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      Sensuva body-safe, healthy and natural products bring a unique experience when it comes to sex toys. A unique, hand-crafted adult toys collection made out of natural botanicals, healthy ingredients, and essential oils will help you live a healthy and passionate life. With Sensuva, you’ll get to enjoy arousal products, erotic cosmetics, a selection of moisturizers, and flavored lubes.

      Sensuva Arousal Gels

      Arousal gels can be for both men and women, and their main focus is on warming or cooling sensations. That’s why Sensuva offers both for her and for him products. Arousal gels for her are applied around or on the clitoris, and they can promote blood flow and increase lubrication. These gels can increase orgasm intensity, frequency, and duration. Stimulating gels for him increase the blood flow and heighten the sensations during sex. They are applied directly to the penis providing a silky glide. 

      The new Sensuva collection of arousal gels brings a wide selection of products.

      Sensuva, ON for Her, ON Arousal Gel, 29ml, Arousal Gel

      The newest addition in the product line is a mess-free and water-based formula that provides you with vibrating and warm sensations. ON Arousal Gel will make you buzz with pleasure in no time. It is available in three variations: coffee cake, Ice (for cooling), and original. On top of that, it comes in a bottle with a pump, so it is easily applied and shockingly powerful when creating pulsing sensations.

      Sensuva, ON for Her, Ultra, Lite, or Original, 5ml, Arousal Gel

      This product has one of the strongest formulas on the market, and it brings ultimate sensation to users. Sensuva Ultra Arousal Gel creates an immediate warming effect followed by tingling and pulsing sensations that increase arousal and moistening, helping women reach longer-lasting orgasms.

      However, if you are searching for something milder, try Sensuva, ON for Her, Lite , arousal gels. Since only natural ingredients are used, several sensations start immediately. The Lite version is not as powerful as Ultra, but it still makes your orgasms longer-lasting and more frequent.

      If you want to go back to basics, try Sensuva ON for Her, 5ml, Arousal Gel , which thousands of women loved and described as a warm vibrator sending electrical sensations through their bodies. 

      Sensuva, ON, Power Glide for Men, 50ml, Arousal Gel

      This fast-acting Sensuva Power Glide Gel gives men ticker and firmer erections that maximize satisfaction. You can feel buzzing, warmth, a slight increase in girth. Its effect lasts up to an hour, but you can experiment by using different amounts. Also, it is safe to use with latex condoms, and you can use it during sex with a partner. Just apply the product before the intercourse, wipe away the excess, and you will be ready to enjoy yourself. 

      Sensuva, Vivify 50ml, Tightening Gel

      Sensuva Vivify Tightening Gel is a product used when people want to have fun and experiment with new sensations. The gel is applied 20 minutes prior to the penetration, and it works by swelling the vaginal tissue restoring youthful thickness, and creating more friction during the sex. It can be used by all women, especially those who want to feel more friction or those going through menopause and hormonal changes. 

      Sensuva, Tush Tingle, 59ml, Arousal Gel

      One of the Sensuva Tush Tingle ingredients is peppermint oil that provides you with cooling and tingling sensations, which heightens your body’s awareness during anal play. You can apply as much of it as you wish. If you want a more intense sensation, you should apply more than a few drops. Also, many people use it with their favorite sex toy for more enhanced enjoyment. Its natural ingredients and the heightened sensations make Sensuva Tush Tingle and ideal product for external play or anal penetration.

      Sensuva Arousal Oils

      There are many things that can go into foreplay, from kissing to cuddling, but arousal oils can be a hidden sexual gem you’ve been looking for. They boost both male and female sexual desire and increase the capacity for pleasure.

      Sensuva, ON for Her, Hemp Oil Infused, 5ml, Arousal Oil

      Sensuva ON for Her, Hemp Oil is a customer favorite because it creates vibrating and pulsating sensations. When cold-pressed hemp oil is applied on or around the clitoris, it heightens awareness and enables quicker and more intense orgasms. It is full of healthy fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that bring new life to your skin. On top of that, it also helps you relieve itching hydrates and soothes dry skin while supporting immune system response.

      Sensuva, ON for Her, Ampoule Packet, Arousal Oil

      Sensuva Ampoule Packet is a product with 100% natural botanical ingredients that help a woman’s body respond easier to physical stimulation. It doesn’t dry out vaginal tissue, and it is completely safe to use during oral sex. Its powerful formula gives you warm and buzzing sensations that increase the blood flow and awaken the nerve endings. With the Sensuva Ampoule Packet , your body will easily respond to physical stimulation. It also comes in the Ultra version, which is stronger than the original, and it gives women more intense sensations and supports personal lubrication.

      Sensuva Flavoured Lubricant

      Lube can be your best friend, and even if you think you don’t need it, you might want to reconsider. It can be used in sex with a partner or in a solo play with your favorite adult toy. You don’t have to use it only for vaginal sex, get creative, use it with other products, and you won’t regret it. That’s where spicing up your sex life gets literal meaning - the Sensuva Flavoured Lube Collection will help you enjoy sex even more than usual.

      Sensuva, Deeply Love You, 29ml, Throat Relaxer Spray

      Sensuva Throat Relaxer Spray is one of its kind product, and it works magic in intensifying oral sex. It doesn’t only help you relax your throat muscles, but it also comes with many flavors making giving blowjobs that much fun. Try chocolate coconut, cinnamon, butter rum, chocolate mint, or salted caramel flavors, and oral sex won’t ever be the same. It is easy to use, just pump one or two sprays in the back of the throat, and the effects will be immediate. You will notice a slight numbing sensation in your throat muscles, which will help you relax. Don’t worry, the Throat Relaxer Spray is water-based, and it contains healthy ingredients.

      Sensuva, Handipop Edible Hand Job, 125ml, Massage Gel

      Handipop by Sensuva is a handy playmate that gives the extra slip to your erotic massages. The gel will allow you to give your partner an extra-long and very slippery handjob. Since the Handipop comes in cotton candy, strawberry, and green apple flavors, you can turn a handjob into oral play in no time. Since Sensuva uses natural ingredients, it will be completely safe to give your partner a very tasty blowjob you can both enjoy.

      Sensuva, Ultra-Stimulating, ON Insane, Warming Personal Moisturiser, 125ml, Lubricant

      This is a product for those that are looking for the strongest and most arousing moisturizer. Women feel intense pulsating heat as well as the sexy sensation of circular movements inside their bodies. With Sensuva Warming Personal Moisturiser , you can feel the intense sensations internally and externally. Applying it on or around your clitoris will take you on a wild ride of sensations, no matter if you are alone or with a partner. Also, if you love intense arousal and warm sensations, pair it with other ON Arousal for Her products and get the unforgettable effect. 

      Sensuva, Natural Water-Based Personal Moisturiser, 125ml, Lubricant

      This high-quality Sensuva Natural Water-Based Personal Moisturiser is created with a formula that feels like someone’s natural lubrication. It brings a smooth feeling, and it doesn’t make the tackiness that many water-based lubricants create. Sensuva made the lubricant with a super hydrating formula that uses body-safe ingredients without parabens and glycerine. This water-based moisturizer will enhance your pleasure but also bring you a comfortable feeling. It is also pH balanced, keeping your body healthy and safe.

      Sensuva, Ultra-Thick Water Based Personal Moisturiser, 125ml, Lubricant

      Sensuva Ultra-Thick Moisturiser is for those people that like a long-lasting stay on their skin. They are a great water-based solution for anal play. Not only that they keep your body safe and are free of glycerine, but they are also perfect to use with sex toys.

      Sensuva, Hybrid Formula Personal Moisturiser, 125ml, Lubricant

      Are you looking for the healthiest hybrid lubricant on the market? Look no more, Sensuva Hybrid Formula is water-based and blended with medical-grade silicone. This blend provides you with a longer-lasting and more sensual glide. Also, it is thinner so you can feel your partner fully.

      Sensuva, Premium Silicone Personal Moisturiser, 125ml, Lubricant

      Sensuva made the Premium Silicone Moisturiser by blending three medical-grade silicones offering its customers perfect consistency and smooth, silky sensation. Premium Silicone is also by far the longest-lasting of moisturizers. It gives you the perfect consistency so that you can feel all the sensations without getting sticky. This lubricant is ideal for people with sensitive skin, delicate tissues, and allergies. 

      Sensuva Massage Lotions

      If you crave the massage that will do more than just soothe your sore muscles, you need something to make it sensual and intimate. Using Sensuva massage oils will help you and your partner spark up some sexy times. 

      Sensuva, Me & You, 125ml, Massage Lotion

      A Sensuva Me & You Massage Lotion comes in two flavors - lavender vanilla and cucumber melon. It includes a hyper glide silicone that will make lotion stay longer on the surface of your skin. Since it is made out of natural ingredients, its moisture-rich, essential oils will do wonders for your skin as well as for the sensual play in the bedroom. These lotions are also infused with gender-friendly pheromones, which will make both you and your partner feel turned on and sexy.

      Sensuva Cleaning Products

      Those that have adult toys know that cleaning shouldn’t be too complicated, but it is not as easy as rubbing soap on them. These sex toys go into your body, and that’s why you should take every necessary precaution to make sure they don’t upset your natural biome.

      Sensuva, Think Clean Thoughts 125ml, Toy Cleaner Spray

      This Sensuva product will make sure your toys stay clean and your body safe and protected. Think Clean Thoughts by Sensuva is not only easy to use, but it is also an antibacterial spray whose antimicrobial ingredients kill up to 99.9% of microbes, and on top of that, it doesn’t cause irritation.