Ben Wa, an old friend with a long history!

Ben Wa, an old friend with a long history!


Now there’s a woman with balls - and a healthy pelvic floor! An expression we hear every day, right? One of the greatest toys for pleasure
and female health seems to be more the topic of punchlines than if serious conversations. Ben Wa balls are a favourite of sex educators - and anyone who tried them.

The small, often hollow, weighted balls inserted into the vagina and they aren't specifically designed to be arousing, but to strengthen the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. This tool is more about your end game - it's not about getting you off now, although some find the sensation arousing. It's about making sex amazing in the long run, kind of like a gym plan for your vagina - no one knows you're in the middle of a workout!

These balls are not intended to give orgasm but can be used to stimulate or improve actual sex later. Even better, they can actually promote better health - better orgasms are great but easier childbirth and greater continence control with less risk of uterus prolapse are way better! If your vaginal wall muscles are weak, the balls may slip out or you may feel the genuine sensation of weak over-exercised muscles at first. Eventually you'll be able to carry them around for longer and longer periods.

These cool sex toys have a long history, too. They might be the oldest adult toy in the world, originating around 500 A.D. in Japan, from which it spread to China and eventually in Europe. Surprise, surprise, they may have been originally intended to enhance men's sexual pleasure, but women discovered their benefits and it became our sex toy. They are sometimes solid and sometimes hollow with bells inside that make rather soothing - if not a little curious - noises while rolling around inside the vagina. Some vibrated, filled with mercury. Eventually the ball was paired with a string and another ball to allow easier removal, although many still use them without strings, and in whole we all seem to have decided to keep this fun healthy little toy around.

Nowadays, you can find ben wa balls of all weights, materials, and vibration options. Some are still single balls with a removal string, while others are entire rows of weighted balls. The materials used can help adjust the weight or sizes of each ball, as well as add enhance the fun from them. Here are a few JouJou favourites:

Luna Beads are made of a nice material that allows vibrations without the need of batteries. These vibrations can be increased by extra movement, such as simply rocking back and forth or walking. Luna Beads are a pair of ben wa balls in a silicone case designed to allow the balls to be removed or added as wanted. On top of being able to have a warmup and workout routine with this specific pair, you can continue using them during foreplay or even intercourse!

If you are looking to make a real workout routine, you will find plenty of use in the Je Joue Ami set. These are three individual sex toys, one single ball and two double balls. Each has different weights and even different densities. Ami 1 is a soft single ball meant to be an introduction to kegels, where as Ami 3 is a hard double ball for a real workout! These also contain little balls which will move around to create vibrations and make the workout more pleasurable.

In the end, when we think of sex toys we think of quick satisfaction but not really the health benefits. If the toys above just don't tickle your fancy because you want something that can provide more pleasure on the spot, you need to check out the LELO Hula Beads. Their claim to fame is well deserved, being the first with a rotating ben wa balls, on top of vibration patterns. You can use these to stimulate the clitoris and labia at the same time, or for internal use, during your workout. It comes with a remote control, making it entirely hands free.

Ben Wa Balls are easily one of the most simple but amazing toys out there, and they have a long history of pleasuring men and women around the world. If you don't already have a pair of ben wa balls, you should order some today. Isn't the world amazing? The secrets of vaginal health coming all the way to us from the year 500 A.D.!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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