery is running low. This winning vibrating butt plug is great for foreplay, solo play, or even penetration.

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b-Vibe Novice Vibrating Butt Plug

Beginner-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, premium, and powerful, the b-Vibe Novice Vibrating Butt Plug was made for those who are ready to embark on pleasure. It’s a compact, body-safe silicone anal sex toy with six vibrational levels and 15 vibrational patterns. It’s also easy to use with a one-touch, wireless remote control that works up to 30 feet away. So, whether you want to enjoy this new vibe with a partner or you want to go solo, you have the power to do so hands-free!

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Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug Black

An excellent butt plug for beginners, the Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug is small, slim, and petite. It’s made of body-safe silicone, has seven functions (three speeds and four pulsations), and is 100 percent waterproof. Why has this simple and beginner-friendly butt plug made it on the best vibrating butt plugs of 2023 list? Because it absolutely never goes out of style. It’s a trusted anal sex toy that you can rely on for your first anal adventures and beyond. It’s perfect for a bit of fun whenever the mood strikes.

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Nexus SIMUL8 Plug Edition Dual Motor Anal Cock And Ball Toy

The Nexus SIMUL8 is far more than just a vibrating butt plug… it’s also an innovative cock and ball ring. That means that you can enjoy the many benefits of its vibrating butt plug whilst using its vibrating cock ring and feeling the rumbly vibes on your perineum. It’s a triple threat sex toy for penis owners that has the power to take them over the edge. What’s even more fun is that there are two motors in this savvy vibrating butt plug slash cock ring, and 48 combinations of vibrational speeds and patterns. Essentially, there’s a setting with your name on it!

Shop JOUJOU: bVibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug

bVibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug

Did you know that the bVibe Novice is the first premium butt plug to incorporate rotating beads? Your anal stimulation increased ten fold! These rotating beads work in such a way that it’ll feel like an orgasmic rimming sensation, while the tip vibrates, giving you dual climax stimulation. It comes with a wireless control… putting couples play on the table! And it has two motors for even more oomph. This vibrating butt plug is travel-friendly, waterproof, and rechargeable.

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Satisfyer Rotator Plug 1 with Rotating Beads

Two motors to get yours revving, the Satisfyer Rotator Plug 1 with Rotating Beads was made for those who want intense vibrations and strong stimulation. It has a slim design, a resistance-free top, is waterproof, and whisper-quiet for tons of erotic fun. What’s also amazing is that it is Bluetooth enabled, so you can simply connect to the Satisfyer Connect app to customize your pleasure settings and take control. It’s made of body-friendly silicone, and has 12 vibration programmes and 12 rotation programmes (but as we mentioned, if you choose to use the app, you’ll have an endending range of programmes). 

How do you choose the vibrating butt plug that's right for you or your partner?

So, is there a vibrating butt plug that has tickled your fancy? We’re sure that you'll have a wild ride filled with euphoria when you experiment and play with vibrating butt plugs.

But before you go ahead and choose your vibrating butt plug, let us help you to find the butt plug that’s right for you or your partner. 

Firstly, it’ll depend on if you’re a newbie ready to go on an adventure, or if you’re already an anal play enthusiast

Beginners, we suggest that you go for a simple vibrating butt plug that’s easy to use and small in size. 

The anus is not like the vagina. In other words, it does not stretch like the vagina does. In this way, anal training is the best way to go about getting started with anal play

Or, you could begin by using a small vibrating butt plug, but only turning on the vibrations when you’re comfortable with the sensation. 

You should know that it takes patients and care to find your bliss with anal stimulation. Do not force anything and if you feel discomfort or pain, stop and try again another time. Additionally, always use a lot of lube!

Another thing to consider is what kind of stimulation you’re after. If you’re already experienced in the world of anal penetration, perhaps you want to change up the style of stimulation. 

For example, maybe you could get a vibrating butt plug that also stimulates other zones, like the perineum? Or, maybe you want to try a cock ring that doubles up as a vibrating butt plug? That could be a ton of fun during partnered or solo play.

And then of course, you’ll have to think about the design. Maybe you’re after something petite? Inconspicuous? Something you can hide easily? Or do you have free reign to go for any style and design your heart desires? Also, think about the insertable length of your vibrating butt plugs. How big do you want to go?

Additionally, you may want to read up about different sex toy brands. Is there a brand you love? Looking for a new sex toy brand to try but unsure of it they’re worth the hype? Go ahead and read more about them, and more specifically, the specifications of any specific vibrating butt plug you’ve got your eye on to see if it matches what you’re after. 

Lastly, ask yourself if you want two motors, or just one? Do you want a plethora of different vibration settings and patterns? Or are you a newbie simply looking for something simple?

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Do you want battery powered or rechargeable?

This question strongly ties into the former. And it’s something you should consider before you buy a vibrating butt plug.

First however, what’s the difference between battery powered and rechargeable?

A battery powered vibrating butt plug means that you will have to use batteries to power the sex toy. When the battery dies, you’ll have to buy and change the batteries.

Owning a rechargeable vibrating butt plug means that the sex toy will come with a cable. You can then plug in your vibrating butt plug when the battery is dead, or almost dead, and allow it to charge. 

But there is also something called a “plug and play”. This is a sex toy that plugs into the wall to charge and needs to stay plugged in during use.

A plug and play sex toy can be great because it means that it cannot possibly die during use, as it will always be plugged in. It also means that it’ll have some super intense power, all of the time. The downside to this type of sex toy however is that it can be quite inconvenient, and it’s never waterproof.

But what are the pros and cons to battery operated sex toys and rechargeable sex toys? It’s true that they’re the most popular kind of sex toy today.

The pros and cons of battery operated and rechargeable sex toys:

Pros of a rechargeable sex toy

  • It has a high chance of being waterproof 
  • Value for money in the long term
  • It usually packs a punch with a decent amount of power
  • It’s convenient 
  • It usually has the highest quality motor(s)

Cons of a rechargeable sex toy

  • If you lose the cable, you’ll have to buy a new one and it may be specific to your sex toy
  • You may end up with a draw full of cables and cords
  • You must wait until the toy is fully charged before using it again
  • They’re more expensive

Pros of a battery operated sex toy

  • A longer lasting life
  • Straight forward insertion of batteries and usage
  • There’s no waiting time involved when it comes to waiting for your toy to charge
  • They’re usually cheaper than any other kind of sex toy

Cons of a battery operated sex toy

  • The batteries will have to be replaced when they’re dead; this could add up financially, and it could also mean that if you’re not prepared, you could miss out on some fun mid-play time
  • You may experience a loss of power about halfway through the life of your batteries
  • They’re usually not waterproof
  • You’ll need spare batteries on-hand if you don’t want to be interrupted

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons, and to decide which kind of sex toy you’d like. From a 2023 standpoint, rechargeable sex toy are the most popular.

How do you use them safely when starting out?

Beginners: this part is all about you! As you’ve already read, anal play and anal penetration can be a transcendent experience. It’s a way to tap into a new kind of pleasure—one that is arguably more powerful than you’ve experienced before.

Having said that, you should be made aware of how to use butt plugs safely when starting out. 

Here are our top tips for beginners using a butt plug:

  1. Make sure you’ve chosen the right butt plug: if you’re just starting out with anal play and anal sex, go for the smallest size, and one that is easy to use. If you choose a big butt plug, it may put you off the experience as you won’t be used to this kind of sensation just yet. Additionally, if you choose a vibrating butt plug that is complicated with various different functions and buttons, you may become overwhelmed. Small and simple is the way to go.
  1. Learn the specifics of your chosen butt plug: every sex toy is different. They all work differently, they look different, and they feel different. That is why every sex toy will come with an instruction manual. It’s important to follow the instruction manual, and to play with the settings before you actually insert anything. 
  1. Charge your vibrating butt plug before use: if you’ve chosen to buy a rechargeable vibrating butt plug, it’s super important to let it fully charge before you begin your adventure. If you’re opting for a battery-operated one, then simply grab the correct batteries, insert them, and you can start experimenting.
  1. Make sure you have lots of lube on-hand: lube is imperative when it comes to butt stuff. As we mentioned, the anus isn’t as elastic as the vagina and it doesn’t produce natural lubrication. Lots of lube will ensure a smoother, more pleasurable experience.
  1. Start off slow and gentle via anal training: instead of going for gold from the start, slow and steady is the safe way to start experimenting with butt stuff. You may want to use a finger or two before attempting to use a butt plug. Then, we also recommend anal training. Anal training  is when you start with a butt plug of the smallest size possible, allowing yourself to slowly experience anal play. Once you’re comfortable with the smallest size, you can move onto the medium size, then finally, a larger one. There are a lot of anal training kits available, if this is something you want to do. Whatever you decide, take it slow and use a lot of lube.
  1. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop: doing butt stuff takes time. It won’t feel amazing at first, and does require some experimenting and patience. So, as you begin your anal play journey, don’t push it. Do it at your comfort level, and remember that it can be slightly uncomfortable at first. That is why anal training is such a great idea. If you feel any pain or discomfort, simply stop and give it a go another time.  
  1. When you feel comfortable, start using the vibrations: as you start to feel more comfortable with butt stuff, and you begin to feel all the sensual sensations, you’re most likely ready to use the vibration function. First insert the butt plug, then turn your vibration on the lowest setting to get a feel for it. You can then play with the settings depending on how you feel. 
  1. Make sure that your vibrating butt plug has a flared base: a butt plug has a flared base for a reason—so that it cannot get stuck or lost inside of you. With a flared base, your butt plug will not only be safe to use, but also a lot easier to remove once you’re done experiencing your anal pleasure.

TLDR? Here’s a summary 

The world of sex toys is expanding at an exponential rate. And there are some super sassy vibrating butt plugs to come out of 2023. 

If you’re a newbie, we recommend starting off with a bit of anal training, which is to buy an anal training kit that contains three differently-sized butt plugs, and work your way from the smallest to the largest. Take your time, be patient, and remember to use a lot of lube! 

If you’re an anal play enthusiast, well—we say go for gold, and experiment with some of the more racier vibrating butt plugs of 2023! Along with our recommendations, there are so many other goodies to gawk upon and try… exciting!

Either way, there’s a plethora of pleasure to be experienced when you go for a bit of anal play. And getting started with butt plugs in 2023 seems like the perfect time to change up your pleasure routine, wouldn’t you agree?

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