20 ways to revolutionise your sex life!

20 ways to revolutionise your sex life!

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#1 Make some noise
Let your partner know you’re having fun. Usually pretty quiet? Start with some happy sighs and heavy breathing. Already moan like a porn star? Bring the house down!

#2 Talk the talk
Think you can’t talk dirty? The trick is to mean it. Think about what you like to do and what you like about your partner. Then, try out some different ways to say it and personalize! (One person’s “worship my delicate orchid” is another person’s “eat my snatch!”)

#3 Practice the lingo
Feeling tongue-tied in the moment? Hone your dirty talk skills when no one’s listening: alone in your car, while doing the dishes, when you masturbate, whenever! Soon, you’ll be dropping f-bombs like you majored in off-color communication.

#4 Get as good as you give
So you’re giving head, going down, worshipping your partner’s delicate orchid, whatever. Grab your favorite vibe – we love the versatile TIGER or penis-head-hugging COBRA LIBRE II– and get some as you go to town.

#5 Use an oral assist
You can also use a vibe perk things up for your partner. For a deserving peen, the ergonomic curve of the LAYASPOT fits nicely against the base of the shaft while you focus on the head. Vulva lovers might want to try an extra-strong vibe like PATCHY PAUL, which is powerful enough that your partner feels the vibration even if the toy isn’t right in the middle of the action. (Because you have to leave room for your face, right?)

#6 Put it in your butt
Okay, smartypants use common sense about what you put in your butt, obviously. Start small, warm up first, and always use a toy with a flared base (a stopping point). Our point remains, though: if you haven’t explored this awesome orifice, let this be the year that you give it a whirl. Don’t know where to start? Try the petite BOOTIE plug.

#7 Also, vibrate your butt
Did you know that the anus has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in your whole body? Lube up a silicone vibe like the PEARLY and run it along the outside, and you’ll know what we mean.

#8 Speaking of lube, use lube
Saying you don’t need lube is like saying you don’t need fruit. Like, technically you don’t need it to live, but there are so many different kinds for a ton of different experiences, and why would you deny yourself that? Sometimes, wetter sex is just better.

#9 Double your dildo
You went into a sex shop once years ago and saw this sad, sweaty-looking, faded pink double dong, and now you think that double dildos are inherently depressing. Um. No. You and your partner can get it at the same time, and you can watch each other do it. Opt for a badass silicone option like the  or try a wearable option like the SHAREVibe.

#10 Strap on a dick
If you don’t have one, pick one that makes you feel powerful, or silly, or ultra-femme, or however you want to feel at that moment. If you already have one, strap on another one. What, like you don’t get to experience the joy of suiting your schlong to your mood? Chh.

#11 Want to amp up your orgasms? Do your Kegels
Those squeeze-and-release exercises really work—and they work even better when you’re using a weight like our SMARTBALLS or B BALLS.

#12 …or try anal beads
Lube up, insert, and wait until you’re close to climax. Then, pull them out slowly to make those orgasmic muscle contractions bigger and better. Intruigued? Bendybeads are a popular partner toy, while FLEXI FELIX puts a friendly face on butt play.

#13 If you haven’t explored your prostate, make that a priority
Prostate play can lead to deeper, fuller orgasms, and it helps keep you healthy. Win-freaking-win. Try a plug like the BOOSTY or the DUKE, or lie back and let the STRONIC ZWEI do all the work for you.

#14 Love your labia
They get less attention from women’s magazines, but when have you ever let the media tell you how to have fun? Want a vibe that shows your labia what’s up? Try the AMORINO.

#15 Be James Bond for an hour
Or Cleopatra. Or Spock. Role play is a fantastic way to take on a sexual persona that’s different from your usual. Plus, you look super cute in pointy ears.

#16. Find out what’s new in smut
Inspire your erotic imagination by trying out some new porn or picking up an erotic novel. Better yet, try something you’re not sure you’ll be into: how else will you know, right?

#17 Sext like it’s going out of style
Use vocabulary from the erotica you just read to tell your partner everything you’re going to do to them later. Get sexed up by a hands-free, self-thrusting STRONIC pulsator while you do it.

#18 Not into a leaving a digital trail? Bring back the lost art of the letter
Write florid, explicit erotic missives that burn a hole in the envelope. Stamp and send. Ruin the lives of your sweetie’s future grandchildren when they discover them decades later.

#19 Wear really cute underwear
Whether that means neon green lace or black pinstripe boxers, wear something that makes you want to take your pants off. It’s good for your confidence. Trust us.

#20 Get serious about fun, not about sexiness.
The measure of amazing sex is whether you had a ton of fun, not whether you looked like a bodybuilder, shrieked like a porn star, or talked like a character in a romance novel. “Sexy” is a weird, elusive concept that’s only useful insofar as it actually makes you feel tingly. Enjoy your body, enjoy your partner, and you’re there.

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