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      A collection of treasure troves to ensure you are able to maintain a healthy and active sex life. 

      Whether your reasons for purchasing a sleeve or extension is for pleasure's sake, to combat erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation, spice up your bedroom play with unlimited pleasure options. 

      What is a Penis Sleeve Extension?

      A cock sleeve or extender is a sex toy accessory worn over your shaft to lengthen your penis or add girth. It is essentially a hollow dildo designed to enhance the sexual experience, for both you and your partner. 

      Some models are more traditional and simplistic in design, perfect for beginners. Alternatively, experiment with a variety of textures for a more unique sensation.

      How to Use a Penis Sleeve Extension

      The sleeves and extensions available offer versatility, and depending on your shared desires there are a number of ways in which you and your partner can benefit from these sex toy accessories. 

      Open up a discussion with your partner about what they would be excited to experiment with, and what sensations they want to explore. Consider the multitude of delectable options, add length or girth, or experiment with different textures for enhanced stimulation.

      With that in mind, comfort is key. Consider the size for both you and your partner. The device must fit snugly over an erect penis, but if achieving an erection is challenging, choose a sleeve attached to a belt or ball loop that straps around the testicles to keep it in place.

      Additionally, use a small amount of your favorite lube on the inside of the sleeve to add varied stimulation and enhance foreplay. 

      Our Favorite Sleeves and Extensions

      Fat Boy Sheath Sleeve

      A discreet and elegant addition to your collection of erotic delights. The Fat Boy Sheath Sleeve gives you a noticeable increase in girth, creating intensely pleasurable sensations for both you and/or your partner.

      The Fat Boy Sheath Sleeve is comfortable and sleek, easily slipped on and looped around the balls with a ball strap. Additionally, the ball loop provides an added thrill by gently tugging on your sack with every juicy thrust. 

      It also comes in an assortment of textures for a delectably thrilling experience. Textures offered include: checker plate for heart stopping pleasure, thin for a feathered touch, and ribbed for a more gentle stimulation. 

      Fantasy X-Tensions Perfect Extensions

      A realistic erection enhancer, an effective solution that allows you to satisfy your partner effortlessly, and an accessory must-have! The Fantasy X-Tensions Perfect Extensions will result in a bigger and thicker erection, inspiring truly delectable orgasms for both parties. 

      Additionally, it is customisable and made from super stretchy material which is suited to accommodate most sizes and can be adjusted for a perfectly snug  fit. A beautiful innovative compromise, allowing you and your partner to reach climax.

      Moreover, with this gorgeous pleasure product, your partner can now experience a life-like sensation and deeper penetration.

      What Are The Benefits of Using a Sleeve Extension?

      An extension or sleeve is a safe, inexpensive alternative to medical procedures—procedures that can have irreversible effects. 

      Additionally, using a sleeve or extension can help keep the spark of intimacy alive in your relationship, with the variety of textures offered. Some sleeves are designed specifically for G-spot stimulation, offering your partner a plethora of pleasant sensations during penetration. Others are more targeted and focus on stimulating the clitoris. 

      In addition to pleasuring your partner to new heights, you can also experience longer-lasting pleasure. The sleeves are specifically designed from a light, adaptable material to provide pleasurable sensations whilst limiting the effects of premature ejaculation and reducing performance anxiety. 

      Sleeves and Extensions: Material, Shape & Size

      Penis sleeves are made from a wide range of materials, including soft silicone, rubber, and latex. 

      Some offer varied textures on the inside and outside of the sleeve to enhance sexual gratification for both you and your partner. Additionally, others boast enhanced features, like vibrational functions, to heighten the sexual experience.

      They also come in an array of colours, shapes and designs. You and your partner can select the length and girth size that most suits your desires. 

      What is a Hollow Strap-On?

      Similar to that of a traditional strap-on dildo, you would strap a hollow strap-on around your waist. However, a hollow strap-on boasts a vacant cylinder, designed to fit the penis. 

      There are a few variations of this toy and although it is straightforward to use, the selection process should be a joint effort. You and your partner have a choice between a traditional hollow strap-on that boasts true-to-life features, as well as strap-ons that offer multiple pulsation options.

      What Are the Benefits of Using a Hollow Strap-On?

      Maintain a longer and harder erection with a hollow strap-on, and explore more ways to sexually satisfy your partner. This sex toy accessory offers options to increase size in both length and girth for bigger and bolder orgasms. 

      Another benefit of using a hollow strap-on is that it can be used with an erect or flaccid penis, a real treat for those with ED.

      They are also interchangeable and can be used with selected dildos. Switch it up and prepare for an array of sexual sensations. 

      Our Favourite Hollow Strap-On Collection

      Body Extensions Hollow Strap-On

      The Body Extensions Hollow Strap-On by Doc Johnson is a unisex collection of playful accessories that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s a hollow silicone attachment designed to maximise sexual pleasure and empowerment for all users. 

      It includes a fully adjustable, high-quality harness made from elastic and silicone, designed for durability and comfort. It also has a sturdy, well-formed silicone attachment for penetration play, that is both functional and comfortable. An absolute marvel for racy couples fun!