My Mojo and Desire Libido Blend

My Mojo and Desire Libido Blend

Lacklustre Libido and sexual dissatisfaction has become an ever-increasing problem in Western society.

If the thought of tearing your partners clothes off, and entwining yourselves in sweaty glee, sound like too much work, it’s likely your natural Libido has tapered off.

Sexual desire is a primordial necessity in all healthy (and even unhealthy) human beings. When this ‘desire’ wains, it can affect your happiness (exasperating stress), and the happiness of your partner too; potentially straining a loving relationship.

There are drugs that can assist people, deal with a dilapidating sexual drive, but these drugs are usually expensive, have innumerable side-effects (long and short), and in the end, you become dependent on them.

Natural aphrodisiacs, that leverage off of the effects of potent Libido enhancing herbs has been practiced for centuries, all around the world. The use of aphrodisiacs isn’t exclusive to men either, with countless women (both past and present), reporting a loss in sexual drive – particularly after pregnancy, and a general dissatisfaction with intercourse.

This is a real health issue, whose consequences can reach far beyond the bedroom. For this reason our Libido Blend has utilises three powerful natural aphrodisiacs, used throughout Asia and South America for centuries as real aphrodisiacs. The combination of Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama Bark, and Damiana Leaf is unique to the Libido Blend, and is sure to help reinvigorating your sexual interest.

Coupled with the appropriate psychological and physical stimuli, JOUJOU's Tea Libido Blend can help increase sexual drive, restore Libido, and even improve sexual intensity in sexually active couples.

Aphrodisiacs don’t always have to be pills; sometimes Mother Nature already has a solution.

Enjoy better sex.

Joujou Goup 

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