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      4 products

      4 products

      Embrace your sexuality in an empowering and gratifying way with Zumio Clitoral Stimulators . Whether you are trying something new, rekindling the romance with your partner, or exploring the world of pleasure on your own, Zumio offers you the perfect curation of clitoral stimulators .

      Zumio clitoral stimulators have unique shapes that are designed to deliver pleasure differently. Control the position, pressure, and speed, and explore your intimacy in distinct ways!

      At Zumio , they aim to please.

      What is your perfect Zumio Clitoral Stimulator?

      Who knows the body of a woman better than a woman? Zumio clitoral stimulators are invented and designed by women who know their bodies perfectly and want to spread love all over the world.

      Explore the exquisite collection of clitoral stimulators offered by Zumio and lose yourself in the world of delicious orgasms.

      What makes Zumio clitoral stimulators so special is the rotation controls that allow you to adjust the speed and depth of your excitation.

      The products are equipped with whisper-quiet technology and a whopping 2-year warranty. With the travel cap and stay-off lock for airplanes, spice up things in your bedroom as you travel around the world!

      Ready to experience a completely new level of bliss? Turn up the heat with Zumio !

      Zumio X Clitoral Stimulator

      Zumio X clitoral stimulator has a long, flexible stem that intensifies your pleasure and creates a different sensation depending on the way you hold it.

      The medium round tip provides more intense, real-feel stimulation so that you can bring some excitement into your bedroom!

      Since Zumio doesn’t vibrate, you don’t have to worry about lingering numbing or buzzing sensation. The pressure-sensitive stimulator adjusts its intensity based on the pressure you apply with the tip.

      Want to turn up the heat in the shower? The stimulator is waterproof!

      Zumio S Caress Clitoral Stimulator

      Zumio S clitoral stimulator has a short stem and a small motor to deliver intense stimulation. With 8 speeds and a pressure-sensitive tip, you are in control of your own pleasure!

      Whether it is hours of delicious exploration or a 60-second quickie that you have in mind, Zumio S Clitoral Stimulator will be there for you.

      Zumio whirls around in tiny, stimulating circles as it applies pulses of pleasure to one small area at a time.

      The small tip, lightweight design, and non-vibrating handle make it perfect to hold in one hand.

      With Zumio S in your hands, it is playtime!

      Zumio E Ebony Clitoral Stimulator

      Unlock new arenas in the game of pleasure with Zumio E clitoral stimulator . Get precise control and deep stimulation with the curved rigid stem of Zumio E.

      With the elliptical rotation of Zumio E, you are in for a wild night of pleasure. Its curved metal stem puts you in complete control of your pleasure, stimulating your nerves without vibration.

      Use Zumio E to pinpoint unique areas and unlock new pleasure points. With pressure sensitive-intensity and 8 different speeds, customize your sexual experience!

      Explore your body with Zumio clitoral stimulator and create your own picture of what pleasure feels like!

      Choose Zumio

      Zumio clitoral stimulators provide the perfect amount of stimulation for your sweet spot and intensify the experience.

      Use them during sensuous foreplay and feel the rush of euphoric waves of pleasure through your body. With their customizable speeds, the Zumio clitoral stimulators are perfect for both solo and couple play.

      Made with premium, body-safe materials, take your pleasure up a notch and heat things up in your bedroom!

      Let Zumio bring you pleasure.