5 Questions Your Man Is Secretly Wondering About Sex Toys

5 Questions Your Man Is Secretly Wondering About Sex Toys


Most people think of sex toys as being a woman’s market, but men have questions too - whether it's about how they work, why women like them, if there are any for them and of course, “Can I watch?” We rounded up our guy friends and got the lowdown on what they're really wondering but too afraid to ask:

    1. Does she prefer sex toys to me? The biggest question men ask is this one, and the answer is - that’s highly doubtful! There's no replacement for most of us for human touch and passion, so the sex toys are just a bonus. It's possible there's a communication issue manifesting itself in the bedroom, certainly, so if this really concerns you, talk to your partner. If anything is lacking in the bedroom she will appreciate the effort and you'll both benefit from clearing the air. Here's another idea - look into a Sex toy that you will get you both off. The Pornhub Official Collection Turbo Ring is perfect for stimulating you both; you'll be closer and you'll understand - the sex is good, and so is this.
    2. Am I doing something wrong? Nothing about using sex toys with or without you indicates you are doing anything wrong - but it wouldn't hurt to expand your bedroom repertoire. Sex toys might be her alone time, might be an extra boost, might be able to hold her over til the next time you see one another, or might be curiosity and exploration. Take a walk on the wild side and try something new with her, maybe even a toy to share. Curious about anal play for either of you? Try the Anal Fantasy Collection Perfect Plug; it's perfect for exploration and even long term use.
    3. How can I convince her to use one? Oh, so you want to watch? Well each woman’s comfort level will vary, but we’re willing to bet that a couple with great communication, sexual compatibility, and willingness to explore one another will be thrilled to watch one another too - but someone has to say it out loud first. Here's a hint: we bet she won't say no to a rabbit. The Pocket Rabbit is the fun size version of every woman’s favourite toy. It had extra long ears for clitoral stimulation and it's diminutive stature means there's plenty of room for roaming hands and tongues.
    4. Are there toys for guys? Darlin’, there are stores packed with only male sex toys for guys! It's mostly a woman's market but men take up a comfortable share. We love the Tenga Reusable Vacuum Cup. They're great masturbators that are easy to clean and use over and over. They're kind of attractive too, and not suspicious looking. Store it on your bedside table and pretend it's a wireless lamp or speaker.
  • Can I use a vibrator? There are vibrators specifically for men and one of my favourites is the Cobra Libre 2. It surrounds the shaft but the vibration is focused on the head of the penis. Unlike most female vibrators it can be used without moving it around so it makes for intense pleasure and no effort.

  • Men have always been curious about sex toys! Do you have any questions we can answer for you?

    Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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