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      Nexus is a British adult brand known internationally for producing innovative adult products for men and women. With an emphasis on design, Nexus is dedicated to producing functional, quality adult toys made from luxurious materials which guarantee optimum results time and time again.

      Nexus was founded in 2005 upon the realisation that the sex toy market as it lacked quality products for men. Men were rather limited for choice, particularly when it came to the higher end of the market.This was to change when Nexus launched the award-winning Excel. Carefully engineered to fit the inner contours of the male body, the distinctive shape coupled with the patented stainless steel roller ball perineum massager proved to be a winning formula which set the foundation for the rest of the range.


      Nexus is British sex toy company that entered the scene in 2005. Their main aim was to produce high end sex toys for men after seeing quite a lack thus far. And so, they brought out their prized possession, the Excel!

      Since then, Nexus has managed to “excel” in all of their toys, boasting a vast and varied range of sex toys not only for men, but also for women.

      Nexus is a line of sex toys that are upmarket, made from luxurious materials, and simply exude elegance and class.

      What Nexus Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Buying a Nexus sex toy is your first step towards acheiving beautifully orchestrated, and delicious orgasms. For men, their range of cock rings, prostate massagers, and perineum massagers have been created to tease and please.

      And for women, allow a wave of sexual energy overcome you with Nexus sex toys . From G-spot vibrators to unisex butt plugs, anal beads, and rimming toys, you’ll surely keep coming back for more.

      Nexus Anal Beads Sex Toys

      Your favourite sensation at your fingertips. The Nexus Excite Silicone Anal Beads are a treat for newbies and anal lovers. This is because they come in three sizes—small, medium, and large.

      These anal beads are smooth, flexible, and have an easy loop for easier removal. Bend them to find your perfect stimulation, and enjoy the bliss these anal beads have in store for you.

      Nexus Cock Ring Sex Toys

      You simply cannot go wrong with the Nexus Enduro Silicone Cock Ring . Its sleek, black design not only looks like pure class, but it feels like your very best dream when worn.

      Its stretchy silicone allows for comfort and makes this sexy cock ring a one-size-fits-all pleasure product. It’s also flexible enough to use around the shaft and balls, if you’d like a little oomph in your play time.

      The Nexus Enduro Cock Ring can be worn during partnered play or solo fun, and facilitates harder erections so you can go the extra mile. The fun has only begun!

      Nexus Stroker Beads Sex Toys

      Smashing gendered sex toys, the Nexus G Stroker Unisex Massager with Unique Stroker Beads and Remote Control is a toy for everyone as it can be used for anal or vaginal stimulation.

      The base of this toy has small stroker beads that caresses and plays with you, like a sexy dance, while the deep and sensual vibrations keep you feeling hot and heavy.

      Experiment with the settings, and find your favourite out of the 27 modes of pleasure. Feel the soft silicone against your skin and your most pleasurable spots, whenever the mood strikes.

      Love some cheeky fun in the shower or bathtub? The Nexus G Stroker is 100 percent waterproof. So, go on! Make a splash!

      Nexus Unisex G-Spot & P-Spot Sex Toys

      Imagine a pleasure product so beautifully designed and capable of satisfying both him and her? Well, the Nexus G-Rider Plus Unisex G-Spot and P-Spot Vibrator is exactly that.

      Allow this sex toy to give you all of the thrills and frills, delightful orgasms, and lots of fun in the form of G-spot play for her, or exciting and tantalising P-spot fun for him. One sleek product that’s extremely versatile, like a Jack and Jill of all trades!

      What’s also fabulous about the Nexus G-Rider is that it can be used for external stimulation too. Tease the clitoris and the perineum effortlessly with six different vibration settings, or even remove the outer silicone to find a finger vibrator! In short, this sex toy by Nexus is whatever you want it to be, and more!

      Nexus Vibrating Butt Plug Sex Toys

      Anal play is the new black when it comes to deep and satisfying pleasure. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

      Which is why the Nexus Ace Small is the perfect toy for beginners. It sits at an insertable length of 5.6 cm and a width of 3cm, giving you the opportunity to slowly work your way to ultimate bliss. And for more advanced players, treat yourself to the Nexus Ace in sizes medium or large.

      The Nexus Ace Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug is remote-controlled, allowing someone else to take the reins, giving you that unexpected jolt of deliciousness when you crave it. And with six different vibration modes, you can enjoy low rumbles and intense pulses, literally at your (or your partner’s) fingertips.

      Does it get better than that? Yes! The Nexus Ace is 100 percent waterproof, allowing you to experience good vibes just about whenever, wherever!

      Nexus Unisex Massager Sex Toys

      Oh hello, cheeky! The Nexus B Stroker Unisex Massager with Unique Rimming Beads is one of the most mouthwatering pleasure products for out there for him and her!

      It can be used for vaginal penetration and anal play, making it a true winner for couples and solo players. And because it has integrated stroker beads, you can enjoy even more stimulation than ever before.

      Bask in this stroker’s ability to penetrate up and down at your chosen speed, and get an extra boost of pleasure with its vibrating capabilities in the base, allowing for a tease of external stimulation too.

      What’s even more delicious about the Nexus B Stroker is that it’s remote-controlled, so you, or the one you’re with, can find the setting that drives you wild, hands-free!

      Looking for an added bit of stimulation that’ll take your pleasure to an even sexier and more intimate level? The Nexus Fortis Aluminium Vibrating Massager is a unisex sex toy, made for vaginal or anal play, and is perfectly sculpted using aluminium. What does that mean? Temperature play! Do you want it sexy yet ice cold, or sweaty and hot? The Nexus Fortis will be whatever you want it to be!

      Nexus Vibrating Prostate Massager Sex Toys

      For those with a prostate, now is your time to shine! Nexus has gone above and beyond to curate some of the most luscious and pleasure-inducing prostate massagers in the sex toy industry today. And you’re lucky enough to choose your favourite!

      The Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Prostate Massager was made to induce prostate and perineum orgasms over and over again. It’s shaft rotates effortlessly with two different speeds, while the base vibrates at one of six different settings… dual stimulation in one powerful toy.

      And for beginners, the Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager has your name written all over it. It’s just as powerful and impressionable as the other sex toys from Nexus , but is more slim for your comfort. How does it work? Like a sexy dream come true, stimulating both the prostate and the perineum. And when you have this innovative pleasure product in your hand, you have the power to take it slow or speed things up with its different rotation directions and vibration speeds.

      Experienced anal players, gather round. Because the Nexus Revo Extreme Rotating Prostate Massager is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s got an extra wide shaft creating a sense of real fullness, a noduled base, a bi-rotational function, and six different vibration settings. Take yourself on the ultimate and most extreme adventure to climax town with the Nexus Revo Extreme by stimulating both the prostate and the perineum. You’ll thank us later!

      Nexus G-Spot Sex Toys

      The Nexus G-Play Trio Plus Vibrator is triple the trouble for those whose G-spot is their best spot. These three pleasure products all vary in size and shape, giving you the freedom to enjoy all kinds of different sensations.

      Tease with the small shaft, get more intimate with the medium shaft, and go all the way to Orgasm Land with the large shaft! And actually, if you’d like to engage in a bit of anal training, these vibrators can be used anally too!

      Basically, the Nexus G-Play Trio Plus is the perfect set to get your pulse racing and your sexy spots throbbing.

      Nexus Prostate & Perineum Cock and Ball Sex Toys

      Experience a plethora of stimulation from all angles with the Nexus Revo Embrace and the Nexus Simul8 . These two pleasure products were made for the modern, forward-thinking penis owner who is ready to have their world rocked. In fact, these two toys could be considered a three-in-one with its prostate massaging, perineum massaging, and cock ring capabilities!

      The Nexus Revo Embrace Rotating Prostate and Perineum Massager with Cock and Ball Rings comes with a rotating shaft, a vibrating base, and a super flexible cock and ball ring. It’s also remote-controlled, adding in that extra bit of fun for partners!

      And the Nexus Simul8 Dual Motor Anal Cock and Ball Toy goes one step further in that it has two motors that work independently for extra sensation and delicious vibrations. That means a total of 48 different combinations to try and fall in absolute lust with. It too stimulates the prostate and the perineum while offering a flexible cock and ball ring. Enjoy longer and more satisfying sessions by using it during sex, and feel its powerful stimulation with each and every thrust.