Bachelorette Hens Night Party Gifts

Bachelorette Hens Night Party Gifts


Don’t throw another boring bridal shower - make it fun with a few adult toys! Whether you're the bride or a guest, you have plenty of present options, but here are a few with which you can't go wrong.


The wonderful thing about hen parties is that everyone can chip in for the perfect gift for the bride! I can also bet you that these gifts will outdo anything that the grooms party could ever come up with.

A couples vibrator is the perfect choice for newlyweds! Noa is an internally worn vibrator, designed to massage the external and internal points. It has six vibration speeds and patterns, and will be add extra stimulation for the man as well. Even better for weddings out of hometown, it's USB chargeable, completely waterproof, and pretty silent - their honeymoon will be filled with plenty of fun.

Give the bride a million ways to fill the bedroom with adventure by gifting her a whole set! The Pornhub Bondage Set will start off as humorous and niche but take a pretty quick turn once tried out. Not to mention, it's from Pornhub, and surely the husband can find plenty of ideas to surprise her with. Each item has a sleek design. The set includes a blindfold, flogger rope, and even more!


Now if you're the bride, there's no reason to limit all the fun to yourself. You can find several sex toy essentials to gift to your hen party without breaking the bank or ruining your whole wedding budget. These toys are inexpensive without losing quality - one of the common cons of hen party gifts.

Buttplugs can be a cool gift because they don't need to be  super large to offer stimulation, and they're easy to work with. The Fetish Fantasy Beginners Plug is perfect to give to your party members, as it's made of a soft silicone and not large in size. It's also at a super low price, so you won't ruin your budget buying an adult toy!

Flavored lubricants are a gag gift that everyone secretly loves. The Swiss Navy Cooling Peppermint Lubricant is silicone based, with a peppermint flavor. It adds another element for the person it's applied to because it will become cooling upon contact. You can buy the 20ml for a super low price and it'll be perfect size to stuff in a goodie bag!

Hen parties are a bit notorious for their cliche and low quality gifts, but it's part of what makes them so fun. You don't have to spend a ton of money though to throw a few good quality ones in there! Whether you’re the bride or in the wedding party, there's a little something to consider bringing.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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