A Sexy Game of Truth or Dare: 40 Questions That’ll Drive You Wild

A Sexy Game of Truth or Dare: 40 Questions That’ll Drive You Wild

If the bane of your existence is vanilla sex, then you’re going to absolutely love these 40 sexy questions for an evening of truth or date in the bedroom.

And whether you’ve got yourself a partner, a friends with benefits, or simply a kinky friend who’d be up for playing, this series of q’s will not only turn up the heat, but also drive you both absolutely wild.

So, instead of a night of Netflix and Chill, or a mere wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, why not consider playing this sex game to spice things up?


Truth Questions

  1. What’s your favourite kind of porno scenario?
  2. Have you ever felt so turned on that you needed to find a place to masturbate?
  3. Have you had a sex dream about someone you really shouldn’t have?
  4. If you could pick one person to join us for a threesome, who would it be?
  5. What are you dying to try in bed, but are too embarrassed to ask for?
  6. What’s the best thing about fucking me?
  7. Have you ever owned a sex toy?
  8. Have you ever had sex with someone you should not have?
  9. What’s the heaviest taboo you’ve done in the bedroom?
  10. Does the idea of handcuffing someone to the bed excite you?
  11. Would you rather be playing this game with me or ripping my clothes off?
  12. Have you ever used an anal dildo on your partner?
  13. Have you ever used a pocket pussy/vibrator?
  14. Have you ever been in a sexual situation where you couldn’t get hard/wet?
  15. Are you intrigued about the idea of using nipple clamps?
  16. Would you ever consider visiting a swinger’s club?
  17. Do you want to be blindfolded during sex?
  18. How many times a week do you masturbate?
  19. If you could cum anywhere on my body, where would you do it?
  20. Have you ever received oral sex while driving?


Dare Questions

  1. Write down the dirtiest sext you can and read it out loud in a fake accent.
  2. Close your eyes and kiss whatever body part meets your lips.
  3. Go to your phone and choose the first person listed under the letter “D” – what is the sexiest thing about that person?
  4. Go into the other room and take a naked selfie right now. Send it to me.
  5. Bend over…
  6. Choose a pair of my underwear and wear it for the rest of this game.
  7. Eat me out/blow me for 15 minutes.
  8. Get something sweet from the kitchen, put it on my nipples and eat it off.
  9. Make the face you make when you’re about to cum.
  10. Spell out something dirty using only your tongue on my body.
  11. Masturbate to a dirty photo you have of me on your phone.
  12. Make me as horny as you can without touching me.
  13. Get on your knees and pleasure me right now.
  14. Take off my underwear using only your teeth.
  15. Make the sound that you make when you cum.
  16. Write a short poem about the dirtiest thing we’ve ever done.
  17. Play the party of any character I choose, but in a seductive way.
  18. Move my shirt up and down against my nipples until they get hard.
  19. Have sex with me for only one minute.
  20. Give me a lap dance for the entirety of your favourite song.

 So, have you successfully managed to go through all of these truth and dare questions without reaching climax? If so, we completely applaud you!

And for the reward, some hot and steamy sex! Have fun you two!

Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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