3 reasons for sex toys (that aren't just great sex)

3 reasons for sex toys (that aren't just great sex)


Almost everyone fantasises about sex toys or keeps a collection of them for pleasure purposes, right? But are you one of the few without one, or maybe don't see the need beyond a basic vibrator you pull out maybe once a year? Believe it or not, there are people who are perfectly sexually satisfied without using sex toys. But there are plenty of reasons to have a couple of toys on hand anyway. Here are a few:

  1. Menstrual cramp alleviation. Sometimes my sex drive is low - despite being physically healthy and very open sexually, sometimes I just have too much going on and I'm not interested. But I also suffer for 3-5 days a month from severe debilitating menstrual cramps. Regardless of how sexual I'm feeling when my period hits, I WILL be attaining multiple orgasms. Why? Because orgasms lessen the cramps. I believe they actually make my period finish more rapidly; medical consensus is skeptical on that but I'm not the only woman (by far) who has made the observation, either. So less pain, less bloody panties, less constant running to the bathroom? And all because I insist on an orgasm? Change your perspective - being a woman is great sometimes! I recommend a clit massager so you don't need to insert and don't get it as bloody - less mess! Try Le Reve 3 Speed Bunny - or if you don't care about the mess, a G-spot massage is even more effective and the Pro-Touch is where it's at.
  2. Men’s reproductive health. My partner travels a lot and if he happens to be home during one of the periods I talked about, where I'm just not feeling it, he can sometimes go for three weeks without an orgasm. “Blue balls” is an actual medical condition, even if we use a crude nickname for it. He experienced testicular pain from time to time that is relieved with sex. Recently I've also noticed that his ejaculate is yellow. Concerned for his (truth be told, our) health, I checked with some medical experts, and that as well as the testicular pain can be caused by not ejaculating enough. I bought him some Tenga eggs and he loves them - for whatever reason of personal preference, he prefers the real deal in sex and doesn't often masturbate or use toys, but the eggs feel good to him and they're easy to carry around. And did you know that prostate massage isn't JUST the best orgasm a man can have - it's also good for health? Studies are showing that it lowers the risk of cancer and increase sperm production. JouJou has a great selection of prostate massagers at all price points, but the cream of the crop is the Pro P Rechargeable Prostate Massager. Don't forget Lelo’s antibacterial cleaning spray with it. Sex is literally good for a man’s health! If for whatever reason it just isn't happening, make a toy your partner.
  3. Self-exploration - and partner exploration! Someone comfortable with sex toys will discover things about themselves and their bodies that they never thought possible. Sometimes you're simply more comfortable when you're alone. When I was younger I wasn't comfortable with anal sex but I was curious, so I got familiar with it all by my lonesome when no one was around. Without toys I would never have discovered how I like to receive multiple orgasms - my orgasms are so strong it's often my impulse to push away when it's over. But I've discovered how to back off and then press on, and I can have 3 or 4 in a normal session and more than 10 if we're really going at it. Try a great G-spot vibrator - I love the Ovo E3. There are things I wouldn't have discovered about my partner either - most importantly anal. He wouldn't have told me until he tried it at home alone many times. Now it's one of his favourite activities. A good anal exploration kit is the Anal Fantasy Collection Deluxe Fantasy Kit.

Toys aren't just for fun - they do a service! They can improve your health, help you relax, and help you connect to yourself. Check out a few and see what benefit they provide!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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