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      4 products

      4 products

      Lose yourself in a world of limitless pleasure and fantasy with LuvLoob lubricants. Turn your bedroom into a world of fantasy and explore what LuvLoob has to offer.

      LuvLoob products are designed with high-end intimacy in mind. The luxurious lubes are made from natural ingredients that are sourced from sustainable resources.

      Even their delicious flavors are naturally based!

      What is your perfect LuvLoob Lubricant?

      Envisaged in New Zealand, LuvLoob has been spreading love all over the world with its quality lubricants.

      Welcome love and fun in your bedroom with LuvLoob’s exotic lubricant range. It aims to spice up your love life.

      The lubricants are naturally good – for you and the environment. The lubricants are designed to make you feel good, loved, and cherished.

      They don’t only look good but feel good. With cool and classy recyclable packaging, it will bring up the class a notch.

      Made from natural ingredients, LuvLoob products put you in control of your sexual destiny.


      Enhance sexual performance and pleasure for both men and women with LuvLoob all-natural lubricants.

      LUVLOOB Okay Let’s Play NATURAL WATER-BASED LUBRICANT is made with plant-based organic ingredients, this is a gentle water-based lubricant with soothing Aloe Vera.

      It naturally moisturizes and lubricates and is perfect for sensitive skin. Not only is the lubricant all-natural, but it is also kissable and edible.

      LuvLoob lubricant brings joy into your bedroom and is safe to use with Latex and Silicone Toys.


      LUVLOOB Let’s Make Magic NATURAL OIL-BASED LUBRICANT is pure goodness for your sexual enjoyment. Made with plant-based natural oils and butters, this rich velvety lubricant is long-lasting and enhances pleasure.

      Not only is it kissable and edible, but it also nourishes your skin as well. Use this lubricant as a massage oil and give him a sensuous hand massage that he will never forget.

      Lose yourself in blissful waves of pleasure! You can use this oil-based lubricant with silicone-based toys.

      However, it is not recommended for use with latex-based condoms.


      Bring life and magic to your intimate play? The extra sweetness of this all-natural water-based berry flavor lubricant will allow you to take your love deeper than ever before.

      Made with body-safe, healthy ingredients, this water-based flavored lubricant provides a comfortable, long-lasting, feeling that will enhance your personal pleasure.

      Add a little extra to your intimate areas for more adventurous and sensual play.

      Explore the sensual world of sex safely as the LUVLOOB Love Me More - Berry NATURAL WATER-BASED FLAVOURED LUBRICANT is safe for use with latex and silicone toys and condoms.


      LuvLoob feels unlike any other stimulating lubricant you have ever tried. The LUVLOOB Are You Keen? - Chocolate NATURAL OIL-BASED FLAVOURED LUBRICANT is as sweet and kissable as you are!

      Glow from the inside with oil-based chocolate-flavored lubricant. Use it as a massage oil to leave your skin moisturized and silky smooth.

      It will help you feel your partner’s body and connect with them more. Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, you can apply the lube on your and see how it works its magic.

      Extremely long-lasting, smooth, silky sensation will turn your bed into an exquisite world of pleasure.

      The healthy and natural ingredients in this lubricant will help you ramp up your sex life while keeping you safe!

      Safely use this lubricant with silicone-based sex toys to turn on the heat in your bedroom. Don’t use this with latex-based condoms.

      Choose LuvLoob <3

      Come together with our affordable and luxurious selection of LuvLoob lubricants. Get ready for tons of pleasure between in the sheets!

      Whether you plan on flying the pleasure plane solo or with your partner, LuvLoob has your back!

      Choose from the luxurious range of water-based, oil-based, or flavored lubricants and delve into the land of pleasure and ecstasy.

      These all-natural, body-safe lubricants will heighten the sensation and magnify your pleasure.