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5 Sex Toys for Incredible Anal Orgasms

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Some folk are quite quick to pass on some back door action because either they’ve tried it and didn’t like it, or they find the idea somewhat undesirable. Some may even believe that it’s impossible to orgasms via anal stimulation.

But today’s the day that we put that myth to rest because anal orgasms are totally real and also…they’re totally achievable. And with the help of these five toys for anal orgasms, those who are anti-anal will be sure to changing their tune.


  1. PornHub Official Collection Turbo Butt Plug

A good-looking device that offers a deep and powerful sensation. It’s made of soft silicone making it easer to insert, and it comes with seven vibration settings to find the one that gets you to town. It’s also USB-chargeable, which means no fussing and fighting over buying batteries.

This toy can be used on its own, or during vaginal penetrative sex. Which ever way you use it though, you’ll be sure to love it.


  1. BVibe Novice Plug

We love this premium butt plug for beginners because of its powerful motor located in the tip, its six levels of vibrations, and its 15 vibration patterns.

It’s of average size and shape, making it perfect for your first time, and it holds an impressive amount of power considering its size.

It’s made of silicone and comes with a wireless remote control that works up to 30 feet away for those adventurous couples. It’s also waterproof, so you can enjoy it nearly anywhere.


  1. 50 Shades Darker Something Darker Glass Butt Plug

From the 50 Shades Darker collection, this glass butt plug is temperature-responsive. That means that you can either freeze it for a cold sensation or you can use it warmed up for the opposite sensation. It’s also tapered for comfortable insertion.  

What’s also cool about glass butt plugs is that they’re free of BPA and are safe for those who show reactions to rubber or plastic.


  1. Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating P Spot Ribbed

Yet another toy that is perfect for beginners, this vibrating P-spot toy has a curved tip which gives it the ability to stimulate the P-spot. It also has powerful multi-speed vibrations with a quite motor for those discrete moments.  

The shaft of the toy is textured which gives additional stimulation, and it holds the power to give men stiffer erections and harder ejaculations. And, for safety, it has two sturdy retrieval rings that allows you to remove it easily.

In short, this toy is basically all you need to have intense moments of pleasure.


  1. King Cock Double Vibrating Double Penetrator

Imagine the greatest sexual pleasure you’ve ever experienced…then double it! That’s what the King Cock Double Vibrating Double Penetrator is capable of.

It’s a high-quality sex toy made of rubber, and is carefully crafted to resemble a realistic experience. 

It has a bendable shaft that moves and contours according to one’s body, a suction cup for sturdiness, and it’s waterproof – meaning you can have fun with it in the shower, the hot tub, or bath!

Additional Tips for Sensual and Mind-Blowing Anal Sex

Whether you’re a newbie in the anal sex department, or you’re just here to find some additional tips – we at JOUJOU love to assist you in creating ultimate pleasure.

  • With that – the first rule of satisfying anal sex, is lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus is unable to create natural lubrication. And without it, anal sex will not only be difficult or impossible, but also extremely uncomfortable and painful.
  • Then, remember to go slow. Even after many successful play sessions, your anus needs to be stimulated slowly to ensure the receiver is comfortable. For that reason, you may want to try anal training. In this way, you’re slowly becoming more relaxed and ready for anal sex or bigger anal sex toys. 
  • And lastly, if you’re interested in trying anal play but a bit nervous to do so with a partner, you can have solo fun beforehand. This will help you to be better prepared and more relaxed for a duet.

Ready to experience something new? Go on! Be one of those people who say they’ll try anything at least twice!

Article by: 
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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