Fun Positions for Anal Sex Beginners

Enjoying anal sex is defiantly a pleasure that takes a bit of a learning curve. Listening to your body and community with your lover are a must. Also, I can’t stress enough how important going slow, relaxing and lots of lube are to your fun. Another key to enjoying anal sex is the position you play in.

For the beginner, there are several positions that are easier for penetration and can also make things easier all around.

Missionary – The original man on top position for PIV sex. With her bottom tilted upward, her little hole is exposed and easy for him to access. With her legs folded back towards the shoulders, this is a great position for those who like deep penetration or if he has a shorter penis.

You can also try these variations of the traditional Missionary position.

Upright Missionary – With her on the back, he sits up on his knees between her legs. She bends her knees and rest her feet on his chest. In this position, his hands are free to explore her lady bits or breasts. It’s also fun for men who like a good view.

Missionary L – In the same manner as the Upright Missionary, in this position, her legs are straight in this position rather than resting on his chest. Lying in this position her torso and rectum straightens out, making penetration a bit easier. This position is also good for those who like shallow penetration since he can control the depth easily.

CowGirl – the typical woman on top for PIV sex. With her straddling him, this is a good position for beginners because she can control the angle, depth and pace. While she controls it all, his hands are free to explore and give her extra stimulation. This is also a good position to prolog your play, since a man’s ejaculation reflexes slow down when he’s on his back.

Froggie – A fun variation of Cowgirl, in the position she’s crouched down on her feet straddling him. Taking the strain off her knees she can now ride his rod more vigorously. I’ve found that this position works a bit easier when I can reach the headboard or wall to balance against.

Spooning – Especially comfortable for anal beginners, with both partners on their sides facing in the same direction, penetration is natural and easy. Also, lying in this position, thrusting is gentler and slower. With lots of body contact, this position lets your hands be free to explore and caress each other. It’s also a great position for those who like to use a vibrator while they play since there’s full access to her vulva.

As Spooning becomes comfortable and she wants more, it’s easy to move into the Spoon & Fork position. With one of his leg between hers, wrap yourselves together. He’ll find that thrusting with gusto is much easier in this position.

Doggie Style – Oh yes the beloved Doggie Style is a great position for anal sex beginners. With her on all fours, this position is extremely versatile. Since she can angle herself differently, finding the right variation for smooth penetration is easy. After she’s warmed up, Doggie Style lets him thrust deep and hard. At the same time, in this position she can take control and slowly move herself on his rod. Men love this position because it’s easy to see and his hands are free to explore her ass.

Remember, there’s never a right or wrong way to a sexual position. All positions can be adapted to accommodate your needs, body size, flexibility, comfort, personal preferences, gender or sexual orientation.  Sexual positions aren’t about finding the correct way. It’s about exploring with your partner and finding what’s right for you. The joy is in the journey, not in the perfection.

Article by Lori

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