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65 products

65 products

When you experience our best-selling bullet vibrators, their incredible o-power will have you writhing and gasping in delight. You have found the home of the world's bestselling vibrating bullet, the RO-80mm. These are ideal for beginners, and carefully target your clitoral area to heighten exhilarating sensations. Our bullets can be used in the bath or the shower as they are fully waterproof and submersible. Next time you feel a tingle of excitement that needs to be generously satisfied; give yourself a heavenly treat with one of our bullet vibrators.


Rocks-Off has been rocking the world of sex toys since 2003, and have since come out on top with the number one best seller worldwide, the RO-80mm Bullet Vibe

Based in the U.K, Rocks-Off is well-established in Europe, but equally as popular in various locations because of their sexy toys created under their own brand.

We love Rocks-Off because of their diverse range of toys, and their spicy attitude. There’s absolutely no one left behind in their inclusive range, and what’s even better is that their users become infinitely cooler for using their products. 

What Rocks-Off Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Come one, come all! Rocks-Off have so many delicious sex toys on the market that whatever you’re into, you’ll find! 

From bullet vibes, wand massagers, rabbit vibrators, and remote-controlled toys, to prostate massagers, anal beads, butt plugs, and cock rings, you’ll find your muse at Rocks-Off

Rocks-Off Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

When it comes to bullet vibrators, Rocks-Off is a true connoisseur. They have so many different styles, functions, and uses, that you’ll most certainly be left buzzing all day long.

If it’s a touch of glamour you’re after, the Rocks-Off Coco Rose Gold Bullet Vibrator was made for you. It’s so luxurious-looking, and works like an absolute dream with 10 settings and targeted stimulation. Or, you may fall head-over-heels for the Rocks-Off Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibe , which is sleek and irresistable. 

Fancy a different kind of pleasure? The Rocks-Off Twister Vibrator creates a stir of uninhibited bliss. With 7 settings, and a twisted design to create a unique kind of sensation, you’ll be seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses after using this cheeky number. 

The Rocks-Off Rapture is equally as indulgent, coated with a super soft silicone and a body that’s curved in all the right places for your sheer satisfaction.

And let’s not forget about the line of bullets by Rocks-Off that are delightfully tapered for extra stimulation, like the Rocks-Off Bamboo Bullet Vibe . This elegant number is smooth and extravagant, and its design is absolutely flawless. Or what about the Rocks-Off Chaiamo Bullet Vibrator ? A toy so fulfilling, it’ll send shivers down your spine in sheer ecstasy. 

And lastly, if you’re looking for a little sparkle in your life, the Rocks-Off Holographic Bullet Vibe is ready to dazzle and shine just for you. Like taking a trip to the stars, this pleasure product will have you floating on Cloud Nine. 

Then take a peek at the Rocks-Off Frosted Fleurs Bullet Vibrator , covered in gold glitter that’ll make you feel like absolute royalty. This sexy number was made for those who want to bask in uninterrupted self-indulgence. 

Rocks-Off Wand Massager Sex Toys

Make your own kind of magic with the Rocks-Off Luv Wand , a unique-looking wand massager that was made to relax and stimulate your body. 

Enjoy its pulses on aching muscles or take it downtown where you can lose yourself in a beautifully-orchestrated and intense climax. 

Rocks-Off Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

You know you want to! The Rocks-Off Every Girl Rabbit Vibe is a girl’s best friend, after all! 

This saucy pleasure product will quench even the biggest of sexual thirsts with its 10 different functions, smooth and soft silicone, and two independent motors. A sexy toy ready to give you a blended orgasm you’ll never forget. 

Rocks-Off Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator Sex Toys

If you’re the type of person who won’t settle for anything less than the best, Rocks-Off have three insatiable clitoral and G-spot vibrators that work hard to get you to a place of heavenly bliss. 

The Rocks-Off Groovy Chick Vibrator , Rocks-Off Rock Chick Vibrator, and Rocks-Off Rock Chick Mini Vibe are cleverly-designed to stimulate both of your sweet spots entirely hands-free. 

Sit back, relax, and allow this gorgeous winner to transport you into a new kind of sexual vitality. 

Rocks-Off Anal Beads

When it comes to irresistible climaxing, Rocks-Off is all about you getting your rocks off! Take a look at some of their enchanting anal toys for some super sultry inspiration…

The Rocks-Off Eclipse Slender Beads are bendy with 12 different vibration modes, allowing you to gradually work your way up to a spectacular anal orgasm. Or why not marvel upon the Rocks-Off Love Probe Anal Plug , a pleasure product that gets larger as you go, getting you ready for the grand finale whenever you’re ready.

And for newbies, the Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Bubbles is calling your name! It’s slim, and gradually gets bigger in size as you continue to indulge. Enjoy its cheeky motor and take in all of the good vibrations. 

Or maybe you’ll prefer the Rocks-Off Petite Sensational Pearls , which is similar to the Sensations Bubbles, but each pearl is the same size, giving you the freedom to take things slow.

Rocks-Off Butt Plug Sex Toys

For a different kind of anal stimulation, Rocks-Off have a selection of dazzling butt plugs that are not only luxurious in appearance, but also sensational in function.

The Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Plug is small, making it perfect for those wanting to explore anal pleasure, yet mighty powerful. It has a tapered end for easier insertion, 3 vibration modes, and 4 different vibration patterns, giving you the chance to find your bliss. 

If you’re an experienced anal player though, you’ll have your heart set on the Rocks-Off Butt Throb Plug , a sheeny pleasure product that gives you a real sense of fullness in those moments leading up to your highest level of sexual satisfaction. 

Then there’s also the Rocks-Off Butt Quiver Plug which has a curved tip for pin-pointed pleasure. A truly innovative twist on an already-perfect anal sex toy, exceeding your bliss. 

Last but not least, the Rocks-Off Men-X Vortex Anal Massager is yet another gem for anal players that creates ripples of satisfaction until finally, a beautiful orgasmic release.

Rocks-Off Prostate Massager Sex Toys

Oh boy, does Rocks-Off Have a line of prostate massagers for you! Each with their own devilish charm and quirky names, there’s definitely something in this collection that will get your pulse racing.

For Beginners: The Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager creates a sexy tingle on the perineum while massaging the prostate. Double the naughtiness! And the Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Intense Prostate Massager was made with a slimmer and more angled head for easier insertion. This pleasure product also teases the perineum for that extra bit of sassy indulgence.

For Experienced Players: The Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager has been designed with sensual ridges that stimulate the perineum while the shaft delights your sweet spot. The Rocks-Off Bad Boy Prostate Massager is another one for those experienced in prostate massage, as it has a more bulbous end for extra targeted pleasure. And for mega satisfaction, the Rocks-Off Big Boy Intense Prostate Massager comes with the tagline: “The bigger the better, ” so beware of all the incredible sensations that await you with this big boy.

Rocks-Off Male Masturbator Sleeve Sex Toys

Experience next-level climaxing with the Rocks-Off Rise Male Masturbator

This stylish pleasure product has sexy internal ribbing and 10 different vibration modes to enhance your solo sessions. Self-care never felt so good!

Rocks-Off Cock Ring Sex Toys

Rocks-Off have gone the extra mile to make sure you experience stronger, powerful, and longer-lasting erections with their line of cock rings.

The Rocks-Off 4US Cock Ring 7 Speed is more sleek than the average cock ring, and vibrates sensually for that added bit of erotic pleasure. And the Rocks-Off 8 Ball Cock Ring was meticulously created to wrap around your shaft and balls for an extra boost in stamina.

Rocks-Off Remote-Controlled Vibrator Sex Toys

Want to have some cheeky fun with your partner? Or maybe you just love the idea of having all of the power in one small remote that tickles and teases your most sensual erogenous zone? Then you’ll melt at the sight of the Rocks-Off Ro-Duet Vibrating Love Egg

It’s absolutely luxurious-looking, and is a love egg that vibrates wirelessly, allowing you to feel bliss whenever, wherever. In fact, with one small step, you’ll already feel the delightful stimulation of your G-spot! True magic!

Rocks-Off Sex Toy Sets

Avoid monotony and dare to live live in colour with Rocks-Off and their line of delicious sex toy sets. 

We recommend the Rocks-Off Feranti Rose Gold Collection for its sheer elegance, comprising 3 insatiable pleasure products: the RO-80mm Bullet Vibe, the RO-Lux Mini Vibe, and the RO-G-Spot Vibe. These 3 toys all come in a luxurious rose gold. 

Or, if it’s fiery passion you’re after, the Rocks-Off Truly Yours Temptation Kit is the most sultry collection today, made for couples play. It comes with the RO-120 and RO-60 Truly Yours Bullet Vibrators, and a textured vibrating cock ring that can be worn during sex for double the stimulation.

And for an absolute feeling of royalty, the Rocks-Off Gold Bullet Collection Box is sincerely majestic, containing 3 gold pleasure products that’ll make you feel powerful and supreme. In this box, you’ll receive an RO-80mm ammo-style bullet vibrator, RO-150mm Slimline bullet vibrator, and an RO-VAL necklace pendant—a cheeky discrete vibe perfect for your jewellery box!