Tegan McGie

Tegan McGie

Tegan McGie (She/Her) is an experienced Counsellor, Sexologist, Couples Therapist and Sexual Educator.

Comfortable working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities; Tegan takes an integrative approach to healing, collaborating with her clients to meet their unique therapeutic needs. Through psychosexual therapy, Tegan endeavours to empower people to love their sensuality and identify ways in which they can increase their sexual satisfaction. 

Tegan supports her clients in overcoming sexual dysfunctions, relationship difficulties, body image issues and empowers them to embrace themselves and explore their sexuality. Whatever your gender, sexual orientation or relationship status, sex therapy can support you in feeling more comfortable in your body and healing intimate relationships.

As a Sexologist, Tegan recommends an array of sexual aids to clients and specialists alike, to assist in psychosexual therapy. With the creation and launch of Tegan’s Sexual First Aid Kit™, she aims to encourage people to rekindle their sexuality and find their deepest pleasure.

Through the use of sexual aids and self-exploration, Tegan empowers people to become their own healers and discover new ways in which they can overcome barriers to sexuality. Tegan has hand-picked some of the most extraordinary toys in the industry, to give you access to a collection of the readily available tools, she advocates to those looking to enhance their healing journey.

JOUJOU is working with Tegan to give you access to the incredible inventory in her Sexual First Aid Kit™ and some of the most sought after, high-quality sex toys on the market. Tegan will be writing articles and publishing videos to guide you through her Sexual First Aid Kit™, so you can try, buy, and explore your way to more pleasure.