Additional Days off Work Simply to Masturbate? We’re on Board!

Additional Days off Work Simply to Masturbate? We’re on Board!

When a company offers its employees four extra vacation days annually, simply to masturbate, you’ve got to admit that we’re actually living in quite a forward-thinking and innovative world!

Which company, you ask? You may be familiar with the sex toy company, LELO? Ya know, they’re based in Sweden with hubs worldwide? OK, let me jog your memory… they’re basically the gods of sex toys, winning numerous awards for their tech-savvy, orgasm-inducing adult toys, such as the SONA Cruise.

And if you still haven’t heard of them, we strongly suggest you take a look at their stimulatingly glorious range of products below! 

But back to the point! The guys over at LELO in the U.K. office actually practice what they preach. The four days given to their employees are called “self-love days,” and is not just an excuse for men and women to get off. In fact, the main reason behind it is a way in which to nurture their staff’s mental and physical needs.

As you may well know, having an orgasm has a seemingly endless array of health benefits, such as reduced anxiety, experiencing happiness due to the increase in happy hormones, better sleep, as well as assisting in increased self-love and body positivity. In this way, employees are less stressed, happier, and more productive! A win-win for all involved, one might say.

So whether your place of employment is as liberal as the sex toy kings and queens, we still encourage you to take a gander at LELO’s awesome sex toys. You’ve got free time at some point, right? Then, these sex toys for men, women and couples may just tickle your fancy…

LELO Sex Toys for Her

Besides the SONA and SONA Cruise, we totally recommend…

The SORAYA, a beautifully-designed dual-action vibrator that offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation. With two individual motors, you have the freedom to customise your orgasm for some seriously sexy pleasure.

If you’re after absolute luxury, the INEZ sex toy is a massager crafted in either Stainless Steel or in a 24-karat gold plate. And while it does cost a pretty penny, you will get off in sheer style and sophistication.

Do you love it when your partner goes down town? Well the ORA 2 is a super intelligent oral sex simulator for her, giving you all of the good vibes in one simple sitting. This excellent device rotates and vibrates, just like a tongue, but even better!


LELO Sex Toys for Him

When it comes to his pleasure, LELO has pulled out all the stops…  

The HUGO is hands-free and remote-controlled, made for the man who wants to feel intense pleasure via the prostate. Not only that, but this toy has the ability to increase the intensification of your climax by 33 percent.

Want to experience the best of both worlds? The LOKI WAVE is made for internal and external stimulation via two different motors. Stimulate the prostate as well as the perineum using its 10 various stimulation modes, and enjoy life explosively.

TOR 2 is a sex toy for him but used in a couple. It’s a vibrating cock ring that gives both you and your partner absolute pleasure. Just another way in which LELO is enhancing sex for both solo players and couples. 

For Couples: LELO Sex Toys for BDSM Lovers

If you’re after a tantalising gift set for him or her to use together, LELO has an array of excellent sex toys that’ll keep you both coming…

The LELO Anniversary Suitcase contains 12 limited edition toys so that you can explore, experiment, and enjoy something new every night of the week and more… From feather teasers, shackles, an eye mask, massagers, floggers and more, you’ll definitely find something to get your pulse racing in this sensual suitcase.

So, have you found the perfect little accessory for your passionate evenings, glorious mornings, or afternoon delights? And even if you have to go to work five days a week, at least you’ll have something to ‘cum’ home to, right?

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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