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7 products

Do you want to indulge in the lifestyle that is impact play? Feeling the softness of a tickler gliding across your skin, writhing in an erotic stinging sensation from the impact of a crop or a whip kissing your body, or using these tools to excite and arouse your partner? Our selection of whips, crops, and ticklers are ready to tease and please.

Are you new to the world of impact play? Even if you’re unsure of how and why you’re so intrigued by props such as whips, crops, and ticklers, we’re here to get you started on your sexual journey. We’ve created a concise yet informative guide for you on all things impact play. Now’s your time to go on a real adventure…

What is Impact Play?

Impact play is a kind of BDSM practice where one person is struck by another for sexual gratification . There are several different ways that impact play can be enjoyed, as each prop results in a different kind of sensation. For example, there is spanking, flogging, whipping, caning, cropping, paddling, and tickling

Impact play falls under the category of masochism and sadism , that is, when one enjoys receiving pain or giving pain, respectively. But to enjoy impact play does not mean that one needs to identify as being either a masochist or a sadist. The playful act of impact play can simply be a kinky treat that’s enjoyed between partners for an extra bit of va va voom.

Impact play also plays a big part in the BDSM world of discipline . In this way, there’s a power exchange between a dominant and a submissive whereby the sub can be disciplined with the use of impact play. Or, in a cheeky twist, impact play could just be the reward. It all depends on what you fancy!

So, whether you’re looking to really get into the world of impact play, or you’re just curious about feeling a new and sexual sensation, the ultimate question is: what kind of thrill do you seek? When you’re ready to give this sassy kind of play a go, talk with your partner beforehand to make sure you’re both on the same page. Communicate your desires, likes, limits, and hard limits, and remember to only engage when there’s unwavering trust and consent.

Your Guide to BDSM Whips

There are different kinds of whips available for your pleasure. Some have many tails attached to a sturdy handle, others have one single tail . We suggest beginners start off with a whip with many tails , as a single-tailed whip can be more intense. 

Whips are great for those who want to experience a stinging kind of sensation . Either way, engaging in safe impact play with the use of a whip is the most important thing. 

How to Use a BDSM Whip

When it comes to getting down and cheeky, go only for the parts of the body that are protected by fat or muscle , such as the butt or the thighs. You could also practice on a pillow beforehand, but either way, go slow and ease your way into the pleasure so that both partners can bask in this gorgeous form of impact play. 

For the one using the whip : make sure to have flexed knees and relaxed glutes. Have your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and have your striking arm and shoulder towards the one you’re with. When striking, have the whole weight of your body behind the whip.

For newbies, we love the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Whip Necklace as it not only looks like pure luxury, but it also doubles up as a fashion accessory for those glam night outs. For more experienced players , the LELO Sensua Suede Whip is a stylish yet erotic prop for all of your impact play desires.

Your Guide to BDSM Crops

BDSM crops, often known as riding crops, are gorgeous pleasure products that are long, semi-flexible, and are designed to strike your partner’s lustrous body for all sorts of tantalising sensations. 

Some BDSM crops have a looped design, making it easier to hold and more flexible to use, creating a thrilling strike and noise . Others have more cute or fun designs, reducing the amount of intimidation for newbies.

How to Use a BDSM Crop

When you’re ready to strike, the hit usually comes from the loop end. When the strike has been done correctly, you’ll definitely hear it, which adds to the thrill. But be aware that, if you strike someone using the area below the loop, it can sting immensely and be extremely painful, which may or may not be what you’re hoping for. The key is practice! The best place for beginners to start striking is the butt .

To use a BDSM crop correctly : make sure that the end strikes flat against your partner. A lot of force and power isn’t necessary though, as even a bit of force will create a strong sensation. Another way you could use your riding crop would be to use the shaft instead, which would effectively turn it into a cane.

Our recommendation? Take the Sex and Mischief Enchanted Crop for a whirl, which is made of carbon fibre and dazzles in a deep burgundy. Or the Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You Riding Crop , curated by E.L. James herself.

Your Guide to BDSM Ticklers

For those who seek a more nurturing, teasing, and sensual sensation , a tickler is perhaps the most sensual BDSM prop out there. This is because, well, it’s usually light, airy, and it feels amazing. 

Not just that, but when a tickler touches the skin, it manages to bring blood to the surface, awakening the body’s nerve endings, giving one an almost goosebump-like sensation. 

How to Use a BDSM Tickler

There are various kinds of BDSM ticklers to choose from, and finding the one that feels and looks the most gorgeous for you and your partner is what it’s all about. There’s no one-size-fits-all, and there’s no strict technique when it comes to using a tickler. For that reason, you could opt for a tickler with long and thin feathers, or one with short and thick feathers. Or, you could choose a tickler that’s made of a different kind of material, such as chains.

To use your tickler you could glide it along your lover’s skin, starting with a specific area, exploring it sensually, or using sweeping motions. Try different strokes for different kinds of sensations, and see which one your partner responds to best. It’s all in the tease, after all.

Our favourite ticklers include the Blush Novelties Noir Soft Feather Tickler , and the Sincerely Midnight Jewelled Chain Tickler which adds in the element of saucy temperature play.