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      42 products

      42 products

      pjur, pronounced "pure" personal lubricants are designed to enhance the pleasures of love play and intimate massages. Make your sexual encounters a more relaxing and exciting experience. pjur is for all those who celebrate and truly enjoy life in their own sensual and intimate way.

      Pjur Lubricants specialise in matters of love. During foreplay or a relaxing massage that leads up to those special moments, pjur lubricants provide pure pleasure by enhancing the sensations that can only be achieved through true bliss. Alone or with a partner, for body care or even more fun – pjur lubricants have a product that’s just right for every sensual situation, no matter how tame or how wild your imagination is. The pjur brand is synonymous with quality the world over and we concentrate day in and day out to...

      Embrace sensuality, embrace pjur! Pure quality, made in Germany.


      Made in Germany, Pjur pride themselves on their large array of personal lubricants, performance enhancers, and personal care products for everybody.

      Pjur products have the ability to enhance one’s sexual experience, create longer lasting sessions, and bring about a feeling of confidence and sexiness.

      We love Pjur sexual wellness products because they use high quality ingredients, and have fine-tuned their range to reflect elegance, confidence, and sheer sexual satisfaction.

      And in case you were wondering, Pjur is pronounced as “pure”.

      What Pjur Sexual Wellness Product Are You Looking for Today?

      From tantalising glides for any kind of play and massage lotions, to different products formulated especially for men and women respectively, Pjur has a sexual wellness product that’s perfect for anyone.

      The Pjur range also includes stimulation sprays, toy cleaning products, and after shave for both men and women. Enjoy all kinds of smooth, clean, and seductive arousal with Pjur .

      Pjur Glides

      There’s a Pjur Glide aka lubricant to tickle anyone’s fancy. What kind of stimulation do you want during your lustful sessions?

      The Pjur Original is a dependable lubricant that’s super concentrated, tasteless, and odourless. It’s also been given the green light when it comes to softening the skin, and is the perfect glide to use for massages too.

      Or check out the Pjur Med Premium Glide , which is a silicone-based lubricant, and made for long lasting adventures in the sheets. It’s great for those who experience dryness or sensitivity, contains no preservatives, and has been dermatologically tested on humans.

      The Pjur Med Soft Glide and the Pjur Med Sensitive Glide is another winner for those who experience dryness and sensitivity. The difference between these two is that the Pjur Med Soft contains Jojoba oil—a natural ingredient with soothing properties.

      And then there’s the Pjur Med Vegan Glide , a water-based lubricant that’s purely vegan and no animal testing. It contains no preservatives, allows for soothing moisture, and is pH balanced.

      Pjur Massage Lotions

      For a different and more sensual kind of foreplay, massaging is a great tool to bring about pure relaxation and sensual stimulation. And Pjur surely knows how to put you in the mood.

      Creating a space filled with a sweet and erotic aroma and gentle touching is one of the most sexually-charged way to become even more blissfully aroused. And the Pjur massage lotion range is vast enough for you to find your favourite scent. Enjoy some sexy one-on-one time with your partner and Pjur .

      What scent do you believe will drive you both wild? The Pjur Spa Scentouch Cherry Massage Lotion , Pjur Spa Scentouch Melon Massage Lotion , Pjur Spa Scentouch Strawberry Massage Lotion , or the Pjur Spa Scentouch Vanilla Massage Lotion ?

      Alternatively, the Pjur Spa Neutral Massage Lotion can be used for those who don’t fancy a fragrance, but simply want to focus all their energy on the power of sensual touch.

      Pjur Anal Sprays & Serums

      Pjur has two different collections of anal sprays and serums: Pjur Back Door and Pjur Analyse Me! . Both have been formulated to create effortless glides of pleasure during anal play and penetration, with varying tweaks for different kinds of bodies and stimulation.

      The Analyse Me! Comfort Water Anal Glide is, as you guessed, water-based, yet gives off a smooth silicone feel. This is truly innovative, as it has all of the perks of being a water-based lube (can be used with all sex toys, for example), yet has a long-lasting effect. It also binds with water, which increases the lubricating effect.

      If you are looking for a silicone-based lubricant however, the Analyse Me! Relaxing Silicone Anal Gel is for you. This anal lubricant contains Jojoba oil, a relaxing agent that’s soft on the skin, yet doesn’t cause any desensitivity.

      Then, when it comes to the Pjur anal sprays , the Analyse Me! Comfort Anal Spray was created to make things a whole lot easier. Instead of applying a lubricant, this product is simply sprayed, creating a relaxing and smooth feel. It also contains aloe vera, creating a more elastic effect for more intimate thrusts and glides.

      The Pjur Back Door range is equally as titaliting. The Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide allows for that extra bit of moisture, giving off a silicone-like feel, yet is water-based. The Pjur Back Door Glide Jojoba & Silicone on the other hand, is actually silicone-based, and was created for those who like it hard and wild. It contains jojoba extracts, which relax the body, allowing for an even more pleasurable experience.

      For a different kind of anal lubricant, try the Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Serum or the Pjur Back Door Spray . The serum is great for those impromptu anal adventures, and works by decreasing sensitivity without causing any numbing, while the spray has a higher concentration of ingredients for a more relaxing yet super sexy experience.

      Pjur Man

      Pjur has really zoned in on men and their unique needs by creating products specially curated for him.

      The Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray and the Superhero Concentrated Delay Serum , for example, is a sexual wellness product that delays gratification, allowing for even longer and satisfying sexual sessions. The Pjur Pro-Long Spray is formulated using natural oak bark extracts, a calming ingredient that reduces overstimulation, while the Pjur Superhero Serum allows for slight desentivity during sex without causing a numbing effect.

      Another product exclusively for him is the Pjur Man Basic Waterglide . It’s perfect for beginners, and doesn’t give off stickiness or greasiness. Instead, it is absorbed and moisturises the skin. A sensual lubrication that’s sexy to use during solo or partnered play.

      And for more advanced players, the Pjur Man Premium Extreme is definitely a must-have. It’s for hard and fast fun, intense pleasure, and allows for effortless glides and erotic thrusts leading to blissful climaxing. It’s rich, long-lasting, and made for those who want it all!

      Pjur Woman

      Ladies, for your pleasure, Pjur has a range of gorgeous products to enhance your sexual wellness and create delicious bouts of play. What does your body crave?

      Five water-based lubricants for women include the Pjur Woman Aloe Vera , the Pjur Woman Nude , the Pjur MyGlide , the Pjur Woman Vegan , and the Pjur Woman Aqua .

      The Pjur Woman Aloe Vera is heaven-sent for those who seek moisture and softer skin, while the Pjur Woman Nude doesn’t contain any added or unnecessary ingredients. The Pjur Nude is perfume-free, oil-free, and contains no additives. It does however work like magic for delicate skin without causing any greasiness.

      The Pjur MyGlide on the other hand is for women who like to live life boldly! It comes in a sassy pink bottle, contains ginseng for that extra oomph, and truly is a premium lubricant for women.

      Alternatively, if you’re after a general and hard-working lubrication that’s been formulated especially for the female skin, the Pjur Women Aqua is the way to go. This product is suitable for the entire body, and creates softer and more moisturised skin. Feel the silky softness, and glide your way into all kinds of sensuality.

      Last but not least in the water-based lubricants, the Pjur Woman Vegan has been formulated with 100 percent vegan ingredients, has no additives and works sensually with your most intimate spots.

      And as for silicone-based lubricants, the Pjur Woman is a true tempress, creating softer and more sensual experiences. It’s long-lasting, and can even be used as an erotic massage oil during foreplay!

      Pjur Stimulation Spray for Woman

      Do you crave a little more when it comes to clitoral pleasure? The Pjur MySpray gets your blood pumping, creating even more throbbing bliss and sensitivity. Enjoy all that you deserve and more after a mere 60 seconds after using this stimulation spray… it really is that good!

      Pjur Water-Based Lube

      Water-based lubricant is often the most preferred type of lube, as it’s super versatile and doesn’t leave any stickiness after play time. And the Pjur range of water-based lubes are of such high quality, you’ll be sold after your very first use.

      The Pjur Aqua is completely neutral in smell and taste, and works by moisturizing the skin. It’s ready to go the distance with you, but is equally as easy to wash off after use. A true win!

      For lube newbies, The Pjur Basic Water is for you. It’s a basic lubricant that’s non-sticky, suitable for solo or partnered play, and leaves you feeling soft after your pleasure-filled experiences.

      And if you’d like to ramp up your lubrication game, the Pjur Espresso and the Pjur Cool are two unique and sexy products to try. The Pjur Espresso is powered by caffeine, increasing your level of stamina and energy, yet doesn’t actually taste or smell like anything, while the Pjur Cool creates that icy cool feeling that’s sexually invigorating.

      Pjur Silicone-Based Lube

      Silicone-based lubricants are not only perfect for those who love to play in water, but also those who want to feel endless strokes of pleasure every single time. The Pjur Basic Silicone Personal Glide is a thin lubricant that can be used for massages, and during solo play, foreplay, and intimacy. It’s a versatile lube that is tasteless and odour-free.

      Or take a peek at the Pjur Light Silicone Personal Lubricant . It’s thinner than your average lubricant, yet spreads wider. Grab your favourite toy and Pjur Light for a beautiful combination of sleek sensuality and erotic pleasure, or simply use this lube for massages, body cream, or lubricant during sex.

      Pjur Toy Cleaning Spray

      Do you want the very best from your favourite sex toy(s)? Cleaning your pleasure products is imperative for optimum use, and to maintain a high level of sexual wellness. The Pjur Toy Cleaning Spray is alcohol-free, and can be used on silicone, rubber, latex, glass, and leather toys! It’s also been tested by dermatologists, making it a safe choice for your skin.

      Pjur Personal Cleaning Spray

      The Pjur Med Clean Personal Cleaning Spray takes your cleaning routine to a whole new level. It can be used to clean your pleasure products, yes, such as latex, rubber, and silicone, but it is mostly formulated to clean the skin and your most intimate areas.

      It’s perfect for external use, and has been dermatologically tested. Keep yourself confident and sexy with Pjur .

      Pjur After Shave for Men

      Another reason to love Pjur ? They really do care about your sexual wellness and your skin! The Pjur Med After Shave Spray was made for men who shave their intimate areas, and works by reducing any burning while creating a calm and soothing after-effect.

      Pjur After Shave for Women

      And of course there’s something special for the ladies too. The Pjur Woman After You Shave Spray is the little touch of heaven you need when shaving those intimate spots. It is an anti-inflammatory that encourages new skin cells to form, leaving you without those dreaded red bumps but rather, a silky smooth after-effect that’s undeniably gorgeous.