3 Techniques For Clitoral Pleasure

3 Techniques For Clitoral Pleasure


Clitoral Massage
Clitoral pleasure is ideal both for foreplay as well as for anyone who may not be warmed up for vaginal intercourse. Warm up the area by applying lube and stroking the vulva area around the clitoris, before taking one, two, or three fingers to begin applying light pressure. Work in circular motions to move the clitoris around with your fingers rather than rubbing against. Since the clit isn’t always prominent, be sure to communicate and allow your partner to guide you.

In a solo run, using a clitoral vibrator is almost second nature as you explore the area and find new waves of pleasure on your own. But just like any other sex toy, bringing a petite little toy into partner-play can make or break your big O. Try one of our mind-blowing clitoral vibes that hone in right on the sweet spot

Additionally, you can loop your man into the pleasure by introducing a cock ring with a clitoral focus; a vibrating rabbit cock ring has clit-tickling pleasure built in with every thrust and can push you both over the edge.
Coital Alignment
There’s a reason every sex article out there talks about the best sex positions – because it matters! If clitoral stimulation is crucial to your orgasm, then where you’re positioned is just as crucial.

Missionary is a classic for good reason, but with a small twist is can be your newest favourite. With your partner on top, allow him to rest his full weight on you, and move his pelvis two inches up, so that it is parallel with yours. With your legs wrapped around his thighs, press upward as he moves back and you feel direct yet gentle stimulation while continuing to rocking back and forth.

Additionally, by climbing on top and pointing your pelvis downward during penetration, you can rub the clitoris on top of your partner and induce ever more pleasure.

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