7 Christmas Gifts for your Silver Anniversary partner

7 Christmas Gifts for your Silver Anniversary partner

7 Christmas Gifts for your Silver Anniversary partner

Takeaway: Passing the prime of life doesn’t mean that people stop having sex - it means that they have more experience than younger folks and it certainly doesn’t indicate that seniors have forgotten how or lost interest. If you’re a senior or you’re Christmas shopping for a senior partner, here’s a list with seven ideas to keep the passion youthful in the bedroom!
Older couples don’t have any different problems in the bedroom than the rest of us - sometimes established relationships get too monotonous, sometimes our drive is low,  or sometimes our health or medications affect us. Sex never has to stop being fun and it’s important older folks don’t listen to society’s (and grandchildren’s) expectations that you’ve gotten too old. If someone says such a thing, tell them “Honey - let me teach you a thing or two!” But in the meantime, here’s a cultivated list of potential gifts to keep the romance maturing with your silver years partner!

  1. Erosense Thicke Personal Moisturizer. Oils and lubricants are invaluable tools after menopause because the woman’s ability to naturally lubricate drops. Long foreplay sessions help encourage natural arousal and lubricant can be used as necessary. In addition, it’s beneficial because older skin lacks elasticity and tears easily. With the long-lasting Erosense moisturizer, if sensitivity is an issue and sex becomes a marathon adventure, continued lubrication is no problem.  

  2. Massage Gift Set. Intimacy is much more than sex. Cuddling, kissing, and enjoying each other’s company can be the best private moments. Surprise your partner with a sweet smelling massage oil that pleasures both even when sex may not be possible or desirable.

  3. iVibe Select iRocket. Vibrators help alleviate menopausal symptoms, strengthen vaginal walls to prevent prolapse, and aid in natural lubrication. This particular vibrator is designed with simplicity in mind, with an effortless control system and is perfectly-sized with a 1.5” diameter. It features 7 vibration patterns, a waterproof exterior, and 3 colours to choose from.

  4. Hoopla Massager, a great gift to couple with oils! This vibrating circular massager is chic, stylish, and understated. Made of waterproof, nonporous silicone with a satiny surface, there are ten strong pulse styles to explore.

  5. NOA Couples Toy is a straightforward and sensual vibrator. It’s designed so you have control over 6 vibration varieties with one sole button, and it’s waterproof for extra fun and easy cleaning.

  6. The Mimi is an elegant vibrator that can be used in numerous ways! Its design is sleek and egg-shaped and features an easy 3 button operation. The Mimi can be used for clitoral or perineum stimulation or as a body massager. Use it for sex play in the bedroom or on sore back muscles after a long day.

  7. The Icicle No. 21 is a luxury hand-blown glass massager with artistic details that make it a unique gift for any woman. It is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and microwave-safe if you want to warm it up for your playtime!
Christmas is the time for giving, and intimacy doesn't end as we age. Relationships mature just as we do. Use this season to give your partner the a sexy gift that makes this holiday your most memorable and romantic of all that have passed and the many to follow!

Article by Miranda at JOUJOU

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